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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel-Chapter 9 Part 1

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...

Submitted:Jul 31, 2010    Reads: 255    Comments: 36    Likes: 35   

Melody came walking from the restroom, straightening out her pale peach, silk dress. She tried to make her way through the crowd of people. She forced a smile at the bride and groom, thanking God that she wasn't forced to sit with the wedding party. They were in a very large dining hall and she was a bit turned around trying to find her table. Melody tripped over a man's foot and stumbled into another guy.
"Oh excuse me." She said trying to collect herself, but the guy was hardly paying attention.
"Right, no worries." He said smiling at her quickly, but returning his gaze back to what he was focusing on.
Melody studied the gentlemen. He was very handsome. Nice three piece suit. High cheek bones, sharp, striking features, gorgeous smile. She looked across the room in the same direction. She spotted another guy in a black three-piece suit and a girl in a little black dress. Albear and Lourdes off in a corner whispering. "Oh, you know those two?" She asked surprised. The man looked back and forth between Mel and the two. "The Alby and Lourdes routine. La-de-da," she said, "what else is new."
"Are they always like that?" He asked in a thick British accent.
"Like what?" Melody scoffed. "Shamelessly flirting like they don't have a care in the world? Yes, it's always like that. Barf. I'm Melody, by the way."
"Gabriel." He said.
"Trust me, long after you're gone, Albear will still be single. But don't worry, Lourdes can wait forever, he's never gonna turn straight. Sorry if I'm blunt." She laughed.
Gabriel looked at her in shock. "Right, so I suppose I just sit around until Lourdes realizes that she should marry me?" He asked.
"Oh my," Melody said, "oh shit, you're the Gabriel? Lourdes' Gabriel?"
"Not technically for tonight, but yes, she is my girl."
"Oh jeez," Mel stumbled, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that. It's just Albear always has some new guy pining after him so I just assumed that um..."
"Don't worry about it." Gabriel said.
"Well, you know they love each other like best friends, that's all. And, Albear's gay anyway."
"It's okay. Really." He said.
Mel nodded her head and walked off. She turned around when she was further away, to look back at Gabe. "Fuck!" She muttered under her breath. He was still watching Lourdes and Albear from across the room.

"Who the fuck are all these horrible people and remind me why I agreed to do this for you?" Albear asked Lisa. They were all sitting at the reception table, conveniently assigned seated together.
"Albear," Lisa sighed, "you already agreed to be my date. We made it through my brother's tragic ceremony, it's halfway over, don't make me live to regret this."
"I must have been high when I agreed to this." Albear said drinking down his champagne. "And I'm the one who's regretting this."
"Isn't this his fourth wedding?" Lourdes asked walking up with a piece of cake. She placed it on the table and sat in her chair slipping her arm around Corey's. Originally Gabriel was supposed to be her date. He knew the groomsmen and had received his own invitation to the wedding. But at the last minute, a change of plans left her dateless. It was lucky that Corey hadn't been snatched up.
"Technically his third." Melody said. "But I guess we're not counting the one he got annulled after two days in Vegas."
"There should be a limit to the amount of times, one is allowed to get married." Tyler said raising up his glass.
"Well he's really cleaned up this time," Lourdes said, "who knew all these people would be here."
"I think I even saw the Governor." Lisa said pushing around her food on the plate.
The wedding ceremony was long and tedious and they were glad that the night was halfway over. It was supposed to be the event of the season, but none of them wanted to be there.
"I need a drink." Albear said getting up from the table. "Anybody want?"
"Yeah." They all said raising their glasses.
"Fuck y'all." Alby said. "Get your own drinks." He walked off laughing.
"Asshole!" Tyler called after him. An elderly woman looked at them from another table.
"Sorry ma'am." Tyler said. Lourdes and Corey giggled.
"Good evening."
They all looked up.
Lourdes stood up. "Gabe! What are you doing here?"
Gabriel kissed her on the cheek. "Alright then?" He asked.
Lourdes smiled and nodded her head still surprised. "Everybody this is Gabriel." Lourdes said introducing them. "This is Lisa and Melody-"
"And we're their beards for the evening." Corey chimed in. "Only, clean shaven."
Gabriel nodded his head. "Nice to meet you."
Lourdes smiled. "Corey was kind enough to escort me, when you had to bail."
"Yeah thanks for that." Gabe said. "I figured you might still find a date and come, but I thought I try and at least make the reception."
"Well I'm glad you made it." Lourdes smiled. But she wasn't glad, she didn't want to leave her table for another group...

Albear reached the crowded bar and ordered a double scotch on the rocks.
"A drink like that will put hair on your chest." Alexsander said walking up.
Albear looked him over in his gray skinny suit. "I'll just wax it off anyway." He cracked.
Alex snorted. "Are you enjoying yourself this evening?"
"There's no where else I'd rather be." Albear said sarcastically.
"Did you show up stag?"
"So," Albear said ignoring the question, "I know the bride is a whore for attention but they really did invite any and everybody to this shindig."
"Why are you here?" Alex asked summoning the bartender for a refill on his drink.
"My date is related to the groom." Albear said looking bored around the room.
"I see you cover all territories." Alex said as the bartender brought both of their drinks.
"And I can tell that bothers you." Albear said.
"Hmph." Alex took a gulp of his drink.
"You know," Albear continued, "I seem to have this annoying pain in my ass."
"Maybe it's a tumor."
"Maybe its you." Alby said sharply. "Because when you hurt her, I have to pick up the pieces."
"That's what friends are for." Alex leaned against the bar.
"And I don't know what the hells she sees in you-"
"Can't handle the competition?" Alex asked cutting him off.
"What competition? You've gone down many notches in our little friends book."
"So you say." Alex said. "But I know her, she'll get past this."
"She's already past it. She's here, out living her life isn't she? I mean this place is a fucking bore, but we always know how to have a good time. We'll do it up big after this."
"Yeah. Me, my friends, your girl..." Albear exaggerated the last part slowly.
Alex looked irritated, trying to spot Lourdes across the room. Albear continued talking. "We might not stay out all night tonight partying, but that's only because we're all still recovering from last night's festivities."
Alex laughed.
"What do you know?" Albear said.
"I know she'd rather be with me than at some party with you." He said.
"Then why wasn't she with you last night?"
Alex didn't say anything. He looked across the room for Lourdes, she was dancing with Gabriel. She must have been with Albear if he knew that she didn't answer any of his messages...

"You don't mind if I steal your date for a quick dance?" Gabriel asked Corey.
"Be my guest." Corey said, sweet brown eyes smiling at Lourdes.
They made there way to the dance floor. A slow song was playing. Gabriel pulled Lourdes close to him, as they danced.
"You look like shit," he said grinning at her and putting a finger to her red lips, "couldn't you have put some make-up on?"
"You smell something awful?" Lourdes said cracking back. "They've invented this thing called a shower."
"What, you couldn't find a decent dress with proper knickers?" He asked.
"You look like you rescued that tie from a dead man." She smirked.
"Hey my mother gave me this tie."
"Did she pick out the suit too?" Lourdes blinked three times fast.
"Cheeky, cheeky." He said. They both laughed.
"No seriously love, you look great." He brushed her cheek with two fingers.
"You don't look so bad yourself." She responded, brown eyes sparkling.
He kissed her, running his hand down the back of her black Couture dress. "In fact, you look pretty fucking terrific, I'm almost jealous that you still came without me."
"Well of course you're jealous," she smiled, "I know the world fully revolves around you."
"But, I am glad that you only replaced me with only half a man."
Lourdes grimaced a little. She tugged on Gabriel's striped tie. "Corey's still a man, Gabe."
"Corey huh?" He said smiling. "Sounds like a puff, if I ever heard of one."
"Watch it." She warned him.
"Let's get out of here, I want to talk to you for a couple of minutes."
Lourdes kept dancing. "Pass," she said, "A couple of minutes doesn't sound promising, I'd rather not hear it."
Gabe laughed, "I promise it'll take more than a couple of minutes."
"The weddings' almost over, just be patient."
"But I may have to leave right away after this."
Lourdes sighed. She looked across the room and spotted Albear talking with Alexsander at the bar. Her eyes widened and she tensed up immediately. "I see you brought a date with you." She said alarmed.
"Oh yeah," he said spinning her around, "if you weren't here, I didn't want to be stuck in this place alone. Alex was good enough to crash the wedding with me."
"I see." Lourdes said drawing closer to Gabe and looking over his shoulder. She continued to watch Alex and Albear closely...

"Well the next time you have a party, you should invite some of Lourdes' other friends along." Alex said to Albear half serious.
"Sure, you're always welcome. You can even stop by tonight," he said smiling in his face, "we'll be chillin to the max."
"What the fuck does that mean?" Alex asked setting down his drink.
"Oh come on, you're a smart guy, I bet you can figure it out." Albear laughed, white teeth gleaming from ear to ear. "It'll probably be a reoccurance of last nights events, only better."
"Hey Alby!"
They both turned and looked, Lamont came bouncing up.
"Well if it isn't Lamont Asshur." Albear said sarcastically. "I thought you were working."
"Just got off." Lamont said smiling and looking Alexsander up and down. "Now I'm looking to do the same here."
Albear laughed. "Well what do you know, we were just discussing that very issue."
"You were?" Lamont asked looking back and forth between Alex and Albear. "Hi." He said, extending his hand out to Alex. "I'm Lamont Ash. We've met before."
Alexsander smiled and shook his hand.
"We were just discussing a little party at my place." Albear said.
"I know!" Lamont said. "I'm sorry I missed last night, I heard it was epic!"
"Is that right?" Alex said, blue eyes wide at Albear.
"Yeah, I thought we'd start the evening off about the same," Albear said, "Take a spin out on the road, get the adrenaline pumping."
Lamont said nothing. He realized immediately what Albear was doing. Where the hell was Lourdes? He quickly looked around the room and spotted Ty and the girls. He stood back to watch the drama unfold. Albear didn't miss a beat.
"Maybe we'll pick up a third on the way back to the crib."
"Wow, you really don't know her at all." Alex said laughing a little at him.
"Ah, so he hasn't met the little freak." Albear smirked at Lamont. "Who doesn't know who?"
Alex laughed again. "Could you be any more pathetic? See, that's what I can't stand about your type..."

"What happened?" Mel and Lisa asked.
"I don't know, we were dancing and I looked up and spotted them talking at the bar!"


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