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Finding Ben

By: MAmberConrad

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“Finding Ben: A Mother’s Journey
Through the Maze of Asperger’s”
By Barbara LaSalle, and contributions
from her son, Benjamin Levinson
Book Review by M Amber Conrad
I am always intrigued by books, especially stories that are biographies or memoirs. Reality, truth, and the unending drama in our hearts and souls, are what capture my attention. This book was no different. It begins with a mother and her son. Clearly they have a loving relationship, and are enjoying shopping in Costco. But we can also hear her pain, her sorrow, and –even worse- her embarrassment of her son’s condition. He has Asperger’s Syndrome.
During the course of the book, we are taken back to Ben’s birth. He was reading and speaking sentences before he could walk. He didn’t take to people well, being socially awkward. Barbara, his mother, knew there were things just slightly off with him. She loved him for his intelligence and memory, and did not know how to handle him being in his own world.
Her raw honesty, cut with such profound emotion, engages the reader. Her son, Ben, gave her permission to write their story. He also has input in the story. From a mother’s perspective, dealing with a son with a disability has been a long journey for her.
I recommend reading this book if you need a good tear, to find emotion within yourself, and to find a part of you in somebody else. It’s always interesting to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You will definitely feel Barbara LaSalle’s feet, and you will walk her journey.

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