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A Thought by HPVM

Submitted:Oct 23, 2012    Reads: 29    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I have Blacked out a few times, this is
the first time it happened.........
I was with my friends....Hannah and Kylie,
its about 4 years ago...proberly longer. We
were talking and joking about....well
everything. i was drinking Vodka but i only
had 2 glasses of Vodka and Orange so i
was not even nearly drunk. I stood up and
walked to the door to go the toilet, as i
got to the door i said "oo headrush".........
The next feeling is the weirdest, freakiest,
scariest feeling i've ever had! My eyes
were shut and i remember being
extremely happy like the happiest i'd ever
been? I thought i was dead and felt no
fear....my body felt weightless and almost
non existant, i thought i was in my bed at
home...This lasted for a about a minute
but felt like a lifetime then i realized i was
with Han and Ki a minute ago.....at this
point i noticed my eyes were still shut, so
i opened them.....
All i saw was a wall, i was still at Hans
house. I got up and staggered into Hans
room. Both Han and Ki looked at me and
asked what just happened, they looked
really worried and told me my head was
bleeding. I looked in the mirror, i was
pure white and there was blood on my
forhead so i went downstairs to the toilet.
I got half way down the stairs and had to
sit down.....i felt completely ill and out of
my control my body started shaking
vigorously. I got in the bathroom and my
body was so hot i had to take all of my
clothes off. I sat on the floor, ive never
been so scared i generally thought in the
next our id be dead, this was running
through my head. It started getting worse
and at one point my head uncontrollably
kept banging against the wall, i didnt
know what was happening to me so i
tried to lay on the cold floor, i kept
shaking so i tried not to panic and
resighted a psalm from my psalm book
over and over again and eventually i
started to cool down and stop shaking. I
put my clothes on, went upstairs and told
Han and Ki i had to go home, so i went
Its happened 4 more times after this so i
started to study why. I thought it was the
Vodka but thats just part of it. I noticed it
happened as i got a headrush and mainly
because i dont eat anough. I worked out
that i could tell when a blackout was
going to happen and in turn stop
Blackout. It happens after or during a
headrush, knowing the stages of
headrush is easy, weak, moderate and
strong and to stop Blacking out for all
three you just have to jump up and down,
shake your hands and arms, to get the
blood gowing again. To be safe i done this
everytime i got headrush but now i can
tell between the levels so i dont have to
do it everytime.
Ive always suffered from headrush and
because of this i studied and learnt some
really interesting facts about the body, i
know ots some sort of disorder but i think
it adds to my personality and just shows
that you can make something that you
thought was going to kill you into
something that you find totally interesting
and makes up part of your character in a
good way :)


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