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The Low-Class Interrupters - Part Two

Essay By: Patricia McGurk Martin

The American Model Failed Me

There is no returning to the innocent past of childhood, nor Life.

I sweep up the dust of civilization and put it away. He called me the "Finnish Sweeper", but I am more than that, more than the maid. I own the broom, however.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:25 PM
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The Low-Class Interrupters - Part Two: From the Comfort Tent to the Edo Tent - A Brutal Murder Against Patricia L. McGurk, World Citizen by 2011 Patricia L. McGurk (Martin Hearst Himmler Rothschild)
The American Model Failed Me
There is no returning to the innocent past of childhood, nor Life.
I sweep up the dust of civilization and put it away. He called me the "Finnish Sweeper", but I am more than that, more than the maid. I own the broom, however.
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The Theft of Years of My Life
They Called You a Terrorist by Birth -- Bombthrowers by Birth and Backpack Bomb Carriers by Birth
Still the Fucking Teacher as a Woman / as a Corpse
They interrupt your conclusions and your never remember what you wanted to say as a writer - often based on childhood principles and passions.
Your conclusions slip away as the sand in the hourglass falls through, and it is you they have destroyed with your conclusions.
I was writing a survival poem.
There are no male conclusions to this story - just the great unknown for most, even for me -- Patricia Fatima Lucifer McGurk, Dr. McGurk to you.
You haven't heard from me about my property.
Oh, Daughters of Zion
how comely you are
like delicate wildflowers
little daisies in the sun
and lavender tiny flowers
I wear my Olga bra
my creation my French demi-cup
pushup white lace bra
I created with Elizabeth Taylor
adding the lace straps
I told her you do not have to lie down
for the Nazis to get your bra in
or your people respected
I accept your addition to the royal bra
and welcome you and your people
into my Continuum
as Patricia L. Fatima Raeda Rayda McGurk Hitler
The great Nazi Intellectuals speak as me
You are the most beautiful of all
the Nazis who betrayed you are diminished
Ada Lowe was never Dr. Death
but Henry Jacob Lowe's daughter who played
the viola in the El Paso Symphony at only fourteen years old and was selected to sing with the Hi-Lo's, a famous musical group and is a friend of the Monarch's, Patricia's friend
I reinstated her father in the American Bar Association (and the National, just in case)
The Boston Bar child rapes and laws
will prevail
the spectators are guilty of the crime, as well when not offering assistance
I am not the Frito Bandito or Bandit
I am not fried
nor a corn dance
not burned in Hiroshima nor Nagasaki
as a corn chip
not rice wine being fried in Nagasaki
because the Japanese woman's back
does not bend
the women looked down as they fell
while standing
as the rain burned on their skin
skin fried like clams and oysters
they said to say
it was caca
they said as Aleutians
as Okinawa itself
not the derivative colored name of
Okinawan not a Polynesian either or neither
If this is Mesopotamia
where is Norway?
Finland is still in Arabia
and not too cold for me
I said as a child
the cartographer is still me
Patricia Fatima Lucifer Lucifera
Amerigo Vespucci Magellan
speaks of geographical thefts
and atrocities recent and old
I was a dust-covered Fijian
crawling in Pompeii
looking at Mt. Fujinara
and painting paintings in my mind
with my mind not brushes
nor paints but CRAWLING in the dirt
writing short poems for the Japanese
assigning a poetry category at the same
for my royal verse
so their heritage wouldn't be
mixed or Chinese-Korean derivative
I am the Japanese poet tired of Haiku
as Basho and the English Sonnet, too
even John Donne
and Batter My Heart
One must fire on the target
Stendahl Patti McGurk said
C'haing Chai Shek
and the Emperor Hirohtiho
not really Hirohito
Continuata \
Aleuta Aleuata
Continue On, My Beloved
Aleutia Maritime
La Lucha Continua
McGurk Mengele may mean
Mephistopheles Medusa
M&M is really my childhood candy
stolen I told Interpol
there is only one romantic per family
all that is allowed
it is usually the father not the daughter
who dreams
there are no words for what I have done
to make his dreams real
anal rapists will not speak of anal rape
as my father had dreams
and I have laws

Patricia McGurk Hearst Himmler




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