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5 Year Reunion

By: ShannonPrusak

Page 1, I wrote this a few days before my 5 Year High School reunion. A lot has changed since I wrote this. New house, in a new town, and a freelance writing job at the York Dispatch.

            It’s been five years since I graduated from Susquehannock High School.  It’s been five years since French Club, Concert Choir, Yearbook Staff, Homecoming, and Prom.  It’s been five years since I’ve seen most of my graduating class.  It’s been five years since I decided that writing is my calling.  It’s been five years since I stole my friend’s fiancé.  It’s been five long years since I left the home of the Warriors and my five year High School reunion is coming up on Saturday and has me wondering, “What have I done in the past five years?”

            I spent four adventurous years at York College of PA honing my liberal arts skills.  I dedicated my time to Professional Writing and French.  I spent many late nights writing last-minute papers as a result of my persistent procrastination.  I forced myself to read boring text books and confusing philosophical essays.  I spent hours in the writing lab and the Café finishing homework.  I had an Internship at York Arts where I learned how to write grants and press releases.  I gave up my weekends to work at Rutters to pay for my new car.  I took summer classes to finish on time.  I received my Bachelor of Arts and walked down the gym in my cap in gown.  I painted my name on the green rock.

            After graduating from college, I’ve struggled to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life.  After graduating from college, not much has changed.  I have the same job and I live in the same house in the same town.  I did not found a writing job and I did not know where to start looking.  I posted my resume on and they sent me an ad for a 1 year teaching certification.  I asked the college’s Career Services about this opportunity.  My advisor told me about a Guest Teacher Program at Lincoln Intermediate Unit for graduates with BA degrees.  I sent them my resume and crossed my fingers.  They sent me a letter stating that they wanted to interview me.  I was really nervous.  I did some research on interview questions.  I didn’t prepare anything ahead of time.  I thought of answers on the spot.  I was afraid my lack of preparation would hurt my chances of getting the job.  They sent me a letter stating that they wanted me to attend the training days.  I was excited.  At the training, they discussed some of the common fears of teaching and explained all the paperwork I had to fill out.  They lost my paperwork, so I wasn’t approved to substitute right away.  I have only taught twice so far.  I don’t really feel like I did much with the aids there.        

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