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The badmitten chronicles 101

Miscellaneous By: KINGCANOESHOE

With two Big Football games on today reminds me of my time I served on the national badmitten tour.

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With all the hype surrounding the two games today and the betting going on, it reminds me of my time which i spent on the national badmitten tour. It was a natural skill set in which I possessd. You could call me the andre aggasi of badmitten. It all started on a high school level playig on my local school team and I began gaining notoriety after I spiked a birdie into some kids eye so hard that it blinded him for life. At this time I had just won the school tournament and the phone calls and sponsors began hounding me like mormons visiting door to door peddling their relligous thoughts on you. After a vast amount of offers i settled to a 60,000 dollar a year sponsorship with nike at which point I joined the 2004 Olympic team. Once on the olympic team I realized through a newly aquanted mentor and friend that you can make alot of money on underground badmitten gambling. Intrigued by this gesture I decided to praude this new friend about specifics and he decided to take me with him to one of the underground locations. As we went to the undisclosed area of play I was blindfolded to protect the privacy of the meet. Upon introduction I felt as if I had just stepped into a fight club or perhaps an underground cockfighting arena. The place was riddled with has beens and never will be's. Me however a badmitten prodigy could and would go on to defeat the majority of the competitors winning large amounts of greenbacks. It got to the point where I was taking home 20-30 thousand extra a week off of only a few matches worth of work. The shady characters who ran the underground ring started to get disgruntled with lack of competition against me so they pooled up enough money to bring in this Russian phenom known as MARISHKA POPALAZ. After She had arrived in the states, I recieved a call from the individuals offering a big money game of 100,000 dollars against this russian and being as cocky and arrogant as I was from winning so much i quickly accepted the offer before he finished saying 100,000 dollars. Once we arrived at the arena I knew I was in a world of trouble. I was approached by two undercover FBI agents and Immigration officers concerning the smuggling of a known former russian spy who turned badmitten phemon and also about the illegal gambling which was part of an ongoing investigation. THey had files of tapes and photos incriminating me....I was given one option and that was to comply and assist them with the sting that was about to happen. So they sent me in and told me to proceed as normal but at 7 pm sharp a swat team would enter the arena and seize the money and the men who had been running this racket. Well the time was 650 and the match was just about to start. Before we could even serve once the swat team busted down the doors and incarcerated the whole lot. I lost all my money over 600,000 which was illegally won, lost all my sponsers, served a 4 year sentence for cooperation and was banned from ever playing on the pro tour again. I am now part of the witness protection because of the bounty on my head for testifying in court against the individuals i implemented as the leaders. So gamble wise and if the bets too good to be true today save your money for another parlay!


DONT BELIEVE THE STORY GOOGLE IT! was featured on ESPN THE OCHO or wass i??????????????????


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