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Breakfast For Dinner

Miscellaneous By: MAmberConrad

It's breakfast... for dinner! Yum!

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Breakfast for Dinner

"Who wants to do the sausage?"

Claire pipes up, "I do, I do!"

"Awesome. Who wants to help me with the eggs?" I already knew the answer, but I love the answer I get every time.

"Mom, I crack the eggs, you cook them, okay?"

Christina is the egg-helper every time.

As Claire carefully places the sausage on a plate to be microwaved, Christina takes out the eggs and begins to bang them against the counter. "Oh, honey, wait. Wait. We need a bowl, don't we?"

She looks around and realizes she forgot to get a bowl to mix the eggs in. I reach in the cabinet for the bowl and put it in front of her. At this point, a white-yellow yolky mixture is oozing its way from the edge of the counter, down the cabinet and onto the floor. What's left of egg number one, she drops into the bowl, shell free. Egg number two had much more success getting into the bowl. A total of four eggs make their way into the bowl and she whisks them furiously. I grabbed above me for a kitchen towel and cleaned up the yolky mess from the counter, the cabinet and floor.

"Okay, Claire. Get the pancakes out of the freezer and let's get them in the toaster!"

She doesn't even have to get on her tip-toes anymore to reach into the freezer. I remember when we first moved in here nearly six years ago, she had to get a stool to reach. I am just in awe as to how much she's grown over the years.

Within minutes, we have our plates filled with pancakes, eggs, and sausage. I quickly made myself a cup of decaf. (I can't have caffeine after 2 p.m., otherwise I'll be wired and jittery until all hours of the night.) Glasses of milk and orange juice were poured and we sat at the table together. "Now, let's make sure we leave some for dad. He'll be home late tonight and will be excited that you helped make dinner."

"You mean breakfast." Claire corrected.

"Yes, Claire, it's dinner time but it's breakfast food."

As the three of us sat around the table, we each talked about our day.

Claire had to switch two classes the other week, and has been doing a lot better since the change. She's excited to work with a new set of students. She told me about a particular boy that she now has her eyes on. "He has blond hair, and I think his eyes are a light brown. He's really cute. And he's smart." That last part is important to Claire. I'm glad for that.

Christina told me about her Spelling Test. "I made an A-plus." I am over-the-moon happy when they do so well in school.

It was my turn to tell about my day. "Well, I started off with a load of laundry. Then…"

They listened to my boring day of doing housework, taking a nap, and playing my Sims 3 characters.

At the end of dinner, I asked, "So, who does dishes, and who cleans up?" After five minutes of arguing, we decided that Claire would clean the kitchen while Christina and I would do the dishes.

And, that, my friends, is how you do breakfast for dinner.


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