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Irony and Its Rewards

Miscellaneous By: suncatcher12342000

You just have to read to understand.

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It occurred to Niki that her boyfriend was becoming an insatiable drunk. Every day he stopped by the store to purchase beer and cigarettes, then he would come home. Never mind that he had a DUI and had lost his license, he had plenty of rides to and from work. He never missed a day of work, but somehow he always had no money for groceries and the bills. He always had fines to pay or other bills that were of no concern to her.
He was definitely becoming tiresome. She decided to have a little discussion with him.
She knew he was not prime beef when she began to date him. He was nine years older than her, and he had two kids. Age and children made no difference to her, but other people seemed to make much of it. Then there was his wife. No, she had not ended a marriage or interfered, but rather entered a sad situation. His wife had a drug problem, and he lost their first child to child services, who placed her with his father. The drug problem led to affairs on her part, and then he and their second child left.
If that didn't make it all look bad enough, the drinking destroyed it all. His one redeeming feature hardly made him worthwhile. He was excellent in the bed, but otherwise he was worthless.
He came home that day and rambled about his day, but she hardly heard him. He was an expectant little bastard, and he was hungry. He never remembered that she was up at 4:30 AM to go to work and never got home before 3:30 that afternoon. He wanted dinner ready. Like a compliant idiot she always had it ready. She did his laundry, and she kept their pitiful home neat. The best thing she could muster was that he was compulsively neat. He never left laundry lying around, and his beer cans were never in sight once empty. Since his son lived with his mother she had no one else to pick up after but the dog and cat.
Today was a bad day though. They learned that their landlord would be returning from jail, and they would have to be out by the end of the week. Her boyfriend already made arrangements with family, but Niki had nowhere to go. His family would not permit them to live together unmarried, and Niki had very little family. He tried to find them a new place, but he was so cheap and picky that they had no luck. Niki had finally found a temporary home with a friend of the family, but only for two weeks. The bad news didn't stop there.
Niki had never had what one may have called a regular cycle. Her life had been so scattered and traumatic that she would go three or four months without a period. She had learned to ignore the gap because pregnancy seemed impossible. She had been with the same boy for two years, and he scoffed at protection. He even attempted to impregnate her, but he had failed. She was not, however, stupid. Protection was always around and used. She had no desire to be a mother just now.
Then to her horror, she realized that her breasts had hurt for three weeks. She went to a local store and purchased the necessary test. One, two, three, they all said the same thing. He was going to go to pieces. Four, five, six the results were the same. He had expressed no desire for more children, and she had been perfectly ok with that. Now she had to tell him.
After dinner she made it a point to let him watch TV. Now it must be said that they had arguments before. His drinking was out of hand, and his bossiness was infuriating. In the heat of an argument he had pushed her to the floor and slapped her around. Niki was not a frail creature or a pushover. Niki barely stood five foot two inches, and weighed only 145 pounds, but she was tough. Her German shepherd/ chow mix puppy was defensive of its owner, and attempted to help its owner. The puppy was only two months old, but its owner was its one possession. After one argument the dog attempted to rip out his throat, and during another it bit him several times. Niki did not need the dog's help though. A fit of rage and fear fueled by adrenaline caused her to remove his front teeth. She didn't pay for the dental work either.
After he seemed calm she broke the news. He demanded to see all of the tests. She showed him and his face blanched. He asked her how it happened, but she curtly told him he was as much to blame as she was. He surprisingly accepted that and went on with life.
After the move they could only see each other on weekends, but every day they talked. It was a painful ordeal for Niki. She loved the bastard, but he was useless. The baby was due to arrive in early December because she had conceived near the 28th of February. Something went wrong, and just at the end of the third month she miscarried. He was gentle and supportive, and kept telling her it wasn't her fault. After it ended though, he was not the supportive person he had been. Whenever she cried about it or moped he berated her. He began to tell her to get over it, they would have another one soon.
She would have liked to, but she had miscarried on Mother's Day. Everyone assured her it was ok, but no one prepared her for the worst. That year two of her friends had babies. Pregnancies were announced by them days after the event. Then he told her his wife had just had a baby, despite her drug use, and he had to go to court to protest paternity. Now, it must be said that the child was mixed and he was, whatever his faults, absolutely devoted to Niki. All who knew him said she was his whole world. But Niki was not convinced.
He pushed her to get over all the miscarriage, and she couldn't move on. His drinking increased, and her pain did as well. Being from a world where both parents had an alcohol problem, she was always afraid of it. The girl didn't even drink. He called her silly and childish sometimes, but then again she was only nineteen. The knowledge that his parents secretly were happy that she miscarried made it all harder. Her mother was the only one who showed any sympathy. She tried to console her, but she was still hurting too much.
Tired of it, she ignored phone calls and "forgot" dates. As luck would have it, she had her eye on a guy that came in where she worked. The rest is history.
He doesn't drink, and he drives for a living. He may be a mama's boy, but he respects women. He doesn't hit at her, and he doesn't shout. He felt such deep sympathy for her loss, that he was unable to even consider sex at first. Niki found luck was on her side. She found an apartment near work, and before she could blink he was there all the time. Almost exactly two years after they began dating she realized they had never spent a night apart. She also realized she was pregnant. This time though, there weren't ex wives or other children. There was only them.
That baby is two now. Ironically, he was conceived on Mother's Day, and he was born on February 29th of 2008. Did I mention that they got married, and his eyes were so full of love it nearly made their mothers puke? I forgot something else too. You know how all girls are told that their prince will come riding in on a white horse? Well, hers showed up in a white dodge pick-up truck. Even more hilarious to her, the car one of her exes coveted was bought for her. He's a keeper.
But what happened to her boyfriend? Well, I am glad you showed so much interest. He continued to call and wheedle, and he even saw them together. He wouldn't let go. A year later he called her at work to talk. He was engaged to a woman ten years older than him with three children. She was lazy, and it was his own confession that he paid all of the bills. Interestingly enough, she had an addiction to prescription pills. He had to quit drinking because his welding job required sobriety tests randomly. He did sound tipsy though. He unsuccessfully tried to make it seem like he was not sorry for the split. He made fun of her and the like asking if she was pregnant yet. At this point she wasn't, but she was stronger.
Exactly a year after that phone call two guys he had worked with came in for lunch like they did every week. One told her that he never got over her, and that bothered her. Today they came in not just to eat lunch, but to tell her something. The day before Thanksgiving he had been killed. His car flipped over when he presumably swerved to miss something. For once, he was sober. His neck was broken, and he died instantly. With him died much of Niki, but that part had been a parasite. The new, unencumbered Niki was sad, but free. Finally.


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