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Marie is eleven when Mis Paterson takes her away from France to tour the world with her and her slightly older son. Marie, who misses her old life and family, writes unsentletters in a leather book to her old freind and childhood love, Dom, who she tells everything. The sights, the days... And a daning sense of the real kind of loe that makes her and Dom become simply far apart and long forgten best freiinds. View table of contents...


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To my Dearest Dom, who I doubt to ever see agian,

You shall never believe what I didnow. Well, then agian, you have known me since my birth... So it tis not so unbelievable I suppose. Anyway, lets just say that it explains why I have not written for this long past week. I have no clue how to start this... I guess I will make it plain and siple for you. Well, that is the easiest wayto tell this, you know...

But, Dom, I am babblng like a bearacoda in pajamas, as Milo says, the tall gangly boy that he is, he is always creating mnew words that seem to perch on both the tips of my tounge and y pen in these days. The only one they dont effect is Adrian, who calls me his sister now, and gets freakishly touchy and irrate when I am alone with Milo. The boys are freinds by now, but nither trusts the oter. And they both are almost alays with me.

However, I drifted off for a tad while to b ealon on the deck like I do several times a day (this thing�is two days after I first wrote to you, dearest Dom, I had been to buiy xploring, but you can see te detailed maps I left foryou in the pages of this book for these days I did not wite.) and was staning on the railing, arms flung wide and feeling almighty in my loose belowing sleeves.� Thats when disastor struck. Well, maybe I exagerate, but a nar death experience is not actually that scary for me.I have been in to many for the desired effect.

I began to turn slowly, but just then the boat lurched and I toppled backwords, almost over the side, grabbing the railing on the other side of the boat only just in time, thanks be to our dearest God, or whatever high spirit is watching out for us. In the short time I noticed but a few things.

One: A tall hndsome boy my age wih shaggy�light brown�hair and deep bluish green eyes was dropping from the netting high aove in front of me... And�two: Miss p, looking in utter horror as I did a flip and grabbed on... Then, to strong hands were close, breath on my cheek, the hands onmy waist, eing hoisted straight back up... Into the handsome boys arms. Literally.

"You really are clumsy, Marie, you know that? Its a good thing I am traveling with you and my cousin and my Aunt p. If your this bad o the boat... I am going to hate to see you on land. Though I am sure you would look quite wiell anywhere. By the way, the names Jack. And I elieve you are a year younger than me.. FYI, you know"

I grinned at him. "My hero, Jack. Trust me, I am a full time job... My old freind, Dom, he taught me to swim after I almost got myself drowned and rescued my drifting boat, nd thenhe� makes sure I dont climb trees... Like I said, full time. And thanks for the complment-"

"Oh, my dear darling gorl! Wha happened! hank God Jack was there to save you! Oh, dear! From now on, you arent to come up here withot Jack at yourside,! And Adrian is to accompany yyou below decks! ug, you crazy little Marie, come, we must get you out if those wet garments! You'll cath your death, my poor baby!� Jack, carry her down o her cabins with mepleae, I dont feel that she should be walking in such strained situations. My por darling..." Miss p was there then, and she was worrried to the death! She fussed for hours after, and I was within her sight for the the next few days....

Anyway, Jack stays with me most now. Adrian and Milo are up to something crazy... And they say n girls allowed. They are so sexist! Bt Jack says thats more fun for just the two of us, and he has succesfully ebtertained me and kept me safe so far. Actually right now he is keaning agianst the side of my chair playing his harmonica for me while I worte this acount. But I feel he wants to go on up... So I will end my little letter and promise to write agian to you sooner thn last time of sourse. I am going to enclose pictures of me, Jack, Adrian, an Milo for you to see us freinds...

������������������������������� Love from me to you my dearest Dom,

�������������������������������������������� Marie

(Jack made me borrow a pair of his pants to climb)� me writing� Milo with some odd form of candy.. a 'sucker'?�� Jake in the jacket he wears when he gets cold in the night�������� Adrian, unwillingly releasng the camera


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