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diamond-Ramblings of a Heathen

Novel By: jack diamond

just some of my thoughts on life, I would really like a comment on this one, I want to know if I am the only one who feels these things. I would also like to hear any differing views, as I am sure their will be a lot. View table of contents...



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If you are a person of high faith and are in any way offended by someone expressing views that are different form your own, I advise you not to read this.

I do not fit completely the title of heathen, but it is the closest thing I can come to explaining my views on religion. I don't worship the son or any of that sort of thing. But I like the name heathen in that I don't really have a set picture of a higher power. I refer to the power as God but only because I have no clue as to what the name for the entity or entities may be. But if it were only one God then who is to say that he/she/it would have a name at all. Being all alone as the only thing of your kind, who is around to give you a name? Who is around to call you by that name? Simply God seems a well enough title. Similar to if you have only one cat their would be no confusion in calling him/her "the cat" there is nothing else around to confuse such a title with.


����������� I actively sample as many different religions as I can find to see all the differing opinions of people. Each one sounding more far fetched to me than the next. The world on turtle's back (Native American), an all loving God slaughtering innocent children just because their was no lambs blood on the door (Christianity), a woman being born with no mother, simply popping out of the forehead of her father (Greek mythology), the list goes on. I was reading the Bible when I came across a verse that simply infuriated me. Deuteronomy 5:9. It reads; "You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me." I, being the descendent of a long line of drunks and dead beats, am very offended by the notion that not only I, but my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are all to be punished for the sins of one drunken lowlife. My children, if I ever have any, will never even meet set drunken lowlife.

����������� I also think that most people would agree that the words "envy" and "jealousy" are interchangeable. One of the seven deadly sins happens to be envy. Set by "God" himself, are these rules to follow. Why is it that that an all knowing, all loving, all powerful "God" would be jealous of say, the Beetles because one man listened to their words more often or holds them in higher regard.

����������� I know of a Jehovah's Witness, who was x-communicated from his church for letting doctors do a blood transfusion on his son. The boy was in mortal danger and would surely have died were it not for the transfusion. The man was kicked out of the church along with his family, including his son, for doing nothing more than saving the life of one young boy. I honestly don't understand how you are expected to let your own children die a preventable death in the name of Jehovah. Had the mad been cold and emotionless, by looking away from his dying son, would the church have treated him differently? Would they have regarded him higher for letting his son die? I wonder what makes man think that they are so important that they can speak for God.

����������� Once when I was sampling a Native American religion, I had taken many hours of class time on the subject. I learned how to speak the language, (somewhat) and I learned a lot about the religion. Some things about it I did not agree with but all in all I saw nothing wrong with their values. One thing I see that every religion I know of has in common is that they all say they are the only religion and as such their will be some sort of punishment for not following that particular religion. It seems like a bit of a risky business, picking which religion to follow. I really don't think it matters which one you follow. If there is a God that really loves you, should it matter which preaching you follow? As long as you live your life in a kind manor and don't go around killing, or raping, or steeling, or any thing of that sort, a God that loves you should take you in no matter how many times you went to church, or which one you went to.


����������� Once when I was younger, working for my uncle on his farm, I was rather angry with god and I questioned his existence. When my uncle was out of the barn and out of ear shot I told god that if he was there to quit being such a coward and show himself. I said if he was so high and powerful then he could show me something of his divinity. I told him to make it rain, and at that very moment, no longer then one second after the words had left my mouth, a single raindrop hit me square on the forehead. I had begun to rain. I took this as a prominent sign that someone was listening to me, however, I do not believe is was the same God that I had been taught about in the Lutheran church.

����������� I had a similar experience in a religion that is much different from the faith that I had been taught to believe in. I was studying Ojibwa and after I had learned as much as I could in the short amount of time that I had, the teacher then gave me an Ojibwa name. I gave him a red piece of cloth, to show that I was the second oldest in my family, I gave him some pipe tobacco to smoke as he spoke to his higher power, (which I do believe he did). I gave him a piece of paper with some of my poetry on it (as something personal to me). He then loaded the pipe, took the cloth and paper in his hand, and began to smoke and talk at the same time. I tried to imagine the deity that he was talking to, and at that time I had a vision of my own, I saw no face or body structure, just a dim outline. I heard the figure talking to me In my mind, It said "what do you have to say?" simply by thinking I told it that I was open about all of the things in my past that I am not proud about, and that I wished not to have my name reflect that. The figure I had imagined then left me as soon as I was done thinking to it, (like speaking but in my mind).


����������� I opened my eyes to find that the Native American man still had his head lifted skyward, was still talking, and still smoking. About five minutes later he stopped. He looked at me and said "ba-ga-nah-kqwed", that is probably not how you spell it but it means hole in the cloud man. He told me that the hole in the cloud meant that when light shines through a cloud in rays, they bring knowledge and wisdom to men with your name who ask and pay homage in tobacco. He said his God told him that I wish for "the answers" every time I see a shooting star of blow out birthday candles, or n e thing of the like. He said the God was fascinated by this because it was such a general wish. At that moment my jaw dropped. I was astonished that he had just told me something that I had never told anyone, ever. He then told me not to worry about the things that I was ashamed of because they had already been forgiven and the fact that I had been dragging them around for so long was proof that I was genuinely sorry.

����������� The fact that I had been shown, what was to me, proof that two different religions have truth to them I wonder it we are not all praying to the same God and simply addressing set God by different names.

Something to ponder, is it not? �����


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