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Earth Adventures of Madman Jim

Novel By: Madman Jim

Madman Jim is a boy in this world, encumbered with horrors and ideas. This is his journey. View table of contents...


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Earth Adventures of Madman Jim

Chapt. One -- Colour Block

This is the first time I ever seen a real centipede, Jim thought, running through puddles to get at it. There were none of these things in the trees at home or on the ground, he made sure because they scared him. Why was he so brave today? he wondered to himself, but nobody heard him. He didn't hear either, and didn't answer himself.

Brave-man Jim found the centipede on his walk home from the college, where he went to school. It came up on him like sick sometimes did, but that's what learning was anyway. He hated college almost as much as high school, and he hated nothing more than centipedes, but this one was different somehow. It was shorter than most and he felt akin to it, like he did with his old cats and dogs; they were good pets too, and he felt akin to all of them.

Boys feel akin to animals sometimes when they aren't sure of everything else around them, by that he means people. Jim wasn't growing up to be anybody that could love anybody, and nobody ever loved him, he was sure. Just like his old cats and dogs, he was a pet in the house. They watered him good and fed him good, and dressed him up. But then he was on his own all day, and he went to school and did those boy-things, and learned well enough and told jokes like the rest and pretended to fit in, but he wasn't ever gonna fit in because that wasn't how he was. He was a dog or a cat. And even though he was ascared of the centipedes, sometimes he was one of them too. Today was like that.

He come from college now, forgetting everything about that mad world when he saw the centipede from across the way. I seen you before in picture books, he said to it when he got closer. I seen you eat other things and crawl and sting. I don't do that, said the centipede. I don't ever eat things or sting anything either. I'm a good centipede. I don't believe you, Jim said, but maybe you can convince me with an act of goodness. Okay, said the centipede, tell me what I should do. Jim looks around and he says, I want you to save that man's life.

The man was in a car turned over on the road next to them. It was broken and he was in it and there weren't no people around because it was too late in the day and they must all be at work or staying away. Jim found sometimes people stay away when they know something bad is going on. But Jim runs to that stuff, he thought. He always did.

Anyway, the car isn't doing good or is the man. So Jim enlists the help of the centipede to decide if it's really good or not. But that centipede shows his true colours and says, No, I can't help, the man is a goner.

I can't believe you, said Jim, I'm going to squash you under my foot then, you bad centipede. I can't help it, says the centipede, I can't help because I'm afraid of fire. That's why I hide here and call for help instead. It's too late, says Jim, you can't call for help, the help isn't coming. I can tell because we're all alone and the man is dying and it's too late to even comfort him and say, It's okay! Help is coming! Too late for all of that, but you had a chance to save him, bad centipede. I'm a gonna squash you now.

Jim steps on the centipede and makes its guts go out, and laughs at that 'cause it wasn't so scary after all. Nothing to be ascared of because centipedes get squashed easily like anything else. Oh, and that wasn't a centipede, but Jim thinks like that sometimes and I think you can get used to that how he thinks and speaks because we can all be good friends when we learn about Jim and his earth adventures.

Oh, and Jim is from earth not an alien like you think. But he's better than all of us becaue he isn't tricked into thinking he belongs here like you are. That's how smart he is. And he gets good grades too so don't make fun of how he sees things, just because you can't imagine it all like he does and you are nervous about things like why is he squashing things and why won't he save the man in the car. Maybe Jim is afraid of fire too, like the centipede (hahahaha!) or maybe he just needed to rest for a little bit. It was a long day and he got in a fight with Maggie again, why they always gonna do that anyway? Anyway, don't worry, I bet he won't do that again.

Maggie is waiting for Jim now, he says he's gonna come over so they can talk. I wonder how that is gonna go. I might sneak over there and peek in through the windows and see how it's gonna go. But I can't do that! No, no! 'Cause Maggie is alone in there, I can see it. 'Cause Jim is outside looking in like he's always doing, because I'm Jim. I didn't think you realized that, did you? But I am he, and we see things in five colours in this world and sometimes that blocks out everything else. But anyway we gotta go talk to Maggie. There are more adventures in there to happen.


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