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Susan's Gardening Diary - Photographs Included

By: Mistress of Word Play

Chapter 4,

My Garden Diary

Week of March 28, 2010 to April 3, 2010

This week has been really busy. I mowed our grass and did some weeding. I applied Preen to my iris bed to keep the weeds from coming up. What weeds were there I pulled by hand. I hate to try and weed the irises when the blooms are up. It’s much easier to do it before they start making their blossoms.

The weather here, other than a big storm that we had Tuesday, has been great. Temperatures at times have been close to eighty degrees. It’s about time to get the swimming pool up and running. Sun and wind sort of scorched me pretty good. I got a little light headed and sick to my stomach. I have to remember my age is what Gary tells me.

Tulips have opened up. I did not include pictures of all the things which are now blooming, but some of the native fruit and ornamental trees we have are here.

I did not upload a picture of my Jane magnolia. It sure is beautiful. It has dark red blooms that are huge. We planted it last year and it tripled in size. For those who do not live in the South this tree is better known as a tulip tree.

Our pear, cherry, and apple trees are blooming as well as the redbud trees, crabapple, and dogwoods. The area we live in is renowned for redbuds, crabapple, magnolia, and dogwood trees. These varieties to me are some of the most beautiful of the ornamental trees.

Gary planted some cabbage and lettuce in the garden. We hope to set some tomato plants, pole beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and watermelons soon. I just hope the weather holds and it does rain too much this year.

Almost forgot to say we fertilized the bushes and trees this week and I planted my pop boxes with zinnia, Sweet William, Yarrow, and foxglove seeds. I start them then transplant them into my flower beds.

Well have fun outside. Hope you had a great Easter. See you next week.


Red Crabapple Tree

Pink Crabapple Tree

Purple rhododendron

Redbud Tree

Red Dogwood Tree

Red Standard Tulip

Ornamental Apple Tree

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