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The Demon's That Tempt Me: Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Chapter 13 Part #

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side... View table of contents...



Submitted:Oct 7, 2010    Reads: 242    Comments: 20    Likes: 22   

"I think Gabe....has something."
"You think or you know?"
"I know." Emma said.
"How can you be so sure?"
"Stacy." Emma whispered.
Lourdes looked into Emma's blue eyes, trying to grasp what she was saying to her.
"So, you're telling me...that Stacy gave something to Gabe and Gabe gave something to me?"
Emma nodded her head slowly.
"And what would that be? Specifically?" Lourdes asked. "Something that can be cured right?"
"Oh god!" Emma nodded hear head furiously. "Oh yes, I'm so sorry! Yes of course it's something that can be fixed. No I didn't mean that it was..."
"That's okay, you don't have to say it." Lourdes acknowledged. "As long as it's not..."
"Gonorrhea." Emma whispered.
"Gonorrhea." Lourdes repeated. The hits just kept on coming. She nodded her head slowly. "Right. And when exactly, did Gabe and...start hooking up?"
Emma swallowed hard.
"Emma, I promise you, this is not the time to shine me on. If you know, just tell me." Lourdes said.
"The first week of November." Emma blurted out.
"Huh." Lourdes said to herself. "You're sure about this?"
Emma nodded her head. "Look, all I know is that-"
"Are we going to eat tonight or what?" Thomas came walking in with Alex and a couple of other people.
Emma and Lourdes both turned quickly, releasing the mad grip they had on each others hands. Emma smiled and put her hostess face back on. "Dinner will be ready in five. There are note-cards with each person's name on the table, so feel free to be seated."
Thomas smiled. "We'll get the other guest." He walked past them, and Alex started to follow, but the look on Lourdes' face stopped him. "What?" He asked the two of them. Emma said nothing.
"Excuse me." Lourdes said, staring off into space. "I think I need some air." She began to walk away, heading for the back door.
"Lourdes, I'm so sorry." Emma called after her.
"Nah," Lourdes said turning slightly, "don't worry about it. And thank you. For being up front with me. Seems like you're the only one." She walked to the back of the house and went outside. She hardly had a moment to breathe, when Alexsander came rushing up behind her.
"Go inside." Lourdes said, not looking at him.
"Alexsander, I mean it." She said. "I so, need to be alone right now."
"Not much luck of that, given you're at a party."
"I just need a minute to think."
"They're sitting down to dinner right now."
"I just need a minute! Can you give me that?"
"You know, don't you? He asked. "Did Emma just say something to you? About the Gonorrhea?"
"That was going to be my question." Lourdes said.
"What?" He asked.
"Why does everybody know about this but me!"
"Gabe was suppose to tell you." He said.
"Fuck Gabe!" Lourdes said. "And fuck you too! Why didn't you tell me?"
"I promised to give him time."
Lourdes shook her head at him, eyes wide with disbelief. "You've known, all this time and you said nothing."
"It wasn't my place-" He started.
"It wasn't your place?"
"It wasn't." He said pointing his finger to the ground.
"Who the fuck are you kidding?" Lourdes asked. "It's not your place to fuck your friends girl either, but you have no problem doing that!"
"Keep your voice down," he said, "someone might hear us!"
"I don't care." Lourdes said.
"I don't care. I'm done playing this game. This just became, so not worth it." Lourdes began to walk past him.
"No wait, hold on." He said, stopping her from going back into the house. "Whatever you are about to do, don't do it. Yes your pissed and rightfully so, but you can't go and ruin your life just because you're having a bad moment. There are other people involved."
"Meaning yourself?" She asked furious.
"Yes I mean me! You are not the only one who got hurt in this!"
"Aww, fuck you Alex! The difference between you and me right now is, that you've had time to go and get yourself checked out! You've known this whole time!"
"I did everything I could to try and get Gabe to tell you. I even tried to get you to get it out of him."
"How the hell was I to know, that is what I was suppose to be fishing for?"
Alex turned away and shrugged his shoulders.
"So when is Gabe going to tell me?"
"Lourdes I have no way of knowing that."
"Bullshit," she said, "you seem to be up to date on everything else."
"Lourdes, you are not the only one going through this."
"Did you go to the doctor?" She asked. He looked at her with his mouth slightly opened. "Did you?" She asked again.
"Yes." He said looking away from her. "Hmph." She said. "Good for you. Have you gotten your results back yet?"
"Yes." He said, still not making eye contact.
"In two days?" She asked, but she really didn't have to, she knew his resources ran deep. "My my my, I don't know anyone who can get results that fast."
"The doctor is a friend of the family. The lab results were expedited."
"Of course they were."
He turned and looked at her annoyed.
"And what did the test say?" She asked.
He took a step towards her. "I'm clean." He said. "But-"
"Of course you are." She mumbled, rolling her eyes.
"What?" He asked.
"I said of course you were clean."
"Why is that?" He asked confused.
Lourdes tossed her hands in the air, now she was the one turning away from him. "Why do you think?"
"Answer me." He said.
"Maybe if you would have came to me with this in the first place, I could have told you that!"
Alexsander grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. "Stop talking in circles and answer me."
Lourdes smiled bitterly. "Tomorrow, I will go, and get myself checked out, just for my own peace of mind. And I'll take antibiotics that I don't need, just to be on the safe side. But in the end, I imagine the doctor will tell me the same thing, which I already know. I'm clean too."
Alex paused for a second studying her. "And you're so sure of this because?"
"Gabe and I haven't been together since October." She confessed. "And Emma says that he didn't start sleeping with Stacy until November. Guess I dodged a bullet." Alex said nothing. "We should go in before someone notices." Lourdes said turning to walk away, but he still had a grip on her hand.
He pulled her back towards him. "Through all of the bullshit and gray areas..." He started. "Are you telling me you never once had any sexual contact with Gabriel?" Lourdes tilted her shoulder towards him, but said nothing. Her previous actions, were speaking loudly enough already.
"You haven't been with him since we started sleeping together?" He tried to confirm.
"I wouldn't call it sleeping." She mumbled.
"It's sounds as if," he kept going, not letting her change the subject, "your saying you haven't been with Gabe since we even started talking about being together. Lourdes-"
"Yes." She cut him off. "Yes, yes, yes. The answer is yes to all your questions!"
"Why didn't you say anything?!" He asked. She pulled her hand away from him. "That," she said pointing at him, "that right there is the reason why I never said anything!"
"What?" He asked.
"That smug, arrogant smile that you have on your face right now, is exactly what I was trying to avoid!"
Alex tried to change the expression on his face, but it wasn't working. Lourdes spun around and marched up to the back door. She put her hand on the knob, turning to open it.
"You know that question, I asked you over the phone that you refused to answer?" Alex called to her, not moving from where he was standing. Lourdes paused, still facing the back door. She refused to turn and look at him.
"I don't need an answer," he said, "I think I've already got one."
She didn't need to turn around to tell that he was happy as hell, and probably, even more so now, bursting with confidence. Lourdes walked in the house and shut the door behind her. "Fuck." She whispered to herself. "What the fuck am I going to do now?"

Dinner was almost over, when Stacy came walking into the dining room. Wearing jeans and the same t-shirt that she had on the night at the bar.
"Looks like a great party." She said. "Too bad I'm missing out."
Alex and Gabriel both looked over at Lourdes. She refused to look at either one of them. She smirked to herself. This should be interesting.
"Stacy what are you doing here!" Emma leaned over in her chair and whispered. "I told you that I would call you later."
"I was in the neighborhood," she said in her mousy voice, "thought I'd drop by and say hi."
Emma stood up. "You look like you've been drinking-"
"Yes I had a few." Stacy said loudly. "Don't worry, I won't stay I know I'm not wanted here. I'm not going to ruin your fabulous party."
"How did you even get in here?" Thomas asked from the other end of the table. Normally he stayed out of girl business, but he could tell his wife was getting upset.
"Front door was unlocked." Stacy said simply.
"Let's just go in the other room and talk." Emma tried to get her out of there.
"No." Stacy said. "Sorry Em, but I didn't come to talk to you." She turned to Gabriel. "Are you even going to acknowledge me?"
He stared at her furiously, but said nothing.
"That's right," she said, "I forgot, I don't exist when it comes to your precious girlfriend."
"You don't want to do this." Gabe said.
"I think I do." Stacy said. "What do I have to lose? You all have already turned your back on me." She looked around the room. "I have something to say to all of you."
"I don't think this is the right time." Thomas started to get up.
"Why!?" Stacy asked. "I'm sure you've spent the whole night talking about me anyway, but you can't say it to my face!"
"Let's go." Emma said, taking her by the arm, but Stacy pulled away from her. She turned towards Lourdes. "I fuckin hated you for days, after what you did to me. That little stunt that you and your friend pulled!"
Gabriel looked across the table at Lourdes. Lourdes looked at the lady sitting next to her. "Why is she talking to me? Who is that girl?"
"I don't know." The woman said confused. They both smiled and laughed.
"I came up with so many ideas of how I could get you back," Stacy went on, "but finally I realized it didn't matter, because guess what? In the end, you were right!"
Lourdes smiled, but said nothing. Thomas came from around the table. "Come on Stacy, let's get you a cup of coffee."
"He faltered, like a bitch!" Stacy yelled. "Just like you said he would!"
Gabriel looked at Lourdes. Lourdes stared straight ahead.
"And now your all going about your lives like nothing ever happened? Well guess what! I'm not going away that easy!"
Emma tried to take Stacy's hand, but she jerked away again.
"That's enough!" Thomas said starting to become upset. "This isn't the time or the place!"
Stacy ignored him and turned toward Gabriel. "Aren't you going to do anything?" She asked. "Or are you just going to sit there and act as if you're innocent?" Now the room was focused on Gabe. He looked embarrassed. "Don't you think you've done enough?" He asked.
Stacy looked back and forth between him and Lourdes. A realization came over her. She choked back a laugh. "You know, for being such a bastard, you really are clueless in all of this aren't you?" Gabriel stood up. "Thomas is right, you should go." He said. Stacy laughed. "You know, up until this moment, I didn't realized what an idiot you really are."
"After everything, you're going to try and insult me?" Gabriel said angrily.
"You're so wrapped up in your own male ego and bullshit, that you're clueless to what's really going on around you." Stacy pointed her index finger at Lourdes. "She knows, don't you get that? How dumb can you be!" She yelled. Gabriel turned and looked at Lourdes. "What do you know?" He asked confused. Lourdes raised her eyebrows at him, but said nothing. At this point, silence was golden.
"She knows everything!" Stacy yelled. "She's probably known this whole time! Did you two come together? Did you think you were off the hook because now I'm out of the picture? She's just using you and letting you dig your own grave at the same time!"
"I can't believe your doing this." Emma said sadly shaking her head, but Stacy continued to ignore her. "Did she accept you back with open arms?" Stacy asked Gabriel. Gabe looked at Lourdes. "I bet she did," Stacy went on, "but you should ask her why-"
"This is rubbish!" Gabriel said, starting to get angry. "And don't try and put ideas in Lourdes' head, she's innocent in all of this!"
Stacy laughed in disbelief. "Hardly!" She yelled. "This bitch has been letting you dig your own grave all this time! And she doesn't care, because she's been too busy fucking your friend!" Stacy pointed to Alex. Alex looked at Lourdes. Lourdes smiled at him. There was panic in his eyes. Now the whole room had their attention.
"What the fuck are you talking about!" Gabriel was starting to become upset.
"Look at them," Stacy said, "are you going to tell me that you had no clue? It's been right under your nose the whole time. Have any of you noticed the way they look at each other? Because I have! While you and I have been spending the last few weeks together, they have been spending the last few weeks together."
Gabe laughed. So did Alex. "Oh what's so funny?" Stacy asked. "Guys protect each other to the end right?"
"Well, see, that's where you're wrong you stupid cunt," Gabe said viciously, "because Alex has been working!" He turned towards Alex. "Isn't that right mate?" Alexsander nodded his head slowly. "Not here!" Gabriel confirmed.
Alex continued to nod.
"So when exactly would he have time to pursue my girlfriend?" Gabe asked.
"Probably around the same time you were pursuing me." Stacy said. "Hello! Have you ever heard of a plane?"
"I never pursued you. You were always running some kind of game on me!" Gabriel yelled. But his reasons didn't matter to Lourdes, the damage was done all the same. On all of their parts.
"So let me get this straight." Lourdes said, leaning back in her chair. "You," she said pointing at Gabriel, "have been sleeping with this whore," she said pointing at Stacy, "and now we," she said pointing at Alex, "have been sleeping together because the two of you are busted?"
"Are you buying this bullshit?" Stacy asked Gabriel, but he was so done with her.
"Well it seems to be all over now." Lourdes said. "Why is that? What happened?"
"You're unbelievable." Stacy said.
"She cheated on you?" Lourdes asked Gabe.
"Are you kidding?" Stacy yelled.
"You felt guilty?" Lourdes asked.
"You really don't know do you?" Stacy asked Lourdes. She was walking right into Lourdes' trap. They might just all get out of this alive. Gabriel grabbed Stacy. "Take your hands off of me!" Stacy yelled, but Thomas helped him pull her out of the room. "Ask him why he dumped me!" Stacy continued to yell. "Ask anyone you're sitting next to, I bet they all know!"
Emma and Lourdes looked at each other. Emma spun around quickly as Stacy came running back into the room. "Stacy don't-" She tried to say.
"You're so stupid!" She said to Lourdes. "You think you've got it all figured out? You think you won and your with such a great man!" Gabriel and Thomas came rushing in after her. "Well I bet you wouldn't be sitting here at this party with this great man if you knew that he's given you Gonorrhea!"
"That you gave to me!" Gabriel yelled. The room was silent. Emma had her hands to her face. Thomas stood there looking apologetic at Gabriel. How could you not feel bad for the guy? He was coming off as the worst of worst men.
Lourdes looked at Alex, eyebrows raised. Their was still panic in his eyes, but he remained silent. It was probably best.
"So guess what?" Stacy said still talking at Lourdes. "That means, you have it too sweetie. Did this great man tell you that?!"
Gabriel turned to Lourdes and the room watched and waited for her response. Some were excited to see the drama. Some were shocked and appalled. Nobody was expecting this tonight. One thing was for sure, Lourdes' days of dinner parties with this circle of people were definitely over...


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