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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Chapter 13 Part 1

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...
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"So how's life treating ya?" Lita asked Lourdes as they walked down a street in the city. It was cold, the fog was in. An uneventful Monday night, but that would soon change. Lourdes pulled off her red leather gloves so she could tie her brown wool coat tighter around her waist. She wished she hadn't washed her hair before she left. The curly locks would take forever to dry and all the cold was going straight to her head.
"My gosh, what a fucking weekend." Lourdes exclaimed. "I think I need to be alone, for like, years."
"Last night's party was awesome." Lita said laughing.
"Just awesome." Lourdes repeated sarcastically. She was in the total doghouse with Pullo. Well, sort of.
"No fireworks this time." Lita said referring back to the last party they were at.
"At least not outside."
"Well it couldn't have been too bad, you two looked like star crossed lovers this morning."
"Let's just say, our little after party, was better than the actual one."
Lita laughed and nodded her head. "So what do ya' think?" She asked. "Can the two of you work it out?"
"Yes." Lourdes said.
"So your sticking around then?"
"For now."
"What does that mean?"
"It's means, I'm in it, until it runs it's coarse."
"What's makes you think that'll happen?"
"Come on Lita," Lourdes said sighing, "let's look at the reality of the situation. Nothing is ever going to come of the two of us, we live in two completely different worlds."
"So your saying his age is a problem?"
"Isn't it for you?"
"Come on," Lourdes said again, "be truthful. If you and Jasper were an actual real couple, you wouldn't have a problem with the fact that he's much older than you?"
"People make it work all the time."
"Celebrities make it work all the time. Celine Dion. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Not Lourdes and Pullo."
Lita laughed. "Well let me ask you this, did his age suddenly become a problem once you discovered who he really is?"
"You mean...?"
"Yes, I mean the wife and kids."
"His age was never a problem for me. It's not like I ever thought I would marry the guy. We're just having a good time."
"But I will say that, knowing what I know now, his past does ensure that we will never be more than what we are."
"Which is what?" Lita asked.
"We're friends."
"Don't you think that's an over simplification of things?"
"No." Lourdes said looking at her and shaking her head. "We can't be defined as anything but. He's not my boyfriend, he's not my husband-"
"Yeah, but your fucking him!"
Lourdes stopped and turned towards Lita. "Babe, why you working so hard at this?"
Lolita shrugged her shoulders. "I just want to know where you stand."
"I don't like labels very much." Lourdes said. "Not everything has to fit perfectly into place. I've lived that life before and trust me, I prefer a little chaos."
Lita nodded her head. "Got it." She said. They started walking again. "So if you and Pullo don't work out..."
"Lita." Lourdes said sighing loudly.
"No, I just want to know," she said, "if the relationship runs it's coarse..."
"Will I still be in your life?"
Lourdes stopped. "Of course! Why wouldn't you be?"
"I don't know. I just thought, maybe it'd be awkward."
"Well yeah, I met you as a result of Pullo. But his and my relationship has nothing to do with you and I."
Lita smiled. "Good." She said.
"Yep, you're separate entities." Lourdes smiled back.
"So what we're about to do right now..."
"What's the point? I mean, are you really angry? Do you even care?"
"No. I guess I'm not angry. I'm not a fool, I guess I could see this coming but..."
"But what?"
"It's a matter of principal."
"I hear that." Lita said. "So how do I look?"
Lourdes looked her over. Lita had her long black hair pulled up into a polished ponytail. Tiny pearls in both ears, a soft white sweater and dark blue skinny jeans on. The heels of her Christian Siriano pumps were so high, that she was almost face to face with Lourdes. "You look great," Lourdes smiled, "I'd fuck you."
Lita smiled. "You look great too. And don't worry, because I have your back."
"I'm not worried," Lourdes said, opening the door to a bar, "I know exactly what I'm doing."

Stacy raced around the bar, serving drinks as quickly as possible. They were short-handed tonight and the place was a mad house. "Hello there, what can I get for you?" She asked.
"Hi, um two shots of Cazadores." Lita smiled brightly at her. She wasn't sure if this was the same girl. They had only met briefly at the Pride Diner some time ago. But she recognized that annoying, squeaky, mousy voice of hers. "I love your t-shirt by the way." Lita added.
"You do?" Stacy pulled down the bottom of the shirt, modeling it for Lita. "Thank you. It was a present from a friend."
"Oh, a boyfriend?" Lita asked curious. She was pretty sure Stacy didn't remember her at all.
Stacy smiled shyly. "Sort of."
"That's cool." Lita said as Stacy pulled the alcohol off of the shelf. "How long have the two of you been dating?"
Stacy poured the shots. "Off and on for some time now." She said.
"Oh I see." Lita said. "He has another girlfriend?"
"No." Stacy said quietly. "No," she said again with more conviction, "he does date, but I'm his main girl, if you know what I mean."
"Yes I know what you mean!" Lita said laughing as Stacy set down the shots in front of her. Lita picked up one glass. "Oh honey, that one's for you!" She said pointing at the other shot glass.
Stacy smiled, picking up the shot and clinking the glass with Lita. "Thanks." She said.
"I"m Lita by the way."
Lita knocked the shot back and set the glass down. "How bout' another?" She asked.
"Yeah?" Stacy smiled.
"Have another one on me too." Lita said drumming her fingers on the edge of the bar.
"Sure." Stacy said, pouring them both another drink.
"So your fella, is he hot?"
"Very." Stacy said.
"How hot? I mean, are we talking tall dark and handsome or your average boy next door?"
"Tall dark and handsome." Stacy said, sliding over another shot. "Dark brown hair, strong jaw, great body, sexy good looks, but not a pretty boy."
"Ick." Lita smiled. "I hate those pretty boys."
Stacy clinked the glass with her. "And British." She said.
"Really?" Lita asked surprised. "You know, I'm a sucker for accents! Please tell me he has a friend!"
Stacy laughed. "He has plenty of friends, but they're not all European."
"You know, it's funny," Lita paused, "come to think of it, my girlfriend is dating a British guy also, they must grow on tree's around here."
"Or something!" Stacy laughed.
"Yeah," Lita said, "what did you say his name was again?"
Stacy paused. "I didn't." She said looking at her suspiciously, but decided that she was no threat. "His name is Gabriel."
"Get out!" Lita said. "Hey one more drink for the road."
"You got it." Stacy poured one last shot for the both of them.
"You know, it's the darndest thing," Lita said pulling out her wallet, "how much do I owe?"
"Let's call it even." Stacy smiled.
"Great. That's great!" Lita said. "Thank you. At least take this tip."
"So what's the darndest thing?" Stacy asked.
"It's just that my friend, the one with the British guy also," Lita turned and looked across the bar, "oh hey, yeah come over here!"
Stacy looked around.
"It's just that my friend is dating a guy named Gabriel also."
Stacy looked at Lita. "Your kidding right?"
Lita stopped smiling. She shook her head no.
"Have we met somewhere before?" Stacy asked, wondering what was going on.
"Yeah," Lita said seriously, "I think maybe we have."
Stacy frowned up a little, trying to figure out what was going on. Lita picked up the last two shots as Lourdes approached. She handed Lourdes, Stacy's shot. They clinked their glasses and both tossed it back at the same time.
"This is my friend," Lita said smiling devilishly, "Lourdes, meet Stacy."
"What the fuck is going on?" Stacy asked looking back and forth between the both of them.
"Stacy was kind enough to buy us a round of drinks on the house." Lita smiled at Lourdes. "And it turns out the two of you have a lot in common."
"Is that a fact?" Lourdes asked flatly, not taking her eyes off of Stacy.
"Yep," Lita said, "turns out the two of you are both dating a British guy named Gabriel."
"Well isn't that a co-ink-adink!" Lourdes said sarcastically. "What a small world."
"Lourdes, I don't know what to say," Stacy offered, "you should really talk to Gabe about all of this."
"I should." Lourdes said nodding her head like that never occurred to her. "But I'm standing here in front of you."
"I can't get into this," Stacy said, "I'm working."
"Looks like your drinking to me."
"Look, I can take a break in maybe twenty minutes, then we can talk."
Lourdes laughed. "Yeah I'll hold my breath."
"We can talk on my break." Stacy insisted.
"What the fuck makes you think I want to talk to you?" Lourdes asked smartly.
"I'm not the problem," Stacy said, "you should talk to Gabe, this is what he wants."
Lourdes said nothing, silently staring at her.
"He's mine." Stacy said. "He's always been mine. We want to be together."
"Sorry Stacy," Lourdes said shaking her head, "I'm here to let you know, that the party's over."
Stacy shrugged her shoulders. "What more can I say?"
"I don't need you to say anything." Lourdes smiled. "There is nothing that you can say that would mean anything to me. Just like you don't mean anything to Gabe either."
Stacy laughed. "If I don't mean anything to Gabe, then why is he picking me up from work as soon as I get off?"
Lourdes sat her purse on the counter, pulling out her white cell phone.
"Oh that purse is beautiful!" Lita said. "Is that the new Chanel?"
"Yes it is!" Lourdes sang. "A gift from that British guy."
"Wow," Lita said, "he must really like you."
Stacy laughed again. "Is that supposed to bother me?"
"No." Lourdes said. But I'll tell you what, this will." She held up the cell phone. "You see," she began dialing numbers, "a stiff prick knows no conscience." The phone started ringing. "And I can forgive Gabe's indiscretions, because even the best of men are capable of committing a passionate crime." The phone continued to ring. "Now if he actually loved you, then I might be worried."
Stacy crossed her arms. "What makes you think he doesn't?"
"Hello?" Gabriel answered the phone.
"Hey Gabe." Lourdes said smiling with her eyes at Stacy.
"What are you doing?" Stacy asked.
"Hey baby, alright then?" He asked.
"Yeah, I'm good." Lourdes said. "Listen I'm in the city, and I thought you might want to get together."
Stacy stood there for what seemed like forever. The longer Lourdes was silent, the harder it was for Stacy to keep a smile from forming on her face.
"You have plans?" Lourdes asked.
Stacy raised her eyebrows, as if to say, see I told you so.
"How important can your plans possibly be? Wouldn't you rather be with me?"
"Give it up." Stacy said. "Don't embarrass yourself any further."
"What's that you say?" Lourdes asked. "Are you sure I'm not taking you away from an important engagement?"
Stacy's smile started to fade.
"Are you sure you're not doing anything special?" Lourdes asked. "Well in that case, why don't I meet you in about 20 minutes?"
"How do I know that you're even talking to Gabriel?" Stacy asked.
"Alright babe," Lourdes said, "see you soon." She hung up the phone.
"That doesn't prove anything," Stacy said, "you could have been talking to anybody."
"Maybe," Lourdes smiled, "I guess only time will tell."
"Yeah I guess so." Stacy said smartly. She could barely get the words out as her own cell phone started to ring.
Lourdes watched Stacy as she checked the caller i.d. She could see Stacy's face start to fall. It couldn't be anybody else but Gabe calling, to cancel with her.
"If I were you," Lourdes said, "I'd take this opportunity to plead my case. You might actually have a chance of winning him over." Stacy looked up, shooting daggers at Lourdes as her cell continued to ring. "But my guess is," Lourdes continued, "is that he's forgotten all about you. And I'm going to make sure it stays that way." Lourdes put her purse on her shoulder and waved goodbye. "Tell Gabe I said hi."
Stacy continued to look pissed, but she said nothing.
Lita stood up off the bar stool. "Nice to meet you," she said, "thanks for the drinks."

"I can't believe we just did that." Lita said laughing. As they exited the bar and began heading away.
"Yeah, sorry to drag you in the middle." Lourdes said as she checked her messages.
"No worries," Lita said, "that was fun."
"I guess from an outside perspective." Lourdes mumbled.
"Are you kidding?" Lita said. "I think you handled yourself with great restraint. I wanted to clock that bitch for you."
Lourdes continued to look at her messages as they walked. "She's not worth it." She mumbled. Lita grabbed her arm.
Lourdes looked up. "What?" She asked.
"She's not worth it or Gabriel's not worth it?"
"She is not worth it." Lourdes said looking back down at her phone.
"What is it with you?" Lita asked. "You're permanently glued to your cell these days. If you're not careful, your going to walk right into a telephone pole."
Lourdes rolled her eyes. "Lita, I'm a big girl, I can walk and chew gum at the same time."
Lita laughed. "Right." She said. "But I'm hanging with you this very moment, so can't you focus on that later?"
Lourdes slid the cell closed.
"So where to now?" Lita asked. "You up for some dinner?"
Lourdes shrugged her shoulders. "Who can eat at a time like this?"
"You up for anything?"
She shrugged her shoulders again.
"So you don't feel like eating?"
"You feel like being eaten?"
Lourdes stopped and turned to Lita. "What did you just say?"
"Nothing," Lita said shaking her head but she was smiling from ear to ear, "just checking, to see if you were listening."
"Right." Lourdes said looking at her sideways, but they continued to walk.
"How's your week shaping up?" Lita asked.
"Busy, busy." Lourdes said.
"Lot's of work?"
"More like social occasions."
"Still coming to girls night out?"
"As far as I know."
"What are you going to do about Stacy and Gabriel?"
That stopped her again. "Okay, don't ever say their names together like that, in the same sentence, again."
"Shit. Sorry." Lita said. "So what are you going to do?"
"Ride it out." Lourdes said.
"Are you kidding? You can't ride it out, she's going to run right back to him and let him know that you know."
"No she won't."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because then every bodies left with facing the consequences right before the holiday's, and nobody wants that."
"Bullshit." Lita said. "That bitch is going to be at his front door, the minute her shift is over, making her demands. Mark my words."
"Maybe." Lourdes said. "I can't believe your acting so blasé about this. Aren't you worried at all?"
"What makes you so confident?"
"Because I have all the power."
"You do?"
"And I know Gabe, he might be dippin' his wick just to get it wet-"
"But at the end of the day, I also know that he's just using her for fringe benefits."
"What are you waiting for?" Lita asked. "Cashing in on Christmas presents before you break up with him?"
"It's not about that." Lourdes said. "I just need to keep the peace a little while longer. I have a lot on my plate."
"Such as?"
Lourdes scoffed. "My life." She said. "It's everything and everyone around me. Pullo, Gabe, Alex, Albear, the boys, you, meeting your friends, dealing with my friends, dealing with their friends. My family, catering, writing...the list goes on and on."
They reached the car but didn't get in right away.
"You know, you never really talk about him. Gabriel." Lita said. "I just sort of thought you were hangin' with him like you were hangin' with Pullo."
"More or less." Lourdes smiled.
"But now...I think it's more than that."
"What do you mean?" Lourdes asked, she wasn't sure if she liked the direction of where this was heading.
"I think you love him." Lita said. "Do you....love him?"
"I love everybody," Lourdes said, "I have a big heart."
Lita smiled, but she wasn't ready to let Lourdes dodge the question. "I just thought," Lita paused again, "I just thought with everything else you have going on, that you weren't really serious about Gabriel."
"Why would you think that?"
"Oh I don't know, maybe because your fucking his friend!"
Lourdes laughed. "Lita, Alex and I, are never going to go anywhere. He's the fling. A hot piece of blonde boy ass."
"Not so blonde anymore." Lita smirked. "And, ya' could have fooled me." She blurted out loudly. "I mean that whole scene the week of Thanksgiving? What am I suppose to think after that?"
"I think that if you hadn't been snooping, then there would be nothing for you to contemplate."
"You're blaming that night on me?"
"Alex is fun!" Lourdes reasoned. "He is sex on a stick. Just boy candy." Lourdes paused as a few people passed them on the street. "You don't hang on to someone like that," she spoke more softly, "you enjoy it and pass them on."
"I don't understand." Lita said.
Lourdes sighed. "Gabriel and I have an arrangement. We're not monogamous, we both see other people."
"So what was the point of what we did back there?"
"It's was the principal of the matter. He didn't tell me about it. His ex is not allowed on the menu."
"I'm sure he'd say the same thing about Alex."
"I'm sure he would," Lourdes said, "if he ever found out."
"What makes you think that he won't?"
"This isn't my first time around the block," Lourdes said looking down at her black phone as it started to ring, "I know what I'm doing." It was Alex, but she couldn't answer, Lita was already giving her enough shit.
Lolita unlocked the car and they both got in. "You should be careful." She said.
"I'm a free spirit, I can't be accounted for." Lourdes smirked.
Lita laughed. "Well I'm sure that won't hold up if you ever get caught. No really, you're playing a dangerous game."
Lourdes looked at her seriously. "This is my life," she said, "who's playing?"


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