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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Chapter 13 Part 2

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...
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Lourdes looked at her seriously. "This is my life," she said, "who's playing?"

"So this is where he lives." Lita said. "Shit, nice place."
Lourdes wasn't focused. "Shit." She whispered to herself.
"What?" Lita asked looking around. "What's wrong?"
"You see that car right there." Lourdes pointed.
"That one?" Lita asked pointing. "What about it?"
"Looks like one of Alex's." Lourdes said.
"Well what is he doing here?"
"No idea."
"Are you sure you still want to go in?"
"I've got to." Lourdes said.
"You do?"
Lourdes exhaled slowly. She turned and smiled at Lita. "It's not a problem. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with me." She leaned over and gave her a hug. "Call you later."
"Yeah much." Lita said softly as Lourdes exited the vehicle.
Lourdes knocked on Gabriel's door after Lita had drove off. She had absolutely no idea what she was doing here. She wasn't ready to confront him. She didn't really want to see him. Her only mission was to run foul play between him and...
Alexsander opened the door. He didn't look happy to see her. In fact, he looked upset, maybe even pissed off.
Lourdes took a step back thrown off guard. She knew that was his car, but she still wasn't prepared to see him. "What are you doing here?" She asked.
"Hi I'm Alex, Gabriel's friend." He said sarcastically.
Lourdes let out a nervous laugh.
Alex looked quickly over his shoulder, then turned back to Lourdes. "I tried calling you." He spoke softly.
"Not here." Lourdes whispered, stepping inside.
"We really need to talk." He said.
"Not here." She whispered again.
"Gabe needs to tell you something." He said.
"If this is about-"
"It's not." He said, not letting her finish her sentence. "Just don't leave without making sure that he tells you everything."
"I don't know what you're talking about." Lourdes whispered.
"Eh mate," Gabe called from somewhere in the back, "was that the door?"
"Yes!" Alex said over his shoulder, then turned back to Lourdes. He spoke quickly. "I have to fly home to L.A. we're starting production for season 3. But I still want you to call me as soon as you finish with Gabe."
"Your working so close to the holiday?" She whined. "I thought it would be at least after Christmas."
He shook his head. "I'll be back in time for Emma and Thomas' party."
Lourdes silently nodded her head. Alex kissed her on the cheek. "Late'rs." He said pulling his keys out of his pockets.
"Yeah, late'rs." Lourdes repeated. She watched Alex's tall frame disappear into the night as she closed the door behind him. Lourdes turned around and forced a smile as she caught a glimpse of Gabriel as he stepped into the hallway.
"There she is." He said walking up and giving her a hug. "How's my best girl?"
"Just dandy." Lourdes said. "What's up with you and Alex?"
Gabriel took a step back. "Nothing, why, what did he say?"
"Nothing." Lourdes said, looking at him strangely. "Did something happen?"
"Of course not." He said turning away from her. He put his hand up to his face and rubbed his chin. Lourdes tossed her things down on the sofa and turned towards him. "What's new?" She asked.
"Loads." He said. "For starters, how come you never told me that Alex broke up with Celia?"

"Good morning!" Lourdes said to the boys as she sat on a bar stool at the counter of Pride Diner. "How are we today?"
"Fucking great." Albear said. "More coffee!" He called out to a waitress.
"Somebody must have been out to the wee hours of the morning." Lourdes sang.
"Well good for him." Albear said bitterly. "I was pulling an all nighter for work."
Lamont laughed. "It's not as much fun as pulling an all nighter at Sin City."
Tyler and Corey snickered.
Lourdes smiled, putting her hand on Alby's shoulder. "Don't worry," she said, "the case your working on is almost over, then you'll be free to just fall apart."
"Who says anything about falling apart?" Albear asked. "I'm going to fuck til I drop."
"Yeah, I'm sure that's what she meant." Tyler cracked.
They all laughed. Everyone except Albear.
"Oh excuse me." Lourdes said as her phone rang. She moved away from the counter. "Which phone is that?" Corey asked.
"Looks like the booty phone to me." Albear smiled perking up and showing some interest.
Lourdes could hear the boys laughing as she walked away. "Hello?" She said.
"It's me." Alexsander said.
"Hey." Lourdes said. "What's up?"
"You never called."
"I know I got busy."
"Doing what?" He demanded.
"I had some things to take care of."
"What did you and Gabriel talk about?" He asked.
"Nothing?!" He asked.
"Not really." Lourdes said.
"I don't fucking believe this!" He said on the other end of the line.
"What's wrong?" Lourdes asked concerned.
"Call him now." Alex said.
"I'm sitting down to breakfast." Lourdes protested.
"You two have things that you need to talk about."
"Well whatever it is, you obviously know, so why don't you just tell me. How bad can it be?"
There was a long silence on the other end of the line. "Do you love him?" He asked.
What the fuck? That came out of nowhere. And yet, it seemed to be the question on every bodies mind. "Fine." Lourdes said. "I'm hanging up and calling him now."
"Lourdes?" Alex said.
"Yeah?" Lourdes said putting the phone back up to her ear.
"Never mind," he said, "call me later."
"Yeah, later." Lourdes said hanging up. She dialed Gabriel's number. 1, 2, 3 rings and voice mail. "Can't say I didn't try." She mumbled to herself. Lourdes turned and walked back over to the boys.

"Well hello there! Long time no see." Emma said, as she and Thomas both gave Lourdes a hug at the same time. Emma had her long blonde hair in wavy curls and she was in a dark green party dress. It was a nice look for her. Lourdes wasn't a fan of her penciled eyebrows, but she still looked elegant. Thomas was very conservative like always. Dark Brooks Brothers suit, with a green tie to match Emma's dress. "Nice tie," Lourdes said tugging on it softly, "and of course you look fabulous." She said to Emma.
"What no hug for me?" Gabriel asked as he followed in behind Lourdes. He was slightly less conservative. His thick brown hair was a mess and his normally clean shaven face was sprouting a full on beard. He wore a white polo shirt and dark blue jeans.
"Good to see you man." Thomas said shaking Gabriel's hand.
"Come on in." Emma ignored Gabriel, taking a hold of Lourdes' arm and led her inside. The house was decorated beautifully. A small tree was near the fireplace, twinkling white lights everywhere and Christmas music was playing softly.
"Alright I think you know everybody," Emma said, "hey guys, the last guest have arrived!"
Lourdes looked around the room, waving at everybody. "Smells great." Lourdes said to Emma.
"Yeah about that," Emma smiled, "I could really use your opinion on something. Can I pick your brain for a minute?"
"Sure." Lourdes said, smiling at Gabe and Thomas and giving them a quick wave as they headed for the kitchen. Lourdes paused for a moment and slowed down as they walked past Alexsander talking with some friends. He gave her a half smile. She gave him one back but kept moving. Once they reached the kitchen, Emma closed the door behind them.
"Everything looks great." Lourdes said. "What's the problem?"
"For starters," Emma said, "I am so sorry about Stacy. I had no idea."
Lourdes paused. "What is it that you think you know?" She asked.
"Stacy told me about...Gabriel."
"She did?"
"And she told me that you ambushed her while she was working."
"She did?" Lourdes repeated.
"She says that the whole thing between she and Gabriel was an accident and it just happened."
"Right." Lourdes said with disbelief. "Do you believe that?" Emma said nothing, which of course meant no. "How long have you known?" Lourdes asked.
"Not long, I swear." Emma said putting one hand over her heart and the other one in the air.
"Does Thomas know?" Lourdes asked.
Emma shrugged her shoulders. "He's my husband." She spoke softly, which of course meant yes.
"Does everybody know?" Lourdes exclaimed.
"I don't know." Emma said.
"Great," Lourdes mumbled, "now I'm going to have to go through the night being everybody's hot topic."
"They're probably gossiping about me right now. They must think I'm an idiot for showing up with him."
"Why did you?" Emma asked.
Lourdes shook her head. "I don't know, I guess I still haven't given him the chance to tell his side of the story."
"If I would have known this whole time that Stacy was angling back towards him, I would have kept her at a greater distance." Emma offered.
"Well...it's not always under our control and Gabe is as much to blame as she is."
"I thought it was best that she didn't come tonight, in the interest of all parties."
"Great." Lourdes said. "Thanks for that."
Emma forced a smile. "So you and Gabe, you haven't....talked about it?"
"Not really." Lourdes said. "He's so busy with work, I'm so busy the other half of the time. I'm just giving us some space until I work out how I feel about all of this."
"Wow," she replied, "you're really being a trooper about all of this."
"If I want to keep it together, then I don't have a choice."
"Wow Lourdes, that's really evolved of you, but what about the other thing? I would be so mad, I don't think I could get past it."
"What other thing?" Lourdes asked intrigued.
"You know, the whole thing with the..."
She didn't get a chance to finish as Thomas and Gabe walked in. "The parties out there you two," Thomas pointed behind him, while pushing up his glasses on his face, "no more gossiping."
Lourdes and Emma smiled as they headed out of the kitchen. It was as if they knew what they were talking about and wanted to put an end to it quickly. "So finish what you were saying." She whispered to Emma, but there was no chance, the boys were at their heels. "Later." Emma said quietly as they reached the other guest.
Lourdes took a deep breath, regrouping herself, and tried to focus on the party. There was nobody that she really felt like socializing with. Especially now. She wondered what Albear and the boys were up to? First task, getting a drink.
"Oh you read my mind." Lourdes smiled as Gabe walked up to her with a glass of wine.
"You look like you could use one." He said. "Who are all of these awful people?" He asked jokingly.
"Um, I believe they're your friends."
He snorted. "If you say so."
Lourdes looked at him. She thought he was kidding, but he wasn't smiling. Maybe it was the fact that Stacy wasn't here. "Something wrong?" She asked.
"No." He said, shaking his head and standing closer to her. "Been a long day." He wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her on the cheek.
"You wanna go somewhere quiet and talk about it?" Lourdes asked. She had given him every opportunity to own up to the whole Stacy thing, but he dodged her at every turn.
"No," he said, "let's just try and enjoy the party."
"Well that shouldn't be a problem." Lourdes said taking a big gulp of her wine.
"Oh hey!" Gabriel said putting his hand up and waving at somebody Lourdes didn't recognize. He took his arm from around her waist and grabbed her free hand. "Come on," he said, "lets go and say hi."
"Nah, you go ahead." Lourdes said. "I just want to chill for a minute."
"Alright then." He smiled at her, kissing her hand, then letting go and walking away.
Lourdes took another big gulp. She was going to have to make the most of this party, Emma had been looking forward to it for months. Lourdes had even helped her plan out the special holiday menu. She had to remember that tonight wasn't about her.
"Hey Sexy." Alexsander said walking up and kissing her on the cheek.
"Hey," she smiled, touching his wrist lightly when his kissed her, "alright then?"
"Yes of course." He smiled. Lourdes looked him over quickly. His hair was combed back very suave. Black sweater and pants, black shoes, and the beginning stubble for a beard. He was five o'clock shadow sexy. She should probably say something, he was watching her with those blue eyes.
"I have a bone to pick with you." She said.
"Don't you always?" He smiled with those perfect white teeth. "So have at it." He said. "What I do now?"
"Later," she said, "this is probably not the right time."
He turned fully towards her. "So you talked to Gabriel then?" He asked, serious for a moment.
"As a matter of fact, I did."
"So he told you?"
"Told me what?" She asked.
Alex smiled nervously. "What exactly were you going to say?" He asked.
"You put me in a fucking awkward position." She whispered.
"Me?" He asked.
"Yes," she said, "why didn't you ever tell Gabe that you broke up with Celia?"
Alex looked around the room. "This, is what you want to talk about?"
Lourdes tossed her head to the side and raised her eyebrows. "For the record, it looks bad when you tell your buds girl, but not him!"
"Okay yeah, I get it." He said slightly smiling. "I'm sorry, I'll deal with that later."
"Why did you not tell him?" Lourdes asked curiously.
He turned and looked at her seriously. "You know why." He said.
Lourdes felt her heart skip a beat. Yeah, she knew why. She was just checking.
"You look great by the way," he said. "That's a beautiful dress."
"What this old thing?" Lourdes replied with sarcasm. She pulled out the a-line cut of her long black, flowing, Balenciaga dress. She had been dying for a place to wear it. The minute she saw it, she fell in love with it. Even if it did cost her a months rent.
"I hardly recognized you," he said, "you look so different."
"It's just the hair." Lourdes smiled. But it was more than that. She was super glammed up. Her hair was long and straight with classic bangs swept to the side. False eyelashes, dark red lipstick, smokey black eyes. She even traded in her flashy costume jewelry for a small, classic, diamond tennis bracelet. She needed nothing else, the dress said it all.
"I really like this." Alex said, pulling on one of the back straps that was twisted and knotted in an artsy design. He let go of the strap and ran two cold fingers down the bare part of her back. Lourdes got shivers, what the hell was he doing? "What do you call that?" He asked leaning in closer, "why don't you ever dress like this for me?"
Lourdes coolly took a small step away. They were standing too close and he shouldn't be touching her, as much as she wanted him to. "I seem to remember you saying something to the effect of, you don't like all the glitz and glamour." She smiled.
"Well I lied." He smiled back.
"Yeah, ya' hypocrite." Lourdes mumbled into her glass of wine.
He leaned in close again. "Your perfumes different. Something new?"
"Yeah, it was a gift."
"A Christmas present?" He asked. "From Gabriel?"
Lourdes said nothing.
"Not even the holiday." He said agitated.
"Don't fret," she smiled, "it was more like a stocking stuffer anyway."
"Right." He said, even more agitated.
Lourdes thought she heard a hint of jealousy in his voice.
"So is this all for Gabriel? Or did you wear this dress for me?" He asked.
It was true, Gabriel always liked her dressed up, no matter what occasion, but Alex always preferred her more down to earth. However, the only person that she was dressed up for tonight, was herself.
Lourdes put her glass of wine down and spoke quietly. "Are you drunk?" She asked.
Alex grinned. "No." He said shaking his head.
"Well you're acting very inappropriate, let's just tone it down."
"Tone it down to what?" He asked.
"First of all, you kissed me hello, when we agreed to no PDA."
"I always kiss you hello." He protested.
"Now your touching me and checking me out and there's people all around." She whispered.
"You are being paranoid," he said still grinning, "nobodies paying attention."
Lourdes looked around. Nobody was watching them. Nobody but Emma.
"Did you two talk or not?" He asked.
"Talk about what?" She exclaimed. "What is it, that all of you know, that I don't?"
"Who's all of you?" He asked.
Lourdes looked around the room. Gabe was still talking to his friend. "I think Emma knows something also." She whispered.
Alex looked over at Gabriel. "I don't fucking believe this!" He said, putting his hand to his head.
"I wish you would just tell me what is going on." She said.
"I can't." He said. "I promised I would give it some time."
"Give what some time?" She asked. But he had gone silent on her.
"I gotta go." Lourdes said. She wasn't up for causing any kind of scene, not at Emma's party.
"No wait-"
Lourdes turned slightly.
"You never answered my question."
"Exactly what question was that?" She asked. "You have so many."
"When we talked on the phone. I'm still waiting on a yes or no answer."
"Hey you two." Thomas came walking up. Lourdes breathed a sigh of relief, saved by the bell. "We're going to sneak outside for a pre-dinner glow," he held up a bowl, "you wanna come?"
"Yes." Alex said, turning to walk off. He motioned with his head for Lourdes to follow them, but she waved him off.
What a fucking nightmare. She couldn't be at Alex's side, because well...
And she couldn't be at Gabriel's side, because well...
Emma came gliding up to her. "Do you want to help me set the dining room table?"
"Yes please." Lourdes said relieved. They made their way to the dining room, but there wasn't much to be done. It was all set up perfectly. Dinner plates, glasses, silverware, napkins...Lourdes looked up confused. Emma was standing on the opposite side of the table, looking like she was going to faint.
"Em," she said, "what's wrong, you look really, really flushed."
Emma exhaled nervously. "This is, so not my place..." She trailed off. "And the last thing I wanna to do is bring this up here and now...and the last thing I want to do is ruin this evening...but I feel partially responsible."
"What is it?" Lourdes asked.
"I really don't know how to say this." Emma shook her head. "And I can't believe that I'm the one who has to do this!"
"So just say it." Lourdes begged. She was taken aback a little. She had never seen Emma upset. Never.
"As if this situation wasn't bad enough," Emma said referring to Gabriel and Stacy, "I think that maybe you should go and get yourself checked out."
Lourdes looked around, there was nobody in earshot of them. Did she say what she think she just said? "What?" She asked. Emma rushed around the table and came close to her. She grabbed Lourdes' hand. "I think you should go to the doctor and get tested." She whispered. "For an STD."
"What the fuck?" Lourdes said. "Are you telling me that...?"
"I think Gabe....has something."
"You think or you know?"
"I know." Emma said.
"How can you be so sure?"
"Stacy." Emma whispered.
Lourdes looked into Emma's blue eyes, trying to grasp what she was saying to her.
"So, you're telling me...that Stacy gave something to Gabe and Gabe gave something to me?"
Emma nodded her head slowly.
"And what would that be? Specifically?" Lourdes asked. "Something that can be cured right?"
"Oh god!" Emma nodded hear head furiously. "Oh yes, I'm so sorry! Yes of course it's something that can be fixed. No I didn't mean that it was..."
"That's okay, you don't have to say it." Lourdes acknowledged. "As long as it's not..."
"Gonorrhea." Emma whispered.


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