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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Chapter 15 Part 2

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...
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"Convenient." She mumbled.
"Not everything is about you." He said bitterly.
"Oh it's not?" She asked smartly. "Then what the fuck am I doing here?"
"What are you so afraid of?" He asked. "Really, I mean, what's the worse that could happen? Are you afraid that you might actually enjoy yourself? God forbid that should ever happen!"
Lourdes scoffed in the other direction. "I'm gonna get the fuck outta here." She said walking past him as he grabbed her arm and swung her back around. There was a loud knock on the door.
"You promised that things would be different," he said, "you promised you would stop running out on me."
"Alex, I can't trust you!" She exclaimed. "What is the point of all the rules that we have in place if all you do is break them?"
"The rules that we had set into place, were made at the beginning," he said, "maybe they need to be revised."
"Always to fit your needs right?"
There was another loud knock at the door. "Fuck off!" Alex yelled. "We'll be out in a minute!" He turned back to Lourdes. "Not just my needs. Both of our needs. Are you telling me you still feel exactly the same now as you did in the beginning?"
"That's not the point." She said.
"What is the point then!?" He asked.
"The point is, you don't say whatever comes into your head, to get me to do what you want and then go back on your word the minute you have me where you want me!"
"I'm not going to argue with you about this anymore." He said. "It's different out here, we don't have to sneak around and hide. We can go out and do whatever we want. And I was crazy enough to think, that was what you wanted."
"I do." She said softly. "But with everything that has happened, it's just too soon."
"No it's not." He said. "You're just afraid."
"Yes!" She said. "And you're pushing me!"
"If I don't who will?!" He said. "My friends are trustworthy. There's nothing to be afraid of. You are safe here."
Lourdes put her hands on her hips and sighed.
"If you want to go, I'll take you to the airport." His blue eyes looked sad. "Now if you want to stay, I would like that very much. But if you do stay, you better fucking act like you want to be here with me every step of the way. You got it?" Alex didn't wait for her to answer. He went out of the door and closed it behind him.

The phone rung three times. One more ring and she would be sent to voicemail. "Please, please pick up." She whispered to herself.
"You're talkin' to the man, what up?" Albear's voice came through clear on the other end of the line.
"I think I fucked up already." She said quietly into the phone.
"What did you do?" He asked. "Let me guess, he didn't like his Christmas present?"
"He invited people over, and I sort of freaked out."
"Do these people know your people?"
"No, I don't think so."
"So what's the problem?"
"That is exactly what he wants to know."
"Why did you go out there?"
"What do you mean, why did I come out here? To visit my friend. To be with him."
"Well then bitch, be with him! Put yourself out of your head for once and be the fabulous girl that I know you can be. Only don't be too fabulous, we want you to come back home."
"L.A. can big a small town sometimes Alby, it only takes one person to see us."
"Would that be the worst thing in the world?"
"What about Gabriel?"
There was silence on the other end of the line.
There was still silence.
"Okay, fine I get it," she said, "but I'm not like you, I can't do whatever pleases me on a whim just to have my needs met!"
"Who the fuck are you kidding?" Albear said throwing her words back at her. This was the second time today. Lourdes began to open her mouth but the line went dead. He hung up on her. Guess she had her answer.
Lourdes put the cell phone away as there was a soft knock on the door. She looked up as it opened. Alex came in and walked right up to her.
"I'm sorry-" She started to say, but he pulled her close and kissed her. His lips were soft and wet, which made her tingle in all the right places. She wondered what he was thinking. He pulled away slightly, resting his forehead on hers, while he kept his eyes closed.
"We'll do whatever you want." She said. "Let's go and paint the town red."

"Where are we going?" Lourdes leaned over and whispered to Alex. He only smiled at her but said nothing.
"We have no plans!" Sophie said from the drivers seat. "The night is ours. What would you like to do?"
Lourdes looked at Alex. He nodded his head, encouraging her to come up with something.
"This isn't my town." Lourdes said. "I'm just along for the ride."
Alex smiled, shaking his head at her. Wrong move, she guessed.
"Oh come on!" Isaac called out. "That's too easy, there must be something you like to do, haven't you been here before?"
"Yes, I've been here before." She said. "And I was always at the mercy of someone else."
Alex looked at her surprised. She should have kept her mouth shut, she would probably have to give out a list of who she's hung out with before, here in L.A. Lourdes continued talking. "What would you guys be doing if I wasn't here? That's what we should be doing."
"Yes, but we can do that any time." Sophie smiled at her in the rear view mirror. "Come on, toss something out there. What would you be doing if you were at home?"
Alex looked at Lourdes, grinning. She probably shouldn't say the first thing that comes to mind. "I would be at a dinner party." She said smiling.
"Rubbish!" Isaac said.
"No it's true." Lourdes said. "Help me out here." She nudged Alex in the side.
"She is right," he said, "it is very likely that she would be at a dinner party."
"Lame!" Sophie said.
"I seem to remember you guys dodging my question earlier." Lourdes spoke up. "If I wasn't here, what would you be doing?"
"Well first, Isaac would hit the bar." Sophie said.
"And then Sophie would hit a club." Isaac said next.
"And then we would all end up back at another bar or drinking somewhere else." Alex offered lastly.
"Hm-hmm." Lourdes said. What else was new? She didn't believe a word of it.
"Now you," Sophie said, "what would you be doing if we weren't around?"
"I generally like to read a lot." Lourdes said. Alexsander doubled over in his seat laughing, but she continued. "You know, a good book. Maybe a movie."
"What's the deal?" Sophie asked, looking at Alex in the rear-view mirror. "Is she putting us on or what?"
"She is definitely on her best behavior!" Alex said as Lourdes pinched his leg. He grabbed her hand and continued laughing.
"From first glance, I would say that she is a bit reserved." Sophie remarked.
"Is that so?" Alex asked, while Lourdes rolled her eyes.
"But you do get points for that cute little red school girl outfit, that you had on earlier." Isaac offered. Sophie laughed nodding her head.
"Hey retract those eyeballs!" Alex said.
"What can I say, I try." Lourdes mumbled. Alex wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the cheek. Lourdes wasn't very comfortable with that, but she didn't want to react negatively.
"However, what you have on now is more bad ass." Isaac said.
Lourdes looked down at her outfit. Black was the universal color, not very LA anymore, but she didn't give a shit.
"And more appropriate for this crowd, might I add." Sophie said.
"Is it going to be like this all night?" Lourdes asked Alex.
"Oh honey, we're just getting started." Sophie laughed. "And if you're not going to help us out with who you really are, then we will just have to come up with it all on our on. So now at second glance..."
"Okay, give it to me." Lourdes said.
"I would have to say, even the most reserved girl, has to have somewhat of a wild side in order to capture baby boy Alex's attention."
"Baby boy." Lourdes repeated raising her eyebrows at him.
"So don't hold back on our account." Isaac said.
"You got me." Lourdes said. "In addition to a good book or a movie, I sometimes volunteer and read to the elderly."
"That's it!" Sophie said. "I'm stopping the car!"
"Take that back!" Alex said laughing.
"Why?" Lourdes asked.
"No seriously, take it back!" Isaac said. "She will pull over and kick you out of the car."
"Fine I take it back!" Lourdes said.
"I think we might have to resort to other tactics to get this girl to open up." Isaac said. "Sophie won't ride around with a nun."
"No really, it's actually okay for you guys to ignore me," Lourdes said, "in fact, I prefer it."
"She doesn't like to be the center of attention, well that says something." Sophie called out.
"Ha!" Alex said.
"What's that? A disparaging remark?" Isaac asked.
"Hey!" Lourdes said. "I'm barely hanging on with these two as it is!"
"Okay, that's it," Sophie said, "the first bar we see, we're pulling over, I think we all need a shot of happiness!"
"No!" Alex said.
"Yes!" Sophie and Isaac said. "So pick one."
"There!" Lourdes pointed at the first bar she saw. A place called The Palms.
"Oh yes, I like her!" Sophie said.
"No, we are not going there." Alex said.
"Too late, we're pulling over." Sophie said.
"Good move." Alex said to Lourdes.
"What?" She asked.

"This is your fault." Alexsander said to Lourdes as they stood outside of the lesbian bar.
"Hey, how was I suppose to know?" She asked.
"I'm not going in there," he said, "there are enough rumors flying around about me."
"What, you're a gay woman too?" She asked sarcastically. "Because I thought the latest rumor was that you liked to fuck all your female costars."
"Watch it!" He said.
Lourdes tilted her shoulder at him and smiled. She started to walk away.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"I need to use the ladies room. I'll be back." She called over her shoulder.
"Don't stop for a drink and bring Sophie back with you!" He said.
Lourdes nodded her head, but kept going.

"Get in here." Sophie said pulling Lourdes in the ladies, bathroom stall. "I just want to let you know that this sweet innocent girl bullshit doesn't square with me."
"So you're saying that you want to be friends?" Lourdes asked sarcastically.
"Why do you think that Alex introduced us to each other?" She asked.
"I have no idea." Lourdes said. "I'm just trying to keep up."
"He introduced us because he thinks we have a lot in common."
"So you expect me to tell you all my secrets?" Lourdes asked.
"I expect you to give us a chance." Sophie said.
"You got it." Lourdes said.
"So a good book and a movie huh?" Sophie asked. She pulled a compact mirror out of her purse. She opened it very carefully. "How about some nose candy?"
"Just say no." Lourdes smiled.
"Come on don't be shy."
"No, really, you shouldn't have." She said firmly.
Sophie pulled a mini plastic bag out of her pocket filled with other party favors.
"Oh yes, you should have." Lourdes smiled.
"I knew it." Sophie said. "A pharmaceuticals girl."
"Or what have you."
"Well this should break the ice." Sophie handed her a yellow one.
"Or put us under it." Lourdes said, dry dropping. Sophie did the same.
"Is it too early to ask you what are your intentions? Towards Alex?"
"Just a smidge." Lourdes held up two bent fingers. "Maybe by a year and a day."
Sophie laughed. "So you're not looking for him to make an honest woman out of you?"
Now it was Lourdes' turn to laugh. "I'm a free bitch baby."
"A girl after my own heart." Sophie smiled.
"We should probably go." Lourdes said. "Alex refuses to come inside." Sophie took Lourdes' hand and pulled her out of the stall. "First," she said, "we have to pry Isaac off of the dance floor. He loves nothing more than being surrounded by women."

"Could you have taken any longer?" Alex said to all of them. "I thought you were going to leave me out there forever."
"Sorry." Sophie said. This time she was in the passengers seat and Isaac was driving. It was just as well. And probably best that she wasn't operating heavy machinery.
"Sorry." Lourdes repeated also, though she was very far away. "Long line in the ladies room."
Sophie started giggling.
"How is that funny?" Alex asked.
Lourdes looked outside the window at the nightlife.
"So a girl who enjoys a good book and reads to the elderly, must lead quite an exciting life," Isaac said, "what is it that you do in the daylight?"
"Mooch off actors and rich old men." Lourdes said flatly.
Sophie started choking on the water she was drinking. Lourdes put her hand to her face and tried not to laugh. Alex did not look pleased with her comment.
"That must take a lot of skill." Isaac said sarcastically. "Did you have to go to school for that?"
"Alright, let's stop this line of questioning." Alex said.
"It was more like a trade school," Lourdes offered, "a program called Whore's and Slut's."
"Lourdes!" Alex said.
"I heard of that!" Sophie said. "It's a really hard program to get through right?"
"Oh you have no idea how hard." Lourdes chimed in. "You can't imagine the amount of work and research that you have to put in. Or out!"
"Okay, what were you drinking back there?" Alex asked.
"So when you graduate," Isaac asked, "do you immediately go into an entry-level position or do you have to start out working the streets like everyone else?"
"I interned on the streets, while I was in school," Lourdes offered, "but I graduated to the big time when I scored Alex."
"I don't know what you done to this girl," Alex said to Sophie, "but I want the old one back, by the time we hit our next location."
Lourdes laughed and looked back out the window.

"Do we know these people?" Lourdes asked Alexsander as they made their way through a party.
"Sort of." He said. "These are more Sophie's friends than mines.
"Hey Alex!" A group of people were waving him over.
"Right." Lourdes said. Alex smiled and waved at them. "Come on," he said, "let's go over and say hi."
"No," Lourdes said, "that looks like your thing, I'd rather wonder around."
"You're in a house full of people," he said, "you can't be anti-social."
"I'm not." Lourdes said. "Go ahead, do your thing, I'll be around."
He looked at her disappointed, but went over to his friends.
Sophie came up to Lourdes and grabbed her from behind. "Excuse me, do we know each other?" Lourdes asked surprised.
Sophie laughed, her brown eyes flickering. "Isaac ditched me to go play a round of Madden."
"Boys and their toys." Lourdes smiled. "I'm a Bond girl myself."
"Just Bond?"
"And Resident Evil."
"You weren't just kidding, so you are a video game freak too."
"I wear it proudly." Lourdes grinned.
"I have a feeling this is a losing battle." She sighed. "Next subject. You wanna dance?"
"As luck would have it, I have two left feet." Lourdes shrugged.
"Try again honey."
"It's just that," Sophie smirked, "I seem to remember Alex telling me about a night he chased you all around a club."
"Is that right?" Lourdes asked.
"A dance club. A gay dance club, if I my memory serves me correctly. He said you danced half the night away, completely torturing him in the process, before he could get to you."
"He told you that?" Lourdes asked surprised.
"So two left feet huh?"
Lourdes put her hand on her hip and laughed. "I'm gonna need a minute." She confessed.
"No time like the present." Sophie pulled her outside, to where people were dancing. The music was decent, people seemed to be having a good time, so Lourdes played along. She wasn't feeling too bad either. They danced for two songs.
"Nice rhythm two left feet." Sophie called out to her. Lourdes took her hand and twirled her around as they continued to dance. She was actually having fun, though she was completely surrounded by strangers. A guy made his way over to them, trying to dance in a group with them.
"Are you looking for a plus one?" Sophie asked Lourdes.
Lourdes shook her head no, while still dancing.
"Great, come with me." Sophie stopped dancing and pulled her though the house, to a corner that wasn't occupied by people. "A man sees two women dancing and automatically thinks that he's needed." Sophie laughed.
"It must be in their DNA." Lourdes said.
"More like in their D.I.C.K." She spelled out. "But no worries, Sophie has the cure for all ails." She said lighting up a joint. "We need some girl time to talk."
"Uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into?" Lourdes asked, taking the J.
"Hi Sophie!" A girl ran up and gave her and quick hug, then continued moving to the next room. Sophie turned her attention back to Lourdes. "You ever play truth or dare?" She asked.
"You've got to be kidding?" Lourdes said.
"No, no, it'll be fun. Look at it as a way to break the ice."
Lourdes sighed deeply.
"You game?"
"Not really," Lourdes said, "but shoot."
"Truth or Dare?" Sophie asked.
"Truth." Lourdes shrugged.
"You don't like us very much do you?"
"What?" Lourdes asked. "I don't even know you! Give it some time."
"Fair enough." Sophie said.
Another girl walked by greeting Sophie. She had a tray of shooters. Lourdes and Sophie grabbed two each.
"Now you." Lourdes said after the first shooter.
"Dare." Sophie said.
Lourdes looked up surprised. "Really?" She said. Sophie nodded her head, waiting for a challenge.
"Okay...I dare you to," she dipped into her purse and pulled out a tube of red lipstick, "apply this all around the outside of your mouth and teeth, and carry on like this for the next fifteen minutes with everybody that you come in contact with."
"You sure you wouldn't rather I streak through the house naked?" She asked.
"Now what would be the fun in that?"
"Fine." Sophie snatched the tube out of her hand and applied the lipstick as messily as possible.
"Time starts now." Lourdes said looking at her cell phone.
Sophie smiled, as two people walked by looking at her crazy. She looked at Lourdes. "Happy?"
"Hey you started this." Lourdes said.
"Truth or Dare?"
"Truth." Lourdes said again.
"You're no fun at all are you?"
"Sometimes the truth is more fun, than silly actions."
"Okay, okay." Sophie said. "Truth. Are you the reason my good friend Celia is no longer in the picture?"
Lourdes felt like she was punched in the stomach. She drunk down the second shooter.
"Remember you have to answer truthfully."
"Truthfully," Lourdes said, "I didn't know Celia ever existed, until she did, and then she didn't."
"That doesn't answer my question."
"I think it does." Lourdes said. "Alex waited to the very last possible moment to bring her up. In fact, I had to find out about her from someone else."
"And who was that?"
"One question at a time." Lourdes said. "Those are the rules."
Sophie smiled.
"Truth or Dare?"
"Dare." Sophie said again.
"I think somebody else may be playing the avoiding game." Lourdes said.
"I'm sticking to my choice."
"I dare you to go and plant a big fat kiss on somebody in this room that you don't know."
"Fine, let me go and wash my face first."
"Oh no no," Lourdes said, "you have to do this as is."
"You know if you actually pick dare, I'm not going to let you off easy."
"You can always choose truth." Lourdes held up her hands.
Sophie drunk her other shooter, handed it to Lourdes and stormed off. She walked up to the drunkest girl in the room and kissed her cheek, smearing as much lipstick at possible all over her face. The girl let out a shriek as Sophie quickly made her way back to Lourdes.
"Oh Sophie, what have you done to yourself?" Isaac walked by with a couple of guys laughing. Sophie promptly gave them all the finger.


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