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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Chapter 15 Part 4

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...
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Submitted:Dec 25, 2010    Reads: 214    Comments: 9    Likes: 8   

"Just do me a favor." He said still kissing her. Lourdes got on top of his lap as she unzipped his pants. "What's that?" She asked reaching down and pulling his cock out. Alex pushed her off of him and shifted his back against the window and door to make more room. Lourdes bent down and opened her mouth, but he grabbed her head and made her look up at him. "Promise me that you will never, ever do this for Gabe."
"Which part?" She asked smartly. "This part or-"
"The other, wise-ass!" He said.
"Fat chance!" She said smiling. "I don't know why the hell I'm doing this for you!"
"Must be love." He said.
"Or something to that effect." She muttered. He pulled her up towards him and kissed her. Lourdes squeezed his biceps, while they kissed until he pulled away, still holding onto her head. She bent back down. "Any request?" She smiled up at him. "Go slow," he said, "very slow."
"Not a chance." She said, smiling devilishly. Alex held on to the back of her head, making sure she stayed in place so he could have all the control. Lourdes took his dick in her hand, placing her thumb along his shaft and she kissed the tip of his penis. She smiled up at him sweetly and he loosened his grip. Yeah, she was the one blowing him but it always amazed her how most men didn't realize how much power they were actually giving up, until the very last second. She could decide how fast or slow she wanted this to go. And with what he was asking, she wanted this to go very fast. As she slowly flicked his tip with her tongue, Alex took his hand off her head, closed his eyes and leaned his head back, giving her free reign. The second he seemed comfortably into it, Lourdes changed her position and put her fingers around the base of his shaft and took all of him, completely in her mouth. She knew his reaction would be priceless.
"Oh fuck!" He jerked forward out of shock. If she wasn't already choking on his dick, she would be laughing. Another satisfied customer.
"Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?" He asked. Lourdes leaned back, taking him in her hands and stroking him. "Now what kind of girl would I be if I gave away all my tricks up front?" She asked biting down on her lip.
"Well fuck me." He said leaning forward and kissing her hungrily. He pulled back as she stroked him faster and faster.
His smile was massive. "Do that again." He said leaning back quickly. Lourdes looked down and giggled, but she did as he requested. She took every inch of him inside her mouth, then she stuck her tongue out and licked his balls. Alex gasped. Her heart started pounding. That was a first. Mostly that was her job.
"Oh my..." He started to say. "Your gonna make me cum." He warned her.
That was the idea. She thought to herself as she came up for air. She continued stroking and sucking and moaning all at a fast pace. It was all a big production, just for him, but she wanted to work out what he needed as soon as possible. Alex ran his fingers through her hair as she continued to bob up and down, but once his fingers tightened, she knew he was gonna blow. Slightly apprehensive, she still decided to give him the big finish that he wanted. What the hell, isn't this what thousand dollar whores and bitter housewives get paid to do all their lives? And it didn't hurt so much, that she was enjoying the hell out of his excitement.
Alexsander let out a low moan and came in her mouth for what seemed like forever. With his fingers still entangled tightly in her hair, Lourdes realized what he was trying to do as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth. She forced her head up, and looked up at him, though he gave her very little room to move. He looked down at her seriously. "Swallow it." He said. Lourdes let out a light moan in protest. But at this point, the choice was really his. He had the power once again and the grip he had on her made her powerless.
"No?" He asked looking down at her smiling. "You don't want to?"
How long was he going to fuck with her? The thought of biting down on what was in her mouth had crossed her mind.
"You sure I can't just poke you in the throat?" He smiled. She put her hands on his thighs, trying to pull away with no success, when he finally released her. Lourdes pulled back quickly, but she had no time to react. He pulled her up to him fast. He grabbed the back of her head again and forced her to kiss him. She let out a moan in protest, but it was too late, he was already sliding his tongue into her mouth. What the fuck was he doing? There was nothing else she could do, he was so into it. She committed fully and kissed him back. As they continued with their full on french kiss, she tried to transfer as much fluid into his mouth as possible, but some, was bound to go down her throat.
Lourdes pulled away as she could hear voices and laughter getting closer and closer to the car. She looked out the window, and could make out two figures of what had to be Isaac and Sophie approaching. So much for them being gone for an hour. Lourdes looked at Alex as he did up his jeans. He looked at her and grinned. "Was that good for you?" He asked.
"Oh you fucking nasty boy." Lourdes said through clenched teeth. "Just wait until everyone finds out!"
"Don't you dare!" He sat forward as she turned away and started laughing.
"Lourdes if you ever-"
"If I what?" She challenged him. "You're in no position to make threats, Mr. Man!" She continued to laughed, slapping his hands away.
"Don't you dare!" He said again, trying to sound angry but there was an unmistakable smile on his face.
"Don't you dare what?" Sophie asked as they jumped in the car.
Alex started coughing as Lourdes continued to laugh uncontrollably.
"What's going on? What did we miss?" Isaac asked.
Lourdes sat forward to speak, but Alex reached over and covered her mouth with his hand. "Nothing," he said, "did you get what you needed?"
"Yeah, we're cool." Sophie said. "Let's roll."

Lourdes walked into the room and sat on the side of the bed. It was very late, almost morning and Alex's friends were long gone. She slid under the covers, fully awake, waiting for tiredness to hit. No such luck. Alex rolled over and pulled her close to him. "Avoiding me?" He said quietly, half asleep.
"You know I can never sleep in a strange place." She said. "The water is so beautiful at night, I walked on the beach and lost track of time."
"You shouldn't do that alone." He said burying his head against her neck.
"I know." She sighed. "It was just this once. I might not get another chance."
"Of course you will." He said. "You'll be here loads."
"I will?" She asked.
"Only if you want to."
Lourdes closed her eyes. She feel asleep instantly.

Lourdes sat up, looking around the room. Alone again in his bed. It wasn't the best feeling, but it wasn't the worst.
"Alex?" She called out softly. There was no sound anywhere. She looked at the alarm clock. It was almost 11am. She never slept this long, she couldn't believe it.
Lourdes reached for her purse and pulled out her cell phone to check her messages. Two voice-mails, and two texts. Maybe too early. She would wake up a little more before returning phone calls. Lourdes looked over at the other nightstand. She hadn't noticed the envelope sitting there with her name on it. She reached her hand out to grab the note as her cell rang. She slid open her phone but dropped the note as she looked down at the enormous diamond ring on her hand. "Holy shit!" She said at the top of her lungs.
"What?" Albear's voice came through unmistakably on the other end of the line. "What happened? Hello?"

Lourdes walked into Hardy Boys and ordered a round of drinks. She grabbed a free table and looked around. Nothing but hot, half naked guys walking all around her. She drummed her fingers on the table. Lamont and Tyler were the first to come in the door. Lourdes clasp her hands in her lap, under the table and crossed her legs trying to sit still. "Hi honey!" Lamont waved and came bouncing up two her. Tyler followed behind him. They both sat down.
"Hi Lam, hi Ty." Lourdes smiled. "Thanks so much for coming."
"I'm the one you should be thanking." Albear said walking in from a different entrance, sitting down and taking off his shades. "I'm missing my workout for this."
"We're all missing our time at the gym." Lamont said. "Don't be so selfish."
Lourdes looked over at the bartender. "I ordered a round hours ago." She muttered. "Who do you have to fuck to get a drink around here?"
"Relax." Tyler said. "The night's just getting started. Oh here he comes."
The bartender came over with a pitcher of beer and a round of shots.
"Starting off a little heavy, aren't we?" Tyler asked.
Lourdes clinked her shot with Albear and they both drunk theirs down.
"Sorry I'm late." Corey came rushing in. "What I miss?" He asked.
"Nothing." Lourdes said. "We're just catching up. So how are you? How was your holiday?"
"Cut the shit." Albear said. "You called an emergency meeting, we're all here, what's going on?"
Lourdes smiled nervously. Her cell began to ring. She put her purse on the table and started digging furiously. The ring-tone was her black phone. It could only be one person.
"Finally." She said pulling it out. She was right. Alex.
"Holy shit!" Tyler said, the first to spot the hand that she was hiding. "Is that thing real?"
Lourdes put her phone away. No time to talk, she needed advice first. Lamont reached across the table and grabbed her hand. "Baby, we need an explanation right now!"
Lourdes freed her hand and reached back into her purse. She pulled out the note.
"What's it say?" Corey asked.
Albear took the note. He read it, laughed, and handed it to Corey.
Lamont and Tyler leaned across the table trying to read what it said. Corey read it aloud. "Left for work, couldn't possibly wake you. Be back soon. Thanks for my present by the way, I hope you like yours, Merry Christmas. A.J."
"Who's A.J?" Lamont asked.
"Catch up Lam." Albear said.
"We can all assume it's who we think it is right?" Tyler asked.
"I know who it is," Lamont said with attitude, "but I thought the initials should be A.-"
"It's probably a nick name." Corey offered.
"Who gives a shit! What the fuck did you give him?" Albear asked. "To get something like that?"
"Well it obviously wasn't gonorrhea." Lamont cracked as they all laughed.
Lourdes put up two middle fingers.
"Well don't keep us in suspense," Tyler said, "tell us how this all happened?"
Lourdes sat there with her mouth slightly open, looking around at all of them. "I have answers to all your questions, it's just I-" She looked around the room. "So we all agree that this is crazy?" She looked at all of them holding up her hand and pointing at her finger. "This is crazy right?"
"Yes." Albear said.
"Trouble." Tyler nodded.
Corey and Lamont looked at each other.
"How about you two?" Lourdes asked them.
"I agree, sort of." Corey said, but then he got the biggest smile on his face. "But, maybe I should hear the whole story first."
"Yes." Lamont said. "I mean, this doesn't have to be a bad thing."
"That's because you're a jewelry whore." Albear offered.
Lamont ignored his comment, taking Lourdes' hand again. "That's a very rare diamond." He smiled at her. "Very beautiful, very expensive. I'm sure it's safe to say that it's not an engagement ring. Right?"
"Right." Lourdes said quickly. "I mean, I'm sure it's just cocktail bling. Just a fun gift."
"That's not the point." Albear said.
"Alright, then give it to me." She said.
"If I may," Tyler interrupted, before Alby could give his brutal honesty, "it's not about what kind of ring it is, though it's a very nice ring. But it's about what something that extravagant says."
"And what does it mean?" Lourdes asked.
"It means that you're in the position now to do whatever he wants!" Albear said, obviously not happy.
Lourdes looked at all of them. "Honey," Lamont said, "that does have the ring of truth."
"That's bullshit," Lourdes said, "this is not the 1950's. It doesn't have to be about the same power struggle."
"You might think differently, when you find yourself doing things that you never thought he'd make you do." Albear said drinking down his beer.
Lourdes held up her hand. "Clearly, I'm doing that anyway." They all started laughing. Everyone except Alby.
"Come on Alby," Lourdes whined, rubbing the side of his arm, "you can't be mad at me, I didn't ask for this. I just want to know what the hell do I do?"
Albear turned to her. "Give it back."
"As soon as possible." Tyler said.
"Hold on!" Lamont said. "What is the big deal? A guy she likes gave her a ring. I don't see what the problem is?"
Albear looked at Lourdes. "What are you doing here?" He asked.
Lourdes was silent.
"My guess is, when you freaked out and hung up on me this morning, that's when you first got your gift."
"Correct." She said.
"And now here you are." He said.
"Here I am." She nodded.
"You got here awfully quick." Albear said. "You had time to go home, drop off your things, come out here and meet us."
"Are you coming to a point?" Corey asked.
"My point is, she must have freaked out, jumped on the next plane back to the yay area and now here she is. It's obvious she knows something is wrong."
"Is it?" Lourdes asked.
"What did you say to him when you got this remarkable gift?" Albear asked. "Did you tell him you loved it? That you love him? Did you make love afterwards?"
"I'm just curious?" He asked.
"What is the point of doing this?" Lamont asked. "She's not allowed to be happy, cause you have to be the most important man in her life?"
"My point is, this is not some fairy tale love story! They are not heading towards some happy ending. And the sooner you wake up and realize it the better. I mean, do I have to say it out loud?"
"Why not." Tyler offered. "You say everything else that comes in your head."
"No it's okay." Lourdes said. "This is what I wanted you all here for. Every bodies points are valid. And Albear you don't have to spell it out for me because you're right." Lamont rolled his eyes, but Lourdes continued. "I saw that ring, and I thought, oh god, what am I gonna do now? I panicked and jumped on the next plane home."
"You left?" Lamont asked frowning . "Without saying anything? To him? To Saxony? Are you crazy?"
Lourdes cell started to ring again. She held it up as proof. "Yep. I left. He was at work. I was there alone in la la land, in his place, while Gabe is on the other side of the country and the first thought that came to my mind was, run."
"Why?" Corey asked.
Lourdes shrugged her shoulders, tossing her ringing cell back in her purse, not really wanting to say.
"Because the shiny shit that he gives you is just another mind fuck to keep you dangling along." Albear said. "You're smarter than that. You're better than that. And you've already been down that road before."
"Oh you have to bring that up. Now?" Lourdes asked.
Albear leaned over. "Don't back peddle," he said, "because, he's never going to marry you."
Lourdes sat back in her chair pissed off. "This is not an engagement ring. This is not a promise ring. I'm not going backwards. I don't want to marry him either. I don't want to ever be engaged again. And I can't believe you're even bringing this up now! Why can't a gift just be a gift, huh?"
"If that's true," Albear said, "then why are you here?"


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