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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Chapter14 Part 3

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...
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Submitted:Oct 14, 2010    Reads: 273    Comments: 16    Likes: 16   

"You read my mind." Lourdes said, motioning for Dalia to lead the way.

After a few drinks. Lourdes found herself back outside, sitting down. Lita had avoided her for the last hour, and she was about ready to give up and go home.
"Hey Lourdes, come in a play a game with us." Dalia said coming outside.
"Yeah, in a minute." Lourdes looked up smiling. "I just want to finish my drink."
"Well you can finish inside." Dalia smiled holding her hands out to pull Lourdes up.
"I mean, I want to finish my cigi." Lourdes smirked.
"Those things are bad for you." Dalia said.
"I know, I know."
"Five minutes," Dalia said, "or else I'm coming back out here to get you."
"Five minutes." Lourdes repeated. "I promise."
"Oh great, the next person I wanted to see." Dalia said as Lita walked up. "Try and get this girl to come in under ten minutes."
"I'll try my very hardest." Lita smiled.
Lourdes choked on her drink and started coughing, as Lita stood off to the side giggling. Dalia went inside and Lita sat down next to Lourdes. She leaned against her and rested her head on her shoulder. Lourdes kissed the side of her head and let Lita hold her hand in her lap. "Sorry." Lita mumbled. "It wasn't my intention to start the year off by fucking up your night."
"You haven't." Lourdes spoke quietly. "It's all very flattering. Trust me...and maybe a little fucked up."
Lita laughed. "Yeah," she said, "us girls really do know how to create the drama."
"That we do." Lourdes smiled. "But...here's my truth."
"I'm listening." Lita said.
"Everyday is a fight for me too. It's a struggle. To maintain order and happiness, combined with sense and sensibility...it can sometimes be a nightmare for me. And it sometimes leads me down a very dark path. A path that most people are afraid to delve deep into. Do you know what I mean?"
"I think so." Lita said still resting her head on her shoulder.
"To be refined like gold," Lourdes said, "to continue to reach for the stars, everybody has something in them that wants that."
"Yeah, but not everybody lives their life according to that plan." Lita said. "But it's not just about the fact that you haven't stopped dreaming, it's so much more than that."
"Yeah," Lourdes said, "it's lust."
Lita lifted her head off her shoulder and started laughing. "Okay, you don't have to reduce it down to it's most basic form either!"
Lourdes laughed also. "See," she said still laughing, "I like this, why should we ruin it?"
"Because," Lita said, "we can't keep going down this path that we're on. So I'm being a big girl. And I'm making my intentions known. I'm falling for you, and you don't even know. I hate that I'm an afterthought, when you walk through the door. It's taken me all this time to build up the courage just to let you know...I just," she paused and smiled, "I think you're incredible."
Lourdes sucked in her breath slowly. She didn't want to be a bitch but...she wanted to test her a little. "So now I know." She said. "What am I suppose to do with that?"
"Whatever you want." Lita said. "Nothing, something, but it had to be said."
"Why? What does it change?"
"Because, now you'll notice me when I walk through the door. And everyday I promised myself, that I would figure out some way just to let you know, 'cause until the day I do, I'm just invisible."
"If you could hear instead, the things I've left unsaid..."
"But why now?" Lourdes asked.
"I feel this pressure. Like my window of opportunity is closing with you and it's causing me to take this leap. I think there's something real here. And it doesn't have to look like love and it doesn't have to call itself that. And with you, I don't have to say and do what we're all programmed to say and do. Not having to be that person is just so liberating and exhilarating. I don't want to loose it. I just think...I just think that you're the best."
Lourdes was very overwhelmed by Lita and very caught up in the moment. She kissed her. Lita let out a slight moan in protest and pulled back slowly. "Don't do that." She whispered.
"What?" Lourdes whispered back.
"Don't do that if you don't mean it."
"I mean it." Lourdes said.
"You mean it right now, but will you mean it later?"
"No." Lourdes said.
Lita leaned back, slightly confused, and a little in shock.
"And I mean that. See, that's the problem with me." Lourdes said. "You say this doesn't have to be defined and that we can take it from moment to moment, but I think you want more than that. And I'm not capable of having the same type of feelings for a girl that I do for a guy. And I'm starting to get the feeling that you're going to want those type of emotions from me. So what happens when I can't give you that?"
"I don't think that is something that you should worry about right now." Lita smiled.
"Oh really, and why is that?" Lourdes asked.
"Because I think you're more capable than you're letting on. And if you're not, then it'll just come naturally."
Lourdes scoffed in the other direction. She obviously didn't know her at all.
"What is that?" Lita asked. "Why do you do that? Is it the attraction thing? Are you afraid of being labeled a lezzie?"
"I was never one for labels." Lourdes replied.
"Says the girl in Christian Lubitan heels."
"Whatever." Lourdes laughed.
"You still never said how you feel about me." Lita said seriously.
"I think you're great." Lourdes said. "You're hot, you're beautiful. Whether I'm attracted to you or not isn't the problem."
"Great, then that mean's that we get along on all levels," Lita said, "so let's take it to the next one."
Lourdes sighed. "You're not listening to what I'm saying to you."
"Are you afraid to let me see that side of you?" Lita asked.
"Yes." Lourdes admitted. "But not in the way that you think."
"Well enlighten me." Lita said.
"Lita, I can be the best friend in the world to you, or I could be the girl your hooking up with, but I can't be both. It doesn't work that way for me."
"Or do you just not want to be with me in that way?"
Lourdes stifled back a laugh. "You're still not listening to me. Lita, I could fuck you where you stand, I think you're so hot. But-"
"Stop right there." Lita said. "I'm not going to let you run that sentence into the ground, because you have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to admit that."
Lourdes looked down and smiled.
"Oh I love it when you go silent on me," Lita cheesed, "it lets me know that dirty mind of yours is working. Am I right?"
Lourdes smirked and looked in the other direction.
"You wanna come home with me?" Lita snuggled up against her. "Jasper's gone, Pullo's gone. We're all alone. And my place is very, very close."
"Yeah, I wanna come home with you." Lourdes said putting her hand on Lita's bare knee and giving it a squeeze. "But first tell me, can you keep a secret?"
Lita exhaled slowly as Lourdes' moved her hand from her knee and caressed under her thigh. "If I say yes, will you keep going?" She asked leaning in to kiss her.
"Only if u want me to." Lourdes said grazing her lips slowly against Lita's.
Lita took her hand slid it in between her legs. "I want you to. Keep going." She whispered. She kissed Lourdes slowly, wrapping one hand around her neck. She opened her legs wider, giving Lourdes more access.
Lourdes let out a pleased sigh and slowly ran her fingers up her thighs. She kissed Lita's neck until her fingers reached their desired location. Lourdes paused, teasing her.
Lita opened her eyes, flushed with impatience. She kissed Lourdes again, tilting her pelvis as far as she possibly could. No underwear. Lourdes was surprised. "Planning on getting lucky tonight?" She smiled.
Lita smiled, kissing Lourdes' cheek repeatedly. "The thought had crossed my mind." She grabbed Lourdes' hand and pushed it further up her dress.
"Wait." Lourdes said.
"Are you trying to drive me crazy?" Lita breathed. "Don't make me beg."
"I don't want to do it like this. Some random hook up at a party."
Lita grabbed the back of Lourdes head and tongue kissed her. She pulled away slowly. "Who gives a shit about the location. Stop stalling."
"Yes ma'am." Lourdes tilted her shoulder at her.
Lita layed back on the hard, cement ground, pulling Lourdes down with her. They kissed for what seemed like forever, when Lourdes finally pulled away. "Let's get outta here." She whispered.
"There's nothing that you can do to me in private, that you can't do out here, right now, while we're alone." Lita said, still laying there smiling.
"I beg to differ." Lourdes smirked.
"Just touch me. For a moment." Lita said reaching up to draw her in closer.
Lourdes looked around quickly. They seemed to have all the privacy in the world. She scooted away from Lita and knelt down in front of her bent legs. She kissed the top of each knee slowly. Wet kisses. Lita smiled up at Lourdes, excited as she rested her chin on her knees. "Oh don't stop now pretty lady." She gushed. "Kiss me like that one more time, before we go."
Lourdes grinned. "I thought I already accepted your invitation."
Lita parted her knees, her dress falling all the way up to her waist, revealing nothing but bare flesh. "Make me believe you." She said.
Lourdes bit down on her bottom lip and let out another pleased sigh as she admired her body. "You're so fuckin' sexy." She said. "But then, of course, you already know that." Lita closed her eyes and tilted her head back, waiting for Lourdes to back up her words. She let out a soft moan as she felt the first touch of Lourdes' wet kisses in between her thighs. She let out a gasp and started giggling. "Wow!" She said. "Oh I do believe, she knows what she's doing. Okay! Lourdes, okay I believe you!"
Lourdes lifted her head up, pushing Lita's dress up even further, kissing her stomach. "What's the point in stopping?" She asked. "We've already started."
"Now look who doesn't want to wait." Lita said, pulling Lourdes up on top of her. She wrapped her legs around her waist, put her hands around her neck and kissed her. Lourdes continued to kiss her as she grabbed the back of Lita's thigh and let her fingernails drag along her skin. Lita clenched her legs tighter excitedly, but Lourdes pulled them apart as she kissed her chin and down her neck. She kept one leg pinned down as the other dangled at her side and she moved her hand freely in between Lita's legs again.
"Ah..." Lita squealed. "Lourdes-"
"Hmm?" Lourdes sighed softly as she worked down, to the top of Lita's cleavage, kissing her breast.
Lita grabbed her wrist fast trying to push her fingers away. "Stop!" She laughed. "Get up." She said. "I hear something!" They jumped up fast, trying to pull themselves together, as Dalia swung open the door and stepped out. "I thought you were coming in under ten minutes?" She asked, looking at them suspiciously.
Lita looked at Lourdes, then Dalia, then back at Lourdes. "I was just about to." She gushed.


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