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The Edge Of Emptiness

Novel By: Preh Rahim

The story of a Muslim girl who could hardly find respect and worthy place in her family. To have morsel for just two times in a day; she started working in a hospital.
When her destiny started bestowing her, she again got rift in her life and there left nothing except Emptiness!
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Submitted:Jan 20, 2013    Reads: 66    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

She was shuddering in nervousness when she pushed the door. She was lost in her thoughts and people around her who were continuously staring at her who were further making her trembling so mess and vigorous. She had never thought of such courage to enter the world again which was left behind for about two years, she had been lost somewhere deep in her pain which had made her all alone, which had enchanted her loneliness like a partner in her life and when her father was died, she was all alone to face this disgusting world which was pinching like a prick to pawn someone anywhere and anytime. But anyways she has to live, she has to survive and above all she has to make her knowledge as masterpiece in her life which will never to be snatched at any cost. These all things were racing in her mind but after a few minutes she looked around confidently not to make anyone realize the fear that she was having at that time. Finally she stepped forward to proceed towards her department where she was supposed to work. That was clean and beautiful place. AKU is among most acknowledged universities and hospitals. She was a doctor, she had graduated 7 years back but because of some circumstances she was unable to complete her post-graduation so here she was to endorse her knowledge. She had applied a year ago on the basis of scholarship for PG in cardio and now she got admission in Agha Khan Hospital Karachi. She was very diligent and competent in all races but along with that she was so simple and sensitive. Even though she was not bold enough to face the world all alone but now she has to be. She was jolly and she enjoyed whatever she had. Her father Ali Abbas had always been supporting and nourishing in each step of her life, but now he had also left her alone to face this sarcasting world and she has to stand by that. Ali Abbas always taught her to stand by thetruth whether any storm hits her, she must not give up but life is not as easy as we want it to be so there happened few ups and downs that left nothing for pari to live whole life in her own values and Ali Abbas veiled her head as a father and stood by her in front of all storms. He not only veiled her but also held her hand as a friend. It had been always dream of Ali Abbas that pari should complete her further education and there she is.
After few minutes she went near to reception and asked about her ward from receipt, and receipt made her finger towards right upstairs to meet Dr. Hayyam Hassan Shaikh in surgery ward 3 where pari was to be interviewed by him. Pari nodded her head as yes and thanked her, then she moved towards stairs. She was all shivering with fear and fright, her body was all cold and her hands went pale. She was trembling and murmuring in her lips that how would she introduce herself before seniors and what would they ask her, what if they asked about her parents what would she reply them and if they refused to appoint her what would be next to do in life when she was having nothing to even eat and drink. These all winds and gusts of questions were troubling her and she was staring step by step towards the ward When she came near to an office, she saw name pad with Dr. Hayyam Hassan Shaikh (MBBS, FRCS), she stood there and leaned back her foot, gulped down her fear and nervousness, she swallowed lump and made enough courage to knock at the door. After a second, robbing yet so soft sound came "COME IN", she pushed in the door and stepped inside. She saw him glancing on x-ray and then on some reports, He didn't delay and asked to sit down without looking at her. He was tall, handsome with fair skin and broad chest; yet thin and clean shaved and wearing a black three piece suit which was enchanting his personality further and could easily enlighten his background that he might be from a very well off family. He was son of Mr. Ali Hassan, the most popular businessman in Karachi. Mr.Hayyam was seemed to be so bold and serious tycoon who could attract any girl easily. She was roaming her eyes here and there with tremble that what would be his next move. She was messed so deep in her thoughts when he looked at her and she was looking down on her feet. He cleared his throat to make her attentive and she suddenly headed up towards him. She was looking so beautiful with light brown hair and wide attracting eyes with brown iris, large thin nose with thin and leaned nostrils and small mouth with pink colored lips and a small thin braiding on her forehead. She was looking so innocent and beautiful, wearing pink colored clothes with white veil. Her dress seemed to be so simple but clean. He was glancing at her; she seemed to be so innocent and beautiful that he was plucked to her beauty. Hayyam was not among those guys who could be easily trapped and flirty and he was serious enough, but he didn't know what was in her that at one sight he was havoc and attracted to her, he did not realize that by staring at her from top to bottom, what she would think of it, he was completely lost in her when she said" yes sir", and that jerked him to come back in his senses; he was little embraced but he managed himself quickly and seated himself.
Hayyam: so miss what is your good name?
Pari: she replied with tensed tone Pari, I mean Dr. Pari Abbas
Hayyam: nice name, he admired while smirking …..so Dr pari we welcome you here in our ward but before that I must make you assure that I am very much strict in my rules and regulations. I never forgive those who abide by their duties. I want your full sincerity in your profession, you must put your personal issues aside while dealing with patients and don't forget that your patients should be only your patients, don't try to make them your friends or relatives either. And on more things be on time always because I hate those who are late comers. She was listening him with full attention that she didn't even moved her eyes up and down and her that posture was somehow making him so irritating that either she is listening or not. He at once stood up from his chair and hold her arm and asked:
Hayyam: are u listening to me?
Pari: Y yy yes yes sir I am getting whatever u said (She jerked at once and nodded).Hayyam: you better have to…..he said leaving her arm. So dr now you may leave and start your work from today right now and let me remind you again that I hate late comers…he said that while observing x-ray again and she nodded "yes" and left the room when she had gone, he turned back to glance her again and he suddenly looked to another side because she was yet standing at the door.
Pari: sir what is your good name by the way?
Hayyam: Dr. Hayyam Hassan Shaikh is my name and I hope u must have read at name pad but she nodded as No, she was freaked out and pulled the door at once and left behind a question mark on his face and smirked. He was confused first by her that unpredictable manner but then jerked to come back in his senses.


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