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The Edge Of Emptiness

By: Preh Rahim

Chapter 11,


                       Part 11

Hayyam was in his room when his cell rang with shahram name. He received his call

Shahram: hi hayyam how are you? And where are you man? I have been waiting for you since morning and it’s evening now man?

Hayyam: if your query has been over, may I speak? (Shahram smiled and asked him that he could). Actually shahram we had arrived at morning but there was meeting of doctors; I could not get time to inform you and just now I have come back and at the very moment I received your call.

Shahram: ohh…well its fine, no problem; if you didn’t get time for lunch, let’s have dinner together! I don’t want your next excuse; I want you here at my home within half an hour. Okay?

hayyam:  okay man but there is a problem! Actually I have come with my another colleague and I don’t think so that she would agree to come there and I can’t leave her alone here in hotel?

Shahram: but why? Why can’t she join you here?

Hayyam: I don’t know but I feel like that; even she has come here to attend seminar because I forced her to come and man now I can’t force her to have a dinner with me too! (He smirked and shahram teased him)

Shahram: don’t worry hayyam i will make sure that it won’t be a date for you both.

Hayyam: shut up shahram she is not like that at al, but I shall try to accompany

Shahram: good. By the way what is her good name?

Hayyam: pari, dr pari…..! (There was silence from shahram’s side that time, he didn’t speak out anything more to hear that name and disconnected his phone. Hayyam thought that it might have been disconnected because of network. Shahram at once jerked himself that she would not be there; she would be any other girl. He relaxed his mind and informed sanaya to make all preparations for dinner).

Hayyam knocked pari’s room; she opened the door.

Hayyam: good evening. (He smiled but she didn’t ask him to come in; instead looking at him to utter that what was there to knock at that time).

Hayyam: pari I was getting bored so I thought to join you! If you don’t mind, may we go for walk for a while? (Pari could not get what to do and he could easily guess her that posture; but she then nodded him as yes and they both went outside).

It was cold night of December, with fog all around with pleasant silence. The darkness was quite but the moonlight was not allowing darkness to frighten. She was shivering but she had worn sweater and shawl. He was looking forward on a road but she was gazing at him with smiley face. He roamed his eyes to her who was gazing him. It was not allowing him to be comfortable as the way she was staring him with smiley face; finally he burst out with feelings and looked at her, when he looked back to her, she at once turned her facial expression of smile off.

Hayyam: why are you smiling?

Pari: what do you mean? Is it a sin to smile or I must say I am walking with, The great Dr. Hayyam Hassan Shaikh, that’s why I must not smile, isn’t it?

Hayyam: pari don’t try to be smart! I have asked you a straight question; it’s good to answer me straightly. Don’t try to plot your words in your serence and stupid antics! (He was in serious mood and she looked at him with open mouth in awe manner),

Pari: excuse me! I am not plotting my words at all. (she turned her face opposite to him). And for your straight question, my straight answer is, I am just doing facial exercise; I think you might have heard about that…..i mean you are a doctor; you know that facial exercise is good for face so look it is done like that. (She faced him and moving her expressions with smile on and off and that made him to burst out with laugh)

Pari: why are you laughing sir, did I joke? (She asked him surprisingly)

Hayyam: pari you are so cute

Pari: Isn’t it! Ya I am cute, my bua says me and my baba also used to say that I was cute. (She behaved like a child)

Hayyam: hmm they are right. Well pari I had to tell you something. (She nodded as yes). Pari one of my friends, shahram, has invited to both of us for dinner at home; will you accompany me there? (pari stopped there suddenly and asked him at once that who was shahram)?

Hayyam: shahram malik, son of Abdul Rehman Malik. He is my very good friend. He had asked me to join him at lunch but due to meeting I could not get time; now he called me again for dinner and that time I could not deny. (He stared at her, who was looking down on road, swallowing her gulp, rubbing her hands against each other; she was seemed to be shuddered). And pari I want that you should also go there. (Pari managed herself before him and asked him),

Pari: but sir he is your friend, not mine. I don’t know him even, how can I go there? (She spoke without looking at him and he noticed that there was something more than a denial)

Hayyam: I know but he has invited to you too and I wish you to go there. Pari it’s not my order, it’s just a request, if you want; otherwise it’s okay. (He wanted her to accompany him but she didn’t).

Pari: sirrr….i I (she could not speak, she wanted to refuse and hayyam could get that)

Hayyam: it’s okay pari, I can understand. If you don’t want, I won’t insist you. I will leave at 8 pm but I shall try to back at time. If you need anything, you may ask me; please don’t hesitate. Okay? (He tried to relax her, he didn’t want to insist her at all. She smiled at him)

Hayyam: againnnnnn? Again you are smiling either, or facial exercise?

Pari: this time it’s really for you, not exercise. (He smirked hearing that; they turned then back to hotel).

After couple of minutes, they walked ahead where there was a beautiful lake. Pari didn’t notice that but hayyam was pleased to see that

Hayyam: close your eyes pari! (he stopped there and before pari could see that lake; he asked her to close her eyes at once)

Pari: no, I won’t (she was winced and denied him immediately)

Hayyam: but why not?

Pari: because I am cute

Hayyam: so what? (He laughed to hear that excuse)

Pari: my bua says to me that if you close my eyes, and your cuteness enchant you and and you….. (She stopped there without saying more)

Hayyam: and what me?

Pari: nothing

Hayyam: then close your eyes? (He smiled and she closed her eyes. He turned her face to the side where the lake was and moon shining above it)

Hayyam: now open

She opened her eyes and when she saw that lake; it was looking beautiful. She smiled and tuned back to see him who was smiling to see her smiling)

Hayyam: what are you looking at me? I have asked you to look at the lake not to me!

Pari: I am thinking that how much bua tells a lie to me!

Hayyam: what? (He didn’t get that what she was trying to say but she nodded him that there was nothing)

Pari: should we leave now?

Hayyam: okay let’s go

Shahram was waiting keenly not for hayyam but for his colleague, pari, he was ablaze and sanaya could notice that. It was 8: 20 pm when bell rang; shahram at once opened the door, and he saw hayyam standing there alone. Shahram looked here and there to find out her but none was there except hayyam. He asked hayyam

Shahram: hayyam you have come alone? I mean your colleague?

Hayyam: first let me come inside man then I tell you.

Shahram: oh ya sorry; come in….. (Hayyam came inside, every one welcome him, but shahram was still standing at door; sanaya then asked him to join hayyam. He came inside and he again asked him about pari).

Hayyam: actually she was bit uncomfortable to come here that’s why I didn’t insist her to join us. (Shahram didn’t ask him further but nodded him as okay).

After having dinner, all were seated in living area

Hayyam: shahram after two weeks, there is wedding anniversary of my parents and I want you all to come there to Karachi. I have arranged a party at my bungalow, I will send you invitation card also when all is fixed.

Shahram: yes of course we all will come.

Hayyam: shahram, you and roshini bhabhi have to come anyhow. (He looked at sanaya because hayyam had never seen sanaya and roshini before and he misunderstood to sanaya as roshini. But shahram didn’t guide him that she was not roshini. He nodded as yes but it was felt as insult for sanaya; she at once spoke

Sanaya: excuse me hayyam! I am not roshini but I am Mrs. Sanaya Shahram. (She seemed to be in anger)

Hayyam was winced to hear that, he turned to shahram who was staring in anger to sanaya to interrupt like that before his friend. When hayyam realized his gaze, he didn’t bother to ask him more. After a while, he asked shahram to leave.

Hayyam: okay shahram, I am leaving now, pari is also alone at hotel. It was awesome dinner; thanks. (Shahram came with him up to gate, he was still lost in that name of his colleague but hayyam thought that he was behaving because of his wife. He stopped there)

Hayyam: shahram if you don’t mind, may I ask you something personal Shahram? (He looked at him and nodded as yes).

Hayyam: shahram two and half years back, you had informed me that you were going to marry to roshini. You were in love with her and she was too; then why not she is here with you, I mean why did you marry to sanaya? Where is roshini?

Shahram: I broke my marriage with her because of some misunderstanding created by sanaya. When I get to know the truth that roshini was innocent, it had been too late, I had lost her. Sanaya had plotted such circumstances that there was left no choice except marring her. (His eyes were welled and hayyam put his hand on his shoulder to console)

Hayyam: but where is roshini now?

Shahram: I don’t know. (He said wiping his tears)

Hayyam: what do you mean that you don’t know about her? (He asked him surprisingly)

Shahram: two and half years back, we all have thrown her from our home; her parents didn’t allow her to stay with them in their home. After that night where did she go; none of us knows.

Hayyam: but shahram why did you all do that with her? (Shahram did not speak anything, he was staring at floor; after a while he took a deep breath and looked at hayyam)

Shahram: because we all misunderstood her for the sin which she had not done at all. (That time tears were gushed from his eyes, the tears of guilt). (Hayyam consoled him; he did not bother to ask him more. Before he could leave, shahram said),

Shahram: hayyam I want to give you an advice that life is too short to waste time hating anybody; it’s beautiful when you love all. To love and to be loved, make this life worth. We don’t understand those who are around us but we come to know their value when they are away from us. My dear, get the truth before that truth gets you. (Hayyam could realize the intensity of his words).

Two souls met, little time spent;

Hearts were meant, cruel is the moment;

Love unfulfilled…..

Time had flown, separate roads were taken,

Lives of their own, they never met again;

Still love unfulfilled….!!!!

Shahram sighed deep breath and turned back to his room thinking about roshini.

Hayyam was thinking about pari while driving;

When she had entered first time in his cabin.

How she always have made him to smile,

Her silly and childish talks, her serene antics with her nostalgic moves;

Her tears which worries him all time,

How he cares her and finds different ways to spend time with her.

He suddenly stopped and remembered whatever shahram asked him,


He took deep and sighing breath, you are in LOVE man, he heard a sound, coming from his heart and that made him to smile. He said to himself again that yes he was in love with pari.

He drove, he was happy that time. He decided to propose her as soon as possible.

He reached at hotel and moved to her room but before he knocked, he realized that it had been 11 pm and she might be sleeping; it was not good to disturb her at that time but he wanted to make sure that whether she was fine or not so he knocked her door. After 5 minutes she opened the door and she was seemed to be sleepy, when he saw her.

Hayyam: I am sorry pari, I didn’t mean to disturb your sleep but I was worried about you and I had asked you that I would be back soon but it has been 11 pm so i thought to excuse you.

Pari: no sir its okay I am fine. I had slept earlier. You don’t worry. (She smiled. Hayyam wanted to say something but he could not ask her bye; she also nodded and closed the door).

Hayyam was resting his head on a bed thinking about pari. He called his mother then.

Marium: hello hayyam my child how are you and how is pari?

Hayyam: I am fine mom and she is also good. Mom I want to tell you something? (There was a wide smile on his face)

Marium: is everything fine?

Hayyam: yes mom everything is perfect, don’t worry! (He breathed deeply). Mom I am in love with pari….. (Finally he could complete his sentence)…and I want to marry her!

Marium: oh really!…Finally you have realized! I always knew but you could not judge your own feelings. Well my child I am very happy to hear this; pari is very nice girl, she is the one who can stand with you. Have you proposed her?

Hayyam: no mom not yet because before that I wanted to share with you. I have decided to propose her on your and dad’s wedding anniversary; I have decided to arrange a party at our home and there I am meant to propose her for marriage….is it alright?

Marium: ya of course it is; even it’s nice that everyone must know there but before that I must inform about it to your dad; I am sure he would be glad to hear it. I have mentioned many times about pari to him, he would be glad.

Hayyam: okay mom, tomorrow is my presentation at seminar, after that we would leave for Karachi.

Marium: okay good luck! Take care; Allah Hafiz

Hayyam: Allah Hafiz; take care.

Pari was thinking that she would finally go back to Karachi; she will have not to stay here anymore.

Next day she woke up early in the morning; seminar was to start at 10 am. She was combing her hairs when her door was knocked; there was waiter to have breakfast for her. She opened the door and took tray from him and she was about to shut the door when she saw hayyam standing there

Pari: sir why are you standing here; are you waiting for anyone?

Hayyam: ya I was waiting for you to wake up

Pari: but sir I had woke up early and I have been ready now but as far as I am concerned, there is still an hour left in seminar!

Hayyam: I was not waiting for you to go to seminar but…… (He stopped and did not say anything more but pari didn’t understand)

Pari:  whatever sir there is; but have you done breakfast? (He liked her to ask him that and he nodded as yes).

Hayyam: okay pari you have your breakfast, I am going towards seminar room; when you get ready, you join me there; your seat is 9 beside me at 10. Okay?

Pari: okay sir don’t worry I shall be on time and (she stopped and leaned forward her hand towards him to shake; he was surprised and pleased, he shook his hand) and wish you good luck sir!

Hayyam: thanks. (She freed her hand and went inside her room). He smiled, looked back to his hand and went to seminar room.

When seminar had been over, they both prepared to leave for Karachi. In entire journey, hayyam was thinking about different ways of proposing her but he could not guess what to do. He had bought a ring for her from Lahore before their departure but he had not shown her yet; he decided to tell her then. When they reached to Karachi, he drove her at her home. They were standing at gate of her home, pari asked him to come in to meet her bua and he didn’t deny but pleasantly came with her.

Pari: Assalam u alaikum bua; look who has come to meet you? She met her and pointed her to hayyam who also greeted her. Bua asked hayam to sit to have tea. They both went inside; pari asked him to sit at sofa and she went inside her room to keep her luggage there. She came out and saw bua sitting beside him; they both were laughing on a talk so she also joined them.

Pari: why are you both laughing?

Hayyam: something personal between me and bua, you stay out of it. (He said her and smirked but pari felt strange that he had been messed with bua in a very first day because he was not such man to be indulged in anyone so early). She smiled and sat beside bua to have tea.

Bua: so how went your journey pari?

Pari: it was nice bua; even it was just because of sir hayyam, he didn’t let me bore. No doubt, his company was good. (She said sipping her tea and hayyam was gazing her and smirking)

Hayyam: just good only? (He tried to tease her)

Pari: no, I mean it was nice, I didn’t realize when those two days were passed! (She replied him confidently, not allowing him to trap her). He was smirking and bua could notice his gaze on her.

Hayyam: okay bua thanks for such nice tea; but I am getting late now, I must leave.

Bua: my pleasure child and I felt nice to have you here! I shall feel great if you bring your mom here also?

Hayyam: ya we shall come here very soon, don’t worry. Because my thing is here and I would come soon to get back that from you! (He gazed at pari but she didn’t understand why he said like that). Okay bye bua, he said and left.

Bua: pari he is very nice guy; is he married?

Pari: no he is not married. He is only son of his parents. (She said and went into her room).

It was evening, she was resting on her bed, closing her eyes putting her forearm on her eyes; but she was not sleeping when bua came inside.

Bua: pari are you okay? Why are you lying like that?

Pari: yes bua I am fine; I was just tired. (She said keeping her forearm away from her eyes and sat in straight posture facing to bua; who sat in front of her on bed)

Bua: pari I want to ask you something? (She seemed to be hesitated)

Pari: yes bua you can; why are you hesitating! I mean I am your child, you can ask whatever you want.

Bua: pari hayyam is very nice man; what do you think? I mean what do you feel for him?

Pari: look bua I have told you many times that I won’t get married! And hayyam sir is my senior; I have never thought for him like that.

Bua: but my child today I saw the glint for you in his eyes; can’t you see that?

Pari: no bua you are misunderstanding; I am sure he doesn’t think like that for me! (She wanted to avoid but somehow she knew that there was something from few days).

Bua: but if there is such a thing, then it’s good for you. He is nice man and if he asks you for marriage; don’t get hurry to refuse; just think twice before you act. Okay? (Pari nodded as yes and bua went out wishing her good night).

Pari was lost in her talks;

What was there which changed him so suddenly

He was really behaving so kindly and lovingly to her;

Was that really a love for her? She was entangling in her thoughts but she jerked herself; she came back to herself that there could be nothing like that, bua must be taking it accordingly; nothing else. She tugged her hairs and put quilt on her to sleep.

Marium: hayyam why are waking yet, it has been 12 am?

Hayyam: mom come here, I have to show you something. (He pulled her hand and made her to sit beside him on a recliner). Look at this ring, is it beautiful?

Marium: wow! It’s very pretty! Really beautiful (she admired with pleasant smile and looked at hayyam who was gazing at ring with pleasant smile). Hayyam, I had never thought that you would fall like that for any girl! (She cupped his face and made him to look at her) This is beautiful but not more than pari; isn’t it?

Hayyam: yes mom you are right, she is very beautiful. (He said looking back to ring).

Marium: I have told your father and he is happy because he is sure that your choice can’t be bad to change……well..You tell me that when are we supposed to ask for her proposal from her bua?

Hayyam: not yet mom; because before that I want to ask from pari, I want to ask about her wish that what she wants!

Marium: okay but please ask her as soon as possible because now I can’t wait any more for my daughter in law. (She said in excitement and hayyam smiled at her).

Next morning, pari was sitting in a hall with farah, gossiping about her seminar, when a peon came there and asked her that hayyam had called her in his cabin. She went to his cabin and knocked the door. He asked her to come. She sat on a chair.

Hayyam: pari I don’t know what to say and how to say? I feel like standing in exam hall when I first time joined my school. (He was seemed to be nervous and pari could not get his that behavior. He stood from his chair, went near to window, she also stood that time; she was now getting confused).

Hayyam: pari…..ann..pari I am in love with you! (He said without facing her; pari didn’t believe what she heard at that moment. Her eyes were wide, her breath was sighing, and her heart was beating fast). I don’t know when that happened; I tried my level best to avoid that feeling but day by day I was entangled in it so hard that now it has been hard for me to get rid of it. (He was saying not facing her yet. He turned back to face her, he came close to her, he knelt down, holding her hand said), ‘’will you marry me pari?’’

She was shivering that time, her body was cold; she could not utter anything. Hayyam noticed and stood; he gazed in her eyes but she was looking down n floor,

Hayyam: pari are you okay? (He was getting worried). She came back to her senses and managed herself. She looked at him and made courage to utter),

Pari; yes sir I am fine. Sir I want some time, I mean I can’t answer you here at this moment! (She turned to face opposite to him). I have never thought like that for you. I have always respected you a lot; and (she stopped, closed her eyes and clenched her fist tightly) and sir there are many things that you don’t know about me; even you don’t know anything about me. (He held her arms and turned her back to face him),

Hayyam: pari I promise you, I won’t leave you; whatever the truth is there from which I am unaware; I am ready to hear and that won’t be a rift between you and me. (He said gazing in her eyes and holding her arms with his hands)

Pari: no sir it’s not easy. I know it would be hard for you to accept me after knowing that truth. (She said freeing herself from his grip)

Hayyam: if it is so, I don’t want to know that truth which could be rift in my love. (He was staring at her with all depth of trust)

Pari: I can’t reply you so early, I need some time?

Hayyam: okay get your time as much as you want, I would wait for you! But pari please don’t disappoint me. I, I really Love you a lot. (He said her with welled and teary eyes but she did not look at him and before he could say anything more, she stood from her seat. She was about to leave when he held her hand).

Hayyam: Pari I shall be waiting for you.

He left her hand and she ran outside

Pari came back to her home, she didn’t go to her room instead she went to bua and knelt down before her who was sitting on a chair and she put her head on her lap.

Bua: pari my child! Why are you crying? What happened? (She cupped her face and made her to look towards her).

Pari: bua today he, I mean hayyam sir proposed me! (She said wiping her tears)

Bua: it’s really good news! What did you say him? (She said wiping her tears)

Pari: I didn’t ask anything; I asked him to give me some time to think……but bua he doesn’t know anything about my past; I am sure, when he comes to know, he won’t marry me!

Bua: no pari you are not going to tell him anything. It’s good that he doesn’t know, why you are trying to ruin your life. My child! Allah is bestowing you, He is giving you another chance to live your life; don’t you try to ruin it. Once it was ruined by your owns but this time I won’t allow you to tell him the truth.

Pari: but bua I can’t hide it from him. It would be cheating! If he comes to know, he will be broken; his trust on me would be left no longer. Bua I can understand your intension but I can’t build my relation on a lie, I will have to tell him the truth. After that it’s up to my destiny where it draws me ahead.

Bua: okay my child! Do as you want, I can only pray for you. (She said putting her hand on her head). But tell me one thing, do you love him? (Pari kept quit for a while)

Pari: yes I do but I don’t know what forbids me to accept that, might be my past! (She said and went in her room with tears in her eyes).

Hayyam didn’t sleep whole night. He was just lost in her that what would she intend to do. He promised himself that whatever the truth would be there, he would not leave her. But what if she rejected his proposal……will I be able to live without her!!! He was just messed in those thoughts whole night.

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