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The Edge Of Emptiness

Novel By: Preh Rahim

The story of a Muslim girl who could hardly find respect and worthy place in her family. To have morsel for just two times in a day; she started working in a hospital.
When her destiny started bestowing her, she again got rift in her life and there left nothing except Emptiness!
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Part 2
Sanaya: Shahram do you know I have been watching at your glens for about half an hour and you didn't even bother to pay me any attention?
Shahram: sorry I was busy in writing my project so I didn't notice you at all!
Sanaya: okay forget that… never mind … actually I had to ask you something?(She asked him in excitement and wanted his answer as yes at once) but when he didn't pay any attention….she stared at him in anger, then she herself spoke out; shahram I want you to get me to London for few days because I am bored to have all the time talks about that girl in this house. Shahram you know very well, it was not a fault of either of us both; why must we suffer of that guilt in which we were not involved and you must agree that we were innocent. (She asked him to have his consoling answer)
Shahram: do you really think sanaya that you and me were innocent, do you really believe we have nothing to do with that innocent girl; she was your best friend damn it, how could you even forget that, she gave you that place which was hers, she gave you her name still you are consoling yourself that you are damn innocent, bullshit!!!(He said that throwing his file in a corner of his room and all papers were despaired here and there. She was so shocked and annoyed by his reaction).
Sanaya was wife and cousin of shahram Malik, they were resident of Lahore.Two years had been passed to their marriage and had no child. Sanaya was very stubborn woman, she was arrogant and she always did whatever she wanted, she had made her life luxurious because of her father's gained property and of course of shahram. She was rude to each relationship and for her benefit she could pawn to anyone yet she was loved by all but not by shahram. Shahram had married her because of his father's force Mr. Abdul Rehman Malik, who was among the topmost businessmen in Pakistan and shahram was an eligible and handsome business tycoon who could stand with pride beside his father. Shahram was tall, good looking, handsome tycoon. He was hard working in each work of his life; he always did whatever his father asked him to do and he never felt any regret or anger for the decision which his father made for him except of marrying to sanaya. He never felt any mental compatibility with sanaya, he tried hard to accept that relation but he could not yet he always tried not to abandon by his duties and responsibilities towards that relationship. They lived as joint family in a bungalow which could easily surrounded to at least 2000 yards. Mr. Rehman Malik had two younger brothers Dr.Abdul Rehan Malik who used to live in Dubai with his wife and two sons around 20s, Amaar and Ashar and one daughter named Sara. Another brother was Mr. Abdul Raid Malik who had one daughter Sanaya. Rehan's daughter Sara was married to uzaam, the elder son of Rehman who was engineer. Dr. Rehan had been living in Dubai for about twenty years and Rehman and Raid used to live together in Lahore. Raid's wife was a working woman and been working in NGO, she was very bold and clever woman; whatever she did that was inherited to Sanaya too. They gave first preference to money and then relations. They believed to gain the world by force and power not by love and peace.
Sanaya: are you in your senses shahram, you can't dare to talk to me like that; I have been tolerating this behavior since last two years. You can't blame me for that and by the way I must remind you, It was your fault not mine so you better be careful next time before blaming me.
She shut the door forcefully and left the room and shahram griped his fist tightly to control his anger and guilt which didn't allow him to rest even for a moment.
Sanaya came down to her mom; Her Momwas praying and crying hardly. She sat beside her and looking at her bewilder and in awe manner as she hasn't seen her mother prayed before so why now!!
Samia: Sanaya you are looking upset? Is anything wrong my child!!! She asked her while unveiling herself from hijab.
Sanaya: mom I don't know what is wrong with shahram! He always throws his frustration at me and now I am fed up with him...It's too much now what the hell does he consider himself!
Samia: what so ever had been revealed before him, it's really aggressive to tolerate and yet to compensate; you must give him some time so that he could recollect his strength to face the reality…and my child marriage is such a strong relation that no one can break it.
Sanaya: ohhh really!!! And that's why it had been so easy for you to break his first marriage! She taunted her and samia's eyes were filled with tears to be taunted by her own daughter
Samia: hmm you are right it was easy because sara shouldered me to ruin that relationship and of course you too! She said wiping her tears. And Sanaya don't forget, today you are standing by shahram's name because I made that possible for you otherwise he had never loved you.
Sanaya: yaa exactly and today you ruined me too by telling him the truth and now he hates me
Samia: it's because you never tried to win his heart, you never wished to indulge him in you, and you always wanted to rule; don't forget sanaya that shahram is not one of those to be won so easily….. (she took a sigh breathe and she said in soft sound) beta I would have never told him the truth but my brother told him and there was nothing left for me to hide anymore so please stop arguing and taunting me and now please try from your own side to save your relationship because I can't do anything more for you!
Sanaya: please mom do something, I can't afford to lose him at any cost and please don't suggest him to bring that girlback in this house again. Ppleasse!
Samia: if it would have been possible, I would have brought her back to apologize her, I would have kneeled down to ask her pardon but I know I can't face her. This guilt does not allow me to live peacefully. Please Sanaya try to find her out before I die! She said and went out of her room crying like a child!
Sanaya felt sad to see her mom like this but she could not risk bringing her back in this house because then she would surely loose shahram.


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