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My account of my time at University

Novel By: SecretSpyro

Not everything is academic in university... View table of contents...


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Semester one

All names will be changed to protect identities even though I don't feel they deserve it.

University.... it's the top dog when it comes to academics. This is where people will learn to be doctors, scientists, authors and more. It's rare anyone has anything bad to say about their time there. You would normally hear things about the workload being too much and the stressful examinations at the end of each semester. Yet it's rare to hear about anyone's emotions or feelings as they're moving through university.

So, I decided to write an account of my time at university. Every university story you read is always happy, but surely not everyone can have a perfect time. Well... this is what happened to me in the first semester of year one.

I study Biology in a university in Northern Ireland. I moved onto the campus because normally I live 58 miles away from the university. I moved in with five strangers. At first everything seemed to be going well, classes were fun. I made friends and my housemates were a good laugh. We would talk non-stop and always be laughing. We would help each other and spend time watching box sets together on the days I wasn't at work. We even went out drinking together and I looked after one of the girls when she had been spiked, this included getting up every hour from bed to make sure she was ok.

However, all these fun times filled with laughter abruptly came to an end. My car had some problems the week before the housemates decided to turn on me. It ran out of oil and I didn't know how to fill it back up or what oil to put in. One girl, lets call her Tony, said she serviced cars with her father. So I decided to trust her and let her fill it up. Well, Tony put two litres of oil.....into my water tank. The next day driving, Charlotte and Lucy back to Belfast with me the head gasket exploded. So they stayed with me on the motorway until the tow truck came and brought us back to my house. Hugs and such were exchanged.

My car was given to my uncle who has a mechanic friend who would fix it up cheap for me. I was off university for four days. When I came back, the housemates were very cold towards me, I didn't understand what I had done. That night when I returned from work I could hear them joking and laughing from car park 2, this would be approx. 300 yards away from the house. So I assumed they had taken a break in studying, so I went in and told them of the joke my uncle played on me. My uncle had rang me earlier saying he'd scrapped my car for £200 and I was crying but he rang me after work laughing telling me he was only joking and the car was fine. When I told the girls of this joke (all four were in the room at the time, Tony, Charlotte, Lucy and Rachel) they simply stared at me and said that my uncle couldn't have scrapped my car without my signature, I told them that I didn't know that and that's why I had such a bad reaction. Even then they seemed uninterested and bothered by my presence. So I went upstairs to my room and talked to my mum, she said that they might just be tired and they should be fine in the morning.

The next morning was worse, they wouldn't even look at me and I couldn't understand for the life of me what I had done. Charlotte and I would normally walk to class together on Fridays but I waited until 10.05am and there was no sign of her, so I went on. When I looked back at the house I saw her standing waiting for me to leave first. I then sent her a text message saying "Hi, can I ask what it is I've done to upset everyone?" A few hours later I got a reply from her saying "OMG can you stop being such a drama queen? You're always searching for some kind of drama so just leave it". This shocked me yet didn't answer my question so I asked again and she replied "Who do you think you are coming in and interrupting everyone's studying to tell us about your stupid car? We we're all quietly studying and you just storm in and make the entire thing about you" I replied telling her I could hear them laughing so I assumed they'd taken a break and that I was sorry for interrupting them. I thought that would be it and the whole thing would be ok and we would go back to talking. I had said sorry for something I didn't believe I had done but it had to be done. Alas, I was wrong and it just got worse. If they we're all together talking and I walked into the room, silence would descend upon the room like a ton weight and the second I left the room the laughter and talking would resume.

The following Monday the guy from next door, James, rang me asking me to come downstairs. When I did everyone was sitting in the room and he said we we're going to all talk about it. This literally became those 4 girls shouting at me. Rachel said I don't smile enough and that's what annoys her and Tony, Charlotte and Lucy said that I had posted things about them on twitter and facebook. I asked them to show me what tweets and status' these were because I hadn't posted anything about them and they refused to show me. James then told me to join in the 'conversation' and stop being so rude. I simply stood and said "I hope you all enjoyed your go at me, James... that's a strange interpretation of the term 'not getting involved' you have there" and left the room.

I felt bullied. I was isolated and picked on. They slammed doors on me and purposely shoved me every time they went by me. So instead of retaliating with violence, which was painfully difficult trust me, I talked to my mum. My mum was brilliant, she rang the accommodation officer and told her of the situation. Within two days I had the keys to three other places of residence that I was to visit and then decide upon. I didn't tell anyone about the move, I just left and moved to my new bungalow on the Monday.

The residential officer also referred me to the disabled students adviser for my depression. Can I just make it clear here that I do not consider depression a disability in any shape or form. While there, the woman referred me to an education psychiatrist because I believed I had a learning disability in maths, turns out... I have dyscalculia. I simply cannot do maths. It was a relief to find a reason as to why I was so terrible at maths, I thought I was just a bit stupid.

Carrying on from that I had a needs assessment, and they board will try and get me a math tutor for intensive tutoring on the subject.

With that, we are at present day. I have exams next month just before semester two starts. My maths tutoring will hopefully start soon and I am currently happy with where I am living. I am leaving the current store I work in to move to a different one closer to my home in Belfast as it is more convenient for summer and I really do not like how big stores work.


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