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Adel: She Is

By: adel hayfa

Page 1, A girl\'s definition of freedom.




She is


She is a petite little angel.

She’s having a wonderful twirl of time.

She goes whenever she wants to go and she flexes her sovereignty for real.

She’s beautiful, vigorous, hale and hearty, unruffled; completely free.


She’s making merry of her priceless time.

She‘s leaving the soggy and gloomy world she used to live.

She’s marking on her new traverse.

She’s hunting for her dreams and picking up blissful pleasure.


She’s valiant and gutsy.

She’s cheeky, feisty and hilarious.

She’s sizzling sexy and extraordinary.

She’s a definition of jovial and judicious.


She’s going to pack up her crossing and take off gleefully.

She’s going to be blessed and fluky.

She’s going to carve wonderful memoir and chronicle.

She’s going to travel the world and applaud her endurance.




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