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Raggedy Ann

By: Angie Blake

Page 1, How little things are so important.

I loved that little
Raggedy Ann Doll,
She sits down on her bench
at the end of the hall.

I look at her now
and think back in the day
Of how many hours
we'd continually play.

We'd go outside
and set up house on the lawn
We'd play outside
from dusk until dawn.

I'd tell her deep secrets
and my biggest fears,
she'd been my best friend
through my childhood years.

I'd pull her by the arm
and we'd play hide-and-go-seek,
we'd sit and have tea parties
we'd watch cartoons week after week.

Her black button eyes,
and her bright red hair,
Her triangular red nose
we had so much to share.

Then all of a sudden someone else was there,
She met another doll named Raggedy Andy,
He was a boy doll with the same color hair,
I welcomed him in to our little family.
I felt like it was time to let my doll go
she'd fallen in love with the young farmer boy,
We'd never guess it'd happen and little did we know,
How much he'd bring her happiness and joy.

They shared many memories,
with lots of love and laughter,
So I married them to each other,
and they lived happily ever after.



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