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Rainy Night Words

By: araukie

Page 1, Some words that popped up on a rainy night.

Run, run, run

even though I do not know where you are running for
just run before it is too late.

Afraid of being followed by shadows,
still I like getting lost in the dark.
But losing someone that I love is something that can not be repaid.

Some things make no sense,
but I just keep following the voices in my head with no planned destination,
just like the unchosen directions that I follow as I am walking by.

So heathy yet so tired
so loved but yet so lonely.
Screams that keep expressing themselves in whispers,
whispers that contain many of my thoughts.

Scream, scream, scream
everybody will hear
but would they be able to understand all your feelings?
Could they grasp the right meaning?

Yes, most of the time my whispers are kept inside,
being unheard.
but ask me, ask me to express.
And I can well show you the voices deep inside my heart.

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