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Life is Just a Moment in Time

By: Chiqui

Page 1, This poem I wrote for my late Granddaughter Storm. My heart has never healed from loosing her and never will and through her I am always reminded that “Life is Just a Moment in Time!. I share with you today….

   ‘Life’s Just a Moment in Time!’   

We never had time to say goodbye
Those blue, blue eyes you softly shut
Away you drifted into another dimension in the sky
But deep in my heart you are always there.
Then late at night
When everyone is sound asleep
Through my bedroom window I do peep
Searching here and looking there
Sending my spirit out
To search for you everywhere.
Then all of a sudden
We connect in the dark of the night
On a small shining star
That twinkles so bright.
In the distance I can hear your soft whisper
As if it were coming from the sea
My heart skips a beat
Knowing that Storm is near.
As I hear your sweet laughter
Ringing in my ears
The picture of this angelic angel I see
As you skip and dance
On the midnight clouds
Tears fill my eyes with happiness to see
There where you are as happy can be
Then comes to mind
‘Life’s just a moment in time!’
Yesterday is but to be remembered
As tomorrow may never come
A lesson well learnt from you
Today I will live for that
‘ Moment in time!’
Knowing now that one day
Again we will bind
I feel your presence beside me
Each minute of the day.
But deep down in my heart
You will always be there
I just need to look around
And I will see find you everywhere.
So fly in the sky my little bird
And sing your happy song
That you may be heard

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