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Fair Ground Fun, Nowhere to Run

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, Indie Skeets, suggested a challange, nothing official, just an idea. I do like to have a suggestion of direction to go in, so here is it for good or bad. A recant of a reoccuring dream I had as a child (I am guessing around the age of 5)


Fairground Fun, Nowhere to Run.

 It was such fun when it first begun

Galloping horses on the carrousel

Giddily giggling siblings in the sun

I did not know it was a ride to hell


Candyfloss moustaches, sweet molasses  

Goldfish in plastic bags, guns that fired caps

Kiss me quick hats and oversized glasses

Bright light and music just devilish traps


Beyond the fair there’s a derelict square

Bombed out houses, their curtains in tatters

My brother and I see adventure there

Fair forgotten; exploration matters


Accompanied by dad, we mooch and look

Stepping through the door in a terraced street

Searching rooms of pealing paper and soot  

Crunching on broken glass under our feet


Sunlight floods the windows and all feels safe

And father is there to show us the way

All feels fine in this innocuous place

It is then that my senses start to stray


It is then that unease starts to besiege  

Father and brother have left me alone

Midday turns to dusk and shadows that tease

Abandoned and scared, a long way from home


There I stand rooted amidst all the gloom

Unseen ghouls creeping and growling slip in

Stiff with fear in my damp odorous tomb

About to be killed and torn limb from limb


This is when I wake, screaming in terror

The darkens surrounds but nobody comes

Opening my eyes will be a grave error

The ghouls are still there and waiting to lunge


Too afraid to be awake, or to sleep

I wait until the morning light to seeps

For the ghouls and the shadows to retreat

Mother is vexed, for I have wet my sheets  



By Dibs

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