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The Girl Who Was Content

By: EJRylee

Page 1, A simple girl affects the lives of those around her.

She took to her laughing when others would cry
When others would crumble to fear
Forever she severed her ties to this life
And long ago lost all her tears

She took to her dancing when others would mourn
When others would stumble or fall
And never did show to be frail or torn
And seldom gave less than her all

She took to her singing when others would sigh
When others would ‘wish on a star’
And ever she toiled and labored and strived
For dreams that were never too far

She took to her smiling the day that she died
And was lowered down into the ground
When their silence was heavy and weighted the sky
And their reverence was almost a sound

But they found themselves singing and dancing and laughing
Each day for the rest of their years
For although they still stumbled and failed and sighed
They found they had lost all their tears

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