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Paint Life, Feel Life

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, I wanted to write about my dad, a wonderful, talented artist,he was truly special. It\'s twenty one years of his memory.

Paint Life, Feel Life

Paint a picture, I wonder what it will be?

A bright farmland or a fun day by the sea

Paint a picture, a mailman in the wind, hard to walk

Great details, thoughts flow and incredible talk

Oh, many things to be painted as a glowing joy!

Paint a picture of a newborn baby girl or boy

Relaxing beauty of flowers, birds, mountainside

Look around, trees change, clouds happily glide

There's a cool view, see the village from a plane

Paint a picture, anxious crowds who wait for the train

Paint a picture, let that soft moment take you away

My dad was an artist, I'm very proud, thrilled to say!

His love of art blossomed, fruit in a basket looked so real

Dad's brilliant creation, splendid glory to enjoy, feel

Cherish a painting, make time stand still!

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