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By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, Now my stepfather has aged there is a strong physical resemblance to Anthony Hopkins; personality wise he always reminded me of the role in Silence of The Lambs.

Little man with little mind,

For children he had little time,

And shortly, he would find,

Not scot free for his crime.

Rounded man wore rounded suit,

Grey to match his voice,

And he was resolute,

In his every choice.

Angry man with anger issues,

Beat first wife with his fists,

She had shares in tissues,

But stories he could twist.

Tightly cropped white grey hair;

With eyes of steely blue,

And a demented glare,

Which said, ‘I don’t like you’.

A fair comparison main role,

To Silence of the Lambs,

He wouldn’t have eaten me whole,

I don’t overstate you understand!

And though I shouldn’t gloat,

He has grown old and sick,

It truly floats my boat,

He now needs his walking stick!

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