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By: ItsNaomiHun

Page 1, A Fictional Poem!! Not real not real guys! Testing if I could portray the emotion of someone who has lost a loved one. Tell me what you think?

They say...we're to young to know love. And that's how it started to seem. But if were too young to know love...why do you still inhabit my dreams? Because even now that you're dead. Baby I find you in deep in my mind in my seams. I want you there, but I also want you to leave. Your beauty is haunting me... I've come to dread my bed. That's where I meet you every night. You fill up my head with laughter, smiles, kisses, your touch, your smell in my atmosphere. Honey I wake up in tears. Knowing that you're not here. I can't tell you how I feel anymore dear. Who will I vent to? About how much I miss you? When I'm alone in my room, and I turn on that radio. And I hear your favorite song. Flashbacks flash back. Everything goes wrong. I remember seeing you lying in a puddle of your own blood. Teeth smashed in, skull cracked back around your snapback. Red splatters on your white T. I told myself "It's just red paint and this a prank", my mind was blank. You blinked once at me. It meant the world, those to me, were your last words. I had only turned my head for a moment. In a moments time I lost you. I had forgot you, Meant the world to me. In that second I remembered. I wish you could've known. I wish we could've found out together. That I was in love with you.

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