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Please Accept, Do Not Forget

By: Lavendersilk

Page 1, Something I went through in life. Please Accept, Do Not Forget.


Please Accept, Do Not Forget


That night of sin

Sex in the park

Up against a fence

Alone in the dark


Nine months later

A son was then born

Looking just like you

I could have sworn


I married another

We two could not be

I had to forget you

Please can you see?


So I forgot you


Two year down the line

My marriage at stake

Forgetting made me ill

Made my mind break


You were then gone

I could not remember

Just a shaky feeling

Each snowy December


I crashed and burned

Time after time

Tried taking my life

It was such a crime


Why did I forget you?


My life pulled together

Eight years of fight

Stable if not perfect

Till the next fateful night


“Hello my lovely”

So where is your partner?”

I look at you confused

“No? Then give me your number”


Our love life began

I thought we were true

Because of things about you

That I simple just knew


Did I completely forget you?


One day looking at photos

I then noticed your fear

You started to remember

To you it all became clear


You started to panic

You started to run

From the only reminder

Your one and only son


I did not understand

Could not comprehend

Why did you leave me?

Why this sudden end?


I started to remember you


To me it came back

My amnesia unbound

The guilt and the hurt

My memories re-found


The fear and panic

Started to unfold

The intense guilty feeling

Of the son I did stole


I begged and I pleaded

You stayed still silent

The emotions in me

Rage in me violent


WHY did I have to remember you?


Counselling for months

I just kept on trying

Through tears and the hurt

I just kept on crying


For me it’s now over

My mind finally free

Accepted the forgetting

And what it did to me


To readers I write this

To all you I do beg

Please learn to accept

And never forget. 

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