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Snowy Evening

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, A poem I wrote in honor of my idol and hero.

I have come so many lonely miles
seen the sorrow and life's smiles
felt the pain and suffering of my peers
and fallen victim to my darkest fears.

Yet here lies the most wondrous sight
as I drive this roadway late at night.
The forest lies before these weary eyes
and transforms beneath these snowy skies.

So pristine, dark, and covered with snow
there in the setting sun's pure afterglow.
I will stop here and witness this sight
and forget each harm and every slight.

Yes, now the darkest night of the year
holds so much pain, wanting, and fear.
Could I but stay for more than just this hour
would that the Lord grant me this one power.

I might be stronger for that longer stay
and then continue on my weary way
Yet the road lies waiting I must go
the woods so lovely filled with new snow.

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