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Lovely Little Rose

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, This is dedicated to my cousin, Kelsey Miller. She passed away on April 16, 2005 from a long battle with leukemia.

Beautiful rose,

Blooming towards the waking sun.

She smiles and her petals are cleaned off with dew,

She loves the smell of the morning.

Everybody loves her, and she loves everybody.

Her caring heart, larger than life itself.

Her red red petals are to be jealous of,

but she thinks of herself as normal.

As life goes on, as she grew older to a beautiful young flower,

she knew things are about to change.

She started to feel sick, she knew that was not normal.

She got the news of an ailing sickness,

she was told she will be alright.

She made it throgh the first round, 

She is back to loving her life and her loved ones around her.

Everyone loved the new her,

the way she appreciated life.

Little rose has a new outlook on life.

Daises and even Lillies loved her, 

and they are the prettiest of them all.

The young rose felt sick and ill again,

she knew what is going on.

The sickness is back, 

and she knew it's going to get worse.

They gave her more medicine,

didn't do much good for her.

She started to lose her wonderful color,

she started to feel weaker.

The man told her family,

the news they didn't need to her.

"The little rose does not have much time,

let her be at peace until she lays down in her resting place."

She cried and cried,

until she ran out of tears in her little eyes.

She knew she did not have much time,

 so she wanted to get some things done.

She met famous roses and flowers,

and loved that very well.

And as she lay in her death bed,

she smiled at her family and grabbed her mothers hand.

"Mama, I love you dearly,

please go on without me.

You have my brothers and sisters to love,

so please, go on without me."

As she said her last words,

the last breath was let out.

The beautiful rose has now lay to rest,

for eternity and in Heaven.

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