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By: pakla

Page 1, During those ghetto days when life was no fun without a scandal happening by someone somewhere within our spheres. Rumors would be dissipated from mouth to ear, house to house and most commonly wall to wall. And I have coined it today as “concrete wars”- thus the spread of scandalous rumors through writings, mostly by chalk or charcoal, from anonymous sources through concrete walls. Simple phrases like “pat&jane” “Mr. ch & Ruth/Mrs. E” or “Mrs. H &ken/ Mr. K” often sent the whole society swirling in a mixture of frenzy, fun and rage like a hurricane. It was much more than breaking news. It was simply “life.” The way we lived and viewed the universe around. Always a great relief when the deeds of yester night missed what seemed like an all-seeing eye in the neighborhood; made evident by the absence of one’s name written – on the wall.


Angry ruffian expectant crowd

Dilated faces in excitement

The cheers the jeers

The shouting and jolly jolly

The secret and hiding

The searching and finding out

The whisper and the rattle

The tramp through the silent and dark

The chase and rat race

The chant and mocking melody

The dawn the morn

The singing bird and sunshine

The veil and the shame

It’s there written on the wall

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