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By: pakla

Page 1, July 1st 2011 Here I am mourning. The death of one I never knew. She lived her humble life in silence but not in solitude. The death of one I probably never spoke to. When I looked into that innocent face with the words “may her soul rest in peace” beneath her; tears streaming down my cheeks I run down to my hostel. After mourning her, I gathered the strength and fortitude to write at least these lines In language too plain for all to see. I even fail to describe what went on within me as I circled her coffin and saw her cold and silent. Forever. AM ALSO THANKFUL FOR HER MOTHER,THANDI FIWA, WHO SUPPLIED THE TWO BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS OF THE DECEASED.AND MY GREAT APOLOGY TO SISTER YVETTE FOR MISTAKING HER PHOTO FOR THE DECEASED.THESE TWO BEAUTIES MUST BE CARBON COPIES OF EACH OTHER!MY CONDOLENSES TO ALL THE FIWA FAMILY.MAY ALMIGHTY GOD WHO KNOWS HOW TO BLESS BE WITH YOU ALL. PSALM 125.1[HOLY BIBLE]


She lived it so quiet

She spoke so softly

Walked so humbly

Thought so wisely

Shared so meaningfully

Died so suddenly

In her coffin so calmly

Down the grave so silently

Snatched from us so unexpectedly

We’re so breathlessly flippant

Her contribution to this life made

Even before finishing premed

She’s called up into glory

Leaving all of us awry

And all stream B so gory

She’s a lady incarnate

For the witty words she spoke

Intelligent contributions made

Many lives touched and inspired

Forever her legacy shall stand

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