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By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, Reflects a lifeless you


I look at you, another me, just as same as me,

My hair, my eyes, my lips, my skin;

Even the same expansion and contraction of my chest as I breathe,

Tears roll down by the lee of your cheeks and you chin up too,

As I do.

You are me and just me, you see,

Just that you don’t have words to express,

Sounds to scream, or if you can see me back.

But you must know, I find myself when I look at you,

When I scream at you, when I cry at you;

I can see you in my blue dreams, smiling pink hued,

I think of you in my red-rose days too,

I miss you on grey muddy moist weathers,

I will love to run away and escape

From the world,

Through the greens at my feet and

Colourless air through my hairs....

And I grab your fists and long to hold them forever,

But I see you are an unemotional creature,

You stare at me with no sight perhaps,

You smile at me with no life perhaps,

You cry to me with no soul perhaps...

You are alive for the sake of being alive,

You are no life, but a silent reflection,

You are no life, not a drop of emotion.

Still you are me and I,

I cry, and so you try.


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