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My Dying Words

By: Zachary Fulcher

Page 1, A poem I made to remember my g/f Jenny by. Miss you baby


As I lay on the ground next to your grave
I think of all the good times we spent together
All the laughing that we shared together
All the tears we had shed together
And when you passed away to leave me here alone
I cried that you wouldn’t leave me behind in this baron land
And as I lay next to you here right now I realize I’m not alone but your soul is with me
That you’ve always been beside me after you died that day
I feel so sad I wasn’t there to protect you and I’m so sorry for not giving my life for yours
Don’t leave the gates of Heaven just yet but wait for me there and never forget
The love I had given you  and the trust that you gave me
And on that day you died you told me to cry for you and pray for you
Every night ever since then I’ve prayed and cried for you
Just like you said for me to do
But never forget what I told you that day too
To always wait for me to come through the gates of heaven
Then I’ll be happy again right there with you
Always be by my side forever
And I’ll do the same for you 

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