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Love like a Cloud

By: araukie

Page 1, Short story.

I was looking at the clouds, when I suddenly started to miss him.
No, this feeling did not built up in stages, it was rather like an explotion.
I felt that an enourmous amount of desire exploded inside me, all at once.
Yes, it was possible.. for me it had always been like this.
As quick as my feelings could vanish away they could come to visit me on such unexpected moments.
They came out of the nothingness, and disapeared without leaving any trace behind.
Of this fact I was very aware, so I always decided to keep my feelings for myself.
I just kept looking at the clouds without showing any clue of affection that I was feeling for him.

Again I realised that a cloud does not really have a permanent shape.
They keep changing from time to time, if you suddenly looked away it would be everything but easy to tell wich cloud was the one you were just observing.
On the moment that this thought crossed my mind I realised that my love was like a cloud.
Changing its shape from time to time, so quick and unexpected, nobody could predict wich shape it would take.
It just happens to change, and that’s it, that is the only thing that can be predicted.
The remaining facts just keep unknown, like a card that has not been turned around yet, just some kind of mistery that needs time to reveal itself.

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