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Life Changing day

Short story By: attanasio

A fiction story for MAmberConrad's challenge

Submitted:Dec 9, 2011    Reads: 25    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   

My name is Bob, my favorite color is amber and I like to dabble in this and that. I have worked at many odd jobs in my life. I currently work for a landscaping company mowing lawns and planting trees, shrubs and flowers. I am single and independent. I am planting trees today at doctor Joe Attanasio's new house.

"Excuse me, could you come here a minute?" Dr. Attanasio said as he waved for me to come closer. "Bob, right? You're a strong looking fellow. Will you help Wilbur and Charli load these boxes into the van, I decided to take some of these things back to storage until I get settled here." I asked him, "What's in that huge wooden box?" and he replied, " That is an angel that my daughter Lynn carved in granite, I won't need that till Christmas." We packed the van and Wilbur and Charli headed to the storage place. I went to the front door and rang. When Dr. Attanasio opened the door I asked him, "where do you want me to plant the Foxgloves?" He pointed to the small stream and said, " right there along Stevens creek." He looked me in the eye and said, "Please! Be careful and use the dibble, so you don't destroy the creek bed."

I took a Foxglove out of the box, what a pretty flower. I took the dibble in my hand and started to make a hole but there was something hard under the ground. I dug carefull around it and pulled it out. It was Gideon's Bible, I laughed to myself at the thought of Gideon buried in the dirt! I finished planting all the flowers, picked up the bible and opened the cover. It belongs to the Conrad family. I rang the bell again, when Dr. Attanasio came to the door I said, "all done sir, here is something I found buried in the stream bed." I handed him the bible. He opened it and read the name Conrad. "Old lady Conrad lives in the big house at the end of the road. Would you drop this off when you leave?" He handed me back the book.

I finished up my work and washed up with the hose near the garage. I got in my truck. Did I mention I am a truck kind of guy. And drove to Old lady Conrad's house. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a vision from heaven. Almost 6 feet tall she stood. Long blond hair piled on her head in a gorgeous French Twist. Green eyes that sparkled like the sun shinning through an emerald. Her breasts were peeking out the top of her loosely buttoned blouse. Denim shorts covered her other treasure. I gulp and sighed at the same time, paused and swallowed, took one good look at the picture before me and said nothing. I reached out with the book. She gave me a discerning look that I read to say "What is that." I explained how I found it. Then I opened it showing her the name. She invited me in. She called her mom and when her mother arrived I introduced myself as Bob the builder to impress the daughter who stole my breath in a heartbeat. Their family cat jumped up on my lap. Don't mind her the mother said. "What's her name?" I asked. She was a stray we took in, we call her Ally Cat 216 since we got her on February 16, 1995. "And what is your name?" I asked the daughter who never mentioned it. "Sherry", she added, "Sherry1" is my nickname since we have a new Sherry in the family.

That was 20 years ago now, seems like yesterday. I settled down when I met Sherry and started my own company in England making household gadgets for the home gardeners in the world and became very successful as an entrepreneur.

The End!


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