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The Final: Chapter 1

By: darwin

Page 1, Timi is faced with the biggest challenge of all in high school. Jake,the bully just cant seem to stop his reign of terror

"Hey kiddo!,where's my lunchbox?". Timi indeed heard this question but kept walking in the direction of the school's soccer field,where he usually sat and ate the air out of his lunchbox after he had given it away to Jake,the school bully. Jake wasn't actually the school bully but was Timi's bully. He took advantage of this little kid who had braces and geeky spectacles. He did look odd at this school. Silver Star Secondary was where all the bullies seemed to be kept, everyone the was a bully to someone else. ..............................................Timi was an exception, he only got bullied! He started walking at an increased speed past the hallway where Jake and some of his crew were following him.He knew that it was a waste of time to run away but he kept on going. The boys got closer,astall as they were,Timi's five footsteps were equivalent to one of theirs. As they approached, he decided to run for it. ................,............................Today he was starving . He had woken up late and couldn't get some breakfast at home. Losing this lunchbox would turn this day into a livingell. Two boys ran and caught him,one holding tight each arm and they waited fo Jake,their boss, to arrive, who was walking as slowly as he could. .............................................Timi tried to escape but the boys were twice as strong as him and were two grades above him. There was no viciblechance of survival! "I asked youwhere my lunchbox is Timi,whydidn't you answer,feeling stronger than me?",Jake asked as he held Timi by his shirt, unironing it indirectly. Timi was frozen,he was traumatised for a moment,he uttered no squeak,word nor sound but kept on hopelessly trying to escape Jake's gang. Noticing that Timi wasn't responding, Jake threw an iron fist right through Timi's tummy. Poor Timi released all kinds of pain-revealing sounds,cried for help but it wasno use, everyone passed him as if he was a nobody,someone who didnt even need any soqt of help. Before Timi was done screaming, Jake lifted his arm in order to hit Timi on his cheeks in a way that he'd never forget this day. "In the bag!", Timi shouted in pain as he pointed atthe black batman bag that his mom had bought for him that week. Ofcourse the lunchbox wasn't Jake's, Timi had no otherchoice. His lunchbox was gone,the boys went away laughing,holding three slices of bread that was buttered perfectly by Timi. Hunger punished him for the whole daythat day, it got worse by the second. This pain put this thought into Timi's mind: why not tell Jake's parents?. Timi thought this was the best decision he could make at this moment. So it was decided that the day after is the day that he would tell Jake's parents, afterall it would be Saturday. 'This better work', he thought to himself.

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