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Winter Reflections

Short story By: ddrandall

This is something I wrote after a walk one cold winter day some four years ago. Looking back on it now, I can see where it was my first thoughts on the similarities of the seasons of nature and the seasons of life.

My later writings of poetry evolved from this along with the inspiration from a very special woman that came into my life two years after I wrote this piece.

I had lost the original to this short story, but the memories of the walk were still quite vivid. As I was rewriting it just a couple of months ago, I found that bits and pieces of my poetry were imbedded in this story before any of my poetry had even been written. I have added those verses into the story for reflection on my part, but more so that I shall not forget to look for the words as I go through life's seasons.

It's obvious to me now, four years later, that the words were inside of me all along, but it took the love and friendship of one special lady to bring it out of me. For that gift, I will always be thankful.

So my friends, please remember this was my first attempt to put words on paper. I just wanted you all to know where I feel my poetry evolved from. Hope it makes sense!

Write on my friends!

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It was a cold day. One of those days where the wind cuts right through a persons clothing and makes a presence in their soul. The snow was only about four inches deep but had been laying there for a while and was somewhat crunchy instead of powdery�as when snow first falls to the ground. As I left the comfort of the house, I could hear every step, but the sound of my heart pumping was just as loud in my head as it attempted to keep me warm. It was a good day for a walk and........�
I leave myself to fingers wind
����After placing�my knit hat on my head, I started digging�into the pocket inside my coat for my gloves, the cold already effecting my hands.�As I pull them on one at a time, I stood and looked over at the pond. My every breath turning to frozen vapor as it hit the cold air. There�was a thin ring of ice that�was floating on the dark blue water. A couple of small birds�were standing right on top of it�with their faces buried under a wing. I�thought of a couple of other places I would rather be right now than on top of that pond, as�I laughed to myself, but they seemed content. For them it seemed�as if........�
time�is standing, standing still
I started to walk�down the long sloping back yard towards the woods. The fire ring we use in the summer�was dark, but I closed my eyes as I passed it and�I�got a scent of the burnt wood in my nose that had long ago gone cold. I was�heading in the direction that the sun would set and was now entering the trees. There was a stark difference on how far I could see into the forest as the trees were now stripped of their leaves. It had�a feel�of......
as bare branches then force us to walk to the light
Deeper and deeper I walked into the forest on a familiar path, as I had been here before many times. The wind biting at my face, my�senses feeling my heart now beating faster and�my breath flowing long streams of icy smoke. I had to stop a few times to rest as the slope was now quite steep, but the�sight of the valley got deeper as I got closer to my destination. On my last break, looking up the hill, a rabbit crossed the path in front of me very quickly and caught me by surprise. I am sure�it was more startled than I on this cold windy day. As I continued climbing and looking up to the top, I noticed that.......
so close I am to cresting this hill
As I�was now�on�top of the ridge overlooking the valley below, I�walked for a short while and then came upon an old friend. �A tree. It appeared to be an old oak tree�that had fallen many years ago. We had shared quite a few moments together during different times and seasons. As I sat�upon it, I got a feeling that it knew I was there. I stroked the rough exterior bark noticing that most of it had fallen off. The ravages of time and weather taking it toll. Exposing its very core and I understanding�its feeling at that moment�in time. So for�now, a few�precious moments,�we would share this together because........
as seasons change in nature they do so in life
Now peering across the landscape, I saw the stream flowing that had formed the valley below me�and wondering to myself where it began, where it would end. Hundreds of years of carving and creating. The clouds in the western sky were breaking up and the sun was now setting. As it dipped below the hills in the distance, the trees turned jet black and looked as if thousands of fingers were reaching for the sky. The clouds had every color in the rainbow imbedded in them from the setting sun�and the reflection to the valley below took on all of those colors as well on the stark white snow. At that very moment the wind magically just stopped. Not a breath. It creating a silence that was almost deafening. All I could hear now was my heartbeat in my soul. Looking down once again to my old friend, I realized that even though both of our cores were exposed, I knew I could count on.......
the transparent shield holds my love within
Saying goodbye to my friend in my mind, I promised to return at another time, another season. A time where two old friends can share a day. The walk back was quiet reflection�and as I cleared the trees, I�began thinking�of something that had not yet crossed my mind. Looking ahead of me was the one set of foot prints that began my journey and suddenly I�realized I am alone. Behind me�is two sets of prints and my thoughts�go back to her. Problem is, at the time, I don't even know who she is, but I know she is out there.� Turning again to the one set of prints, I am now sure.......
two write the lyrics and then becomes one
Entering the warmth of the house and removing all of my winter gear, my thoughts were still of her. An angel not yet seen. The promise of love in a future time, a future season. Even though I now walk alone, she is with me and......
her and I will continue "A Walk I Will Always Remember".


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