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The Journal - Detective George Kent story

Short story By: Kenisha Liyanage

This is a short story written about a memory of one of the cases Detective George Kent has solved.

© All copyrights reserved to Kenisha Liyanage.

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I'm George Kent, the famous detective in our area. I have solved many cases which the police could not solve. If you say I'm like Sherlock Holmes, I definitely think you have understood my sleuthing capabilities correctly.

I'm twenty years old now and still dating Ned King, my long time boyfriend who is a big fan of crime fiction novels. I guess that's what made us fall in love in first place even though we didn't know about it at first. Well enough of about me now. Let me tell you a story. It's about a case I solved.

Three months ago a man called Tom Johnston visited me at my office asking for help to find out where his father is. Well, he literally begged me. According to his information, his father has gone missing during the night after everyone has gone to sleep.

The missing person, Jack Johnston, is a retired postmaster in Lost town. The Lost town is a place where lot's of lost pirates from voyages are found after ship wrecks, that's of course if they lucky enough to survive.

For nearly three months I tried to find Jack Johnston where about of him with utter failure as he clues leading to him always misguided. Well, you might be thinking that I failed to solve the case, but I didn't. Yesterday I found something new during my investigations. It provided answers for everything I needed. Or almost everything to be precise.

This clue I am going to tell you was the guiding light for the rest of the mystery of the missing jack Johnston, and I showed me a new light and hope. Today, I decided to tell you about the clue I found and how and when I found it. This everything happened yesterday.

Kim Massey is one of my best friends when it comes to detective activities as she learned criminology and is working as the detective in the states police station. We became good friends in the university and ever since then we have helped each other in our work.

Yesterday Kim gave me a tip about a property and a vault which was under Jack Johnston's name. I first started my investigations from the property with the aid of Ned. When we reached their I took all the devices I have to detect things. And we only got one clue after searching the grounds taking half of the day.

"What does this mean? Seems like he is cursing someone to me." said Ned starring at the piece of parchment found buried deep in the soil.

"It seems to me that we have to find the person he is cursing now." replied George re-read what is mentioned on the parchment.

"So you think that this is a clue?" asked Ned curiously.

"Yes, it is a clue." replied George and sighed. "I think this will be a very important one. Better take it along with us."

"But, honey... then the web I made is destroyed because of this. This directs to an entire different path." replied Ned while his face his hanging down.

"I know. Maybe both of us went in wrong direction. Let's try this one." replied George and laid her hand on his shoulder.

"Your sure that we can nail it?" asked Ned .

"I think we can get to know something new that will help us." replied George.

"So now where are we going? I need a break. You know, lunch or something and rest for few minutes." replied Ned.

"We'll stop in a restaurant and then go check the vault." replied George and punched his shoulder. Then she walked to the car and got in.

Ned and I went to the bank which has Jack Johnston's vault and the we produced the warrant which was taken by my friend Kim on behalf of me to the branch manager. With the help of one of the bankers, we succeeded in finding the vault.

Fortunately, the bank had a spare keys for all the vaults they have. Therefore they produced the spare key to Jack Johnston's vault and gave us the liberty to search through the vault without their interference.

"Looks like this Jack person is a very rich person." said Ned while examining the vault.

"Why did you say so?" inquired George curiously.

"See the amount in credit in all these bank pass books." said Ned.

"You seriously went through the numbers? Wow!" said George and continued to go through the contents.

It seems like who ever the person Jack Johnston was cursing is after his money. Or why would he lock money and the bank pass books in this vault including his wedding ring. Who ever this person is someone that Jack doesn't trust. Thought George and her river of thoughts got interrupted abruptly.

"Looks like our friend has locked his journal inside the vault as well." said Ned holding a book which is dark brown in colour.

"Where was it? I didn't see it." replied George unhappily.

"Cheer up darling. It was behind this chest. So anyway you won't see it unless you move the chest." replied Ned.

"Give me. I want to read and find out about Jack." said George and literally snatched the journal out of Ned's hand.

"OH MY GOD!" said George.

"What is it? Can I read it?" asked Ned and took the journal out of George's hand. "You okay?" asked Ned to assure that she is okay as she looks like she is in shock.

"Just read and see. You will find the answer." replied George sounding as if she is still in shock after reading the page.

I don't know how this happened and what caused to all this changes. But I can assure that my son has fallen in relationship with wrong hands. I can smell it in the thin air that he is up to no good. I wish that I could find out who his new friends are and what they want from him. I hope that they will leave me alone.

Ever since the sudden change he has come home late and most of the time drunk. He treats me as if I have killed someone or so. So different from the way he used to treat me before. And it seems like that he is going to marry a girl who looks like she is up to no good for him. He doesn't even tell me anything about her.

I hope that he is no involved in a gang and do any murder or any other terrible thing. His poor mother's heart will melt if she sees ever bad deed he is doing. What if she is looking at us? She can see everything then.

Ned couldn't bear to read the rest written in the page. It's so sad how he suffered due to his maltreatment by his son. So Ned flipped few more pages and started to read.

Tom brought his newly wedded wife to home and she is apparently going to live with us forever. From the first glance itself I could sense that she is a wicked woman who is more into crime stuff. My freedom is fully destroyed now since she is always staying at home unless she is going out for shopping or to meet her friends.

I don't know how many days I could stay alive. I just hope some spirit or god could save me from all this misery. Ever since this wretched woman came to this house Tom has been beating me. He is so violent now. And everyday he torture me physically.

I especially can't stand his wife. When Tom is not around he gives me such low food which even dogs won't like to eat. And what makes me curious is that she specially cooks food for me and doesn't even let an animal eat it. I hope that she is not putting poison or any other thing with the food.

I lied to her that I am going to see a doctor. She questioned me so much. I had to make so much lies just to hide my journal inside the safe. I hope one day justice will fall upon us. I hope that none of my money will go to them and neither my property. I'm sure one day they will kill me or forcefully make me write it under their names.

"So, this is it. We got the answer. I guess we should go and see Tom Johnston then." replied George after reading the part she could find it readable as some places in the page was plotted as if he was writing while tearing with pain.

George took the journal along with her while Ned locked back the vault safely and handover the key back to the manager. Ned started to drive back to Tom Johnston's house.

On the way back to Johnston's house George took out her cell phone and called her friend Kim and tipped off as she knew that she will not be able to handle the situation without the interference of the police body as she does not physical strength nor weapons to fight against a person like Tom.

"That went well I guess. I can't believe that he used his father's money for the work of the gang. Besides he has forced his father to write down the property." replied Ned while droving back home.

"Well, he has only joined that gang after he met his wife. Right?" replied George.

"But why did Tom killed his own father?" asked Ned still confused.

"You know Tom thought that his father got to know about their gang and had gone to report it to the police." replied George simply without giving further information.

"But that doesn't mean that he has to beat his father using the whip. And not just that but to cut him and burn him." replied Ned shrugging his shoulders as the sight of the body again got drawn in his head.

"Well, that's what happen when you start to do illegal things and when you are trying to hide things from the world. They should just accept the fact that you can't do anything illegal without the world knowing. One day they will find out." replied George.

"I guess this is a lesson to everyone then." replied Ned.


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