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This is how my morning went.... Before I got kids and myself to school. And, no that's not my car.... but yes, that's the type of car I have.

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I'm first!!
NO! I'M first!!
Holy crap! Nobody's first!!!
That last yelp came from me. I was sure they've pushed and hit each other when I wasn't looking. I grabbed my backpack and coffee and ventured out the front door first, to make my point. Behind me are my two "ducklings" following behind to get to the car. Backpacks all go in the front seat, next to me and the coffee sits in the drink holder, as I help Christina buckle into her booster seat.
Allrighty, then. Are we ready?
I turn the key in the ignition and shove it into reverse. Putt, putt, purrr, plop. Well crap. I try it again. Putt, putt, purrrrrrrrr…… plop. Instead of putting it back in park, I put it into neutral. Putt, putt, purrrrrrrrrr……vroom, vroom! Success!
My car has been acting like crap the past few days and I have an appointment on Monday to get it checked out. I just need the car to get me through today, and possibly the weekend.
Vroom, vrooommmmm, plop! This time I don't think well crap. Instead, I say out loud, Dammit!!
I'm at the stop sign to turn onto a major highway. The speed limit is 45 mph. Come on, little gal. Get us through today. Pleeeeeeese.
Putt, putt, purrrrr, vroom!!
Ahhh, now that sounds better! Yes! I turn right onto the highway and feel better about my car and about my day. Stepping on the pedal, I notice I'm only going 20 mph and not going any bit faster. And there's a car coming up behind me. I'm sure he's going at least ten over the speed limit. Nearing the bumper of my car, he slows down and honks at me. I wave with a smile on my face. Okay, it's a fake smile, but it's better than what I was thinking of doing.
Five minutes later, the car has slowed to a total of 10 mph and I've only traveled a mile. If I could only get to the next block I can pull into the gas station there. Putt-putting into the gas station, I put it into park and open my phone.
A very sleepy hello answers his phone.
Hey, baby. I'm down at the A-gas station and can't get….I start to cry….the car won't go. I can't get it going.
It's okay, babe. I'll come and get you guys to school and stuff.
Hanging up the phone, I turn to the girls. Hey, who's hungry?


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