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All of My Memories(Music Video Challenge)

Short story By: Mistress of Word Play

For Kathryn's Video Challenge I was given Within Temptation's beautiful song "Memories" to write about.

Submitted:Dec 21, 2009    Reads: 214    Comments: 30    Likes: 45   


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It had been years since I had journeyed back to our house. Hard times had finally forced me to put it up for sale, but something from deep inside me brought me back that day. The weather had turned chilly and most of autumn's leaves had fallen. A breeze blew them across the yard. I could almost hear the leaves laughing and giggling as they danced freely in the wind. It would not be easy to go there. Time had passed slowly, so many years of torment and torture. I could feel my heart beating just a bit faster as I walked slowly up the road. Not wanting to be too far from the house he and I had shared I moved into the guest house just up the road. Intentionally I had avoided getting anywhere near the place, but now I wanted desperately to be there this one last time. I had, as we all do, aged. They had been long lonely years I spent thinking of him and trying desperately to forget. Here is where we had lived and loved so long ago. The yard lies in disarray and our once lovely home has seen better days, but still his presence is there like a spot that never fades. I smiled as I remembered those glorious days we had spent together. Forever, we had sworn to each other as we lay exhausted in each others arms. Time had been cruel and forever had come much too quickly. Now there were just the memories.

All is in shambles inside the house as well. Windows are grim covered. The floors are covered in years of dust and filth, but all I see are the brightly polished floors I used to dance across as he played. Oh how he could play the violin and piano as well. I had no musical talent and always envied that ability he had. A genius they had called him. I had called him my true love and other terms of endearment. He would laugh as I sat at the piano and tried to learn how to play. God, I missed his smile, his laugh, and his eyes that would undress and caress me until I would blush. No, he was not here now to play for me, but a sudden gust of cool wind seems to draw sound from the grand piano that had been his pride and joy. I run my fingers across the ivory keys and for a moment I am taken back to another place and time, a moment much happier than now. I am transported to that land of dreams I have lived in all these lonely years. Years roll back and I am young once more and he is still alive.

The sound of music fills the air. His eyes are bright as he plays his violin and I sit like a child engrossed in a favorite story.

He smiles at me and whispers, "I love you," as the music comes to an end.

"I love you, too," I answer blowing him a kiss.

Our house has come to life as well. There is light and time seems to have shifted the run down place into the grand residence it had been years before. I walk slowly through each room. Looking, searching knowing he is here and I had but to find him. In the master bedroom stands the floor mirror he had so generously purchased for my birthday. The thing had caught my eye as we passed the antique store. It was massive and the frame was ornate with a golden color. I stand there and marvel at my own transformation. I am young again and he is there behind me giving me the pendant he had surprised me with.

"For you," I hear him whispering in my ear, "forever."

I turn and he is gone. Tears start to form in my eyes and I sit on the floor crying like a child that has lost her mother. So many tears, so many memories are here in this place. The magic which had given me those few precious moments is gone. Darkness appears deep in the mirrors core. All is as it was once more except my heart has become a little fuller and a little hollower as well. Night will soon come and my legs instinctively carry me back to the main entry hall. I stand for a moment listening, watching, and hoping that this time it was more than just a memory. The silence says it all. I close the door and start my journey back to the guest house as the sun is setting, but I hold the pendant in my old wrinkled hands and smile.

"I will see you soon," I whisper to the empty sky, "and this time it will be forever."


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