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The Black Guardian

Short story By: scaza

This short story is actually based on a dream i had when i was fifteen. I still remember it to this day. It's about an unknown friend who lead me the way home.

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I dreamed this dream when I was about fifteen and well, I have the tendency to write them down. This dream may be odd but I can still remember it until now. The first thing I can remember was that I was riding on a jeepney all the way through Marawi City. I didn't know why i rode that jeepney because looking outside the window was a far different route I see than the last time I've been there. I was wearing in muslim clothes and i was alone with strangers.

There were five of us (except for the driver and his seatmate). Two were sitting on the opposite side and another two on my side. But there was one that caught my eyes. He sat on my left side, right next to the driver seat. He was tall and white skinned with long dark hair tied on a pony tail. I can't tell whether his eyes were black or brown but it seems pretty scary. He was wearing all black (a black long sleeve t-shirt which was inserted by his pants and black shoes). In reality I've never seen this guy before in my life. He was staring at me and it made me feel querry with him. His face seemed warm and kind but the way he stares down at me like that was extremely odd. He seems to be keeping his eye on me but I tried to ignore him.

It was a while when someone climbed on the in the jeepney. It was Raisa (a high-school classmate) and I felt happy to see someone I knew. She was wearing muslim clothes too only hers was a little lighter in colors than mine. We started to chat and Raisa told me she was heading to Marawi too. But then i realize that the guy in blackis gone! I didn't notice anybody pass through me to get out of the jeepney, since Raisa was sitting on the opposite side of me so its easy to notice anyone who passed. The other people in the jeepney were sitting motionless. I didn't know where that guy went (unless he jump off the window). But I didn't mind.

We finally made it to Marawi (or I think I did). It doesn't look like Marawi at all. It was like a giant, cementer basketball court surrounded by trees. There was only one road in or out of the place. Jeepneys were parked on side and on the other side were stalls full of objects for sale. Me and Raisa hang around to look at the things.

(I think) we bought something but soon it went a little darker on the sky and I told Raisa that we need to get home. We invaded the parked jeepneys and ask if any of them were going back to out city but none of them will leave unless its five thirty. My watch shows that it was still five. I hate going home in the dark. (In reality, i really do).

But we managed ourselves to get on a crowded jeepney where we both sat in front. We made back to our city (although it didn't look like our city at all). The road was wider and the buildings were colored in colorful paints. Even the overpass seemed a little low.

When we pass the overpass (which was different in reality). The jeepney lead us to the bus terminal. When i look at my watch, it was already two in the morning! I was shocked and I know the only way to get home was to walk pass the bus terminal. The bus terminal, however was full of people. It was so packed and noisy and the way they were yelling and jumping made me wonder if there was celebration or something. I know i need to pass here (and I'm worried). Raisa hurriedly went to the bus terminal and I ran after her. I called for her but she was gone! It was like she vanished in thin air. I was alone with strangers around me. I can't push them away so it seems impossible for me to pass through them!

But somebody just grabbed my arm. I look at who it was and it was that pony tailed guy in black clothes! I was surprised but his face shows he was annoyed and pulled me out of the crowd. A lot of people push their way away from him like they were afraid of him. The guy managed to get me out of the crowd on the other side of the bus terminal, on the silent road. And this time, I'm not wearing muslim clothes but my own school uniform! except that the skirt and ribbon around my neck was black. He lead to a familiar road. The road towards...home! I felt like I wanted to ran but the he was holding my arm very tightly as if he was afraid to let me go. His face was pretty serious and I was afraid.

Until he finally lead me to the one road I knew. The houses were all familiar and I could see that the sky was reddish like the sun was about to rise. He look at me and smiled. He said "Go home" and he let go of me. I was so happy that i skipped forward. I look back and I saw him sitting in the dark...and i woke up!



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