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Complicated Choices

Short story By: silent1395

There comes a time where you'll have to face the worst case scenario, whether you're prepared or not. Sometimes, you'll have to get it over with.

If I've got time, I'll be turning this simple story into a novel.

Submitted:Dec 15, 2010    Reads: 24    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The cold December winds were coming in, there were bright lights coming from the joy of seeing such beauty. Warmth emanated from love and hope that blossomed within the season. There was laughter that could be heard from every corner. And to think there would be no tears at all?

Of course there would be. It's reality. Wake up.

She sat on the rocky floor, feeling so miserable on the merriest day of the year. The event that only occurred once. Yet it was to be ruined all because of one thing that Cruelty had brought upon her. No such crime can be compared to this unforgivable act.

She intently stared at the lines on her hands. The hands that had been held by him. Every time she remembered that moment, she felt like he meant more than her own life. She forgot about being selfish. She forgot about thinking of herself. She thought about how wonderful the world was because of him.

But now, she felt like she didn't care anymore. But she wanted him to hold her in his arms. She wanted so badly to tell him she loved him. Yet he was the very reason why she would act like the world had turned against her. He was the reason why she experienced such violent emotions go amok. She tried to move on, but she couldn't, because every time she went looking for someone new to replace him, it was always the intensity of his love that she thought about, restraining her from moving on.

She had been hurt several times, and yet, he was there. WAS. Now, she has had to cope up with those herself. Pretending that she was invulnerable and stoical to whatever tried to break her down, although she knew she was shattered deep inside.

She bent her head low, grateful that there wasn't anyone to see the tears that fell from her chocolate brown eyes. She didn't know what to do anymore. She didn't know how she was going to manage to smile when she would leave him forever in a few months time.

Footsteps. She didn't dare make a move. She was safe if she didn't let the person know what she had been thinking. He, or she, would just pass by, not a care in the world. But those feet stopped in front of her. A hand was held out for her to take. Hesitantly, she placed hers. She was caught off guard when the person had wrapped his arms around her. It was him. She could feel the tears continuously run down her cheeks.

He pulled back and looked her in the eyes. He looked really exhausted. There were tears on his eyes as well. He seemed to want to say something, but she didn't need to hear it from him as he held out a piece of paper. She knew that too well. The blue paper. With the intricate design of a pocket watch on the corner.

It was the poem.

She never intended to give it to him. She was simply forced because she wouldn't do anything with it anyway. She had slipped it in the compartment of his desk before he got in the classroom. She never imagined he would react in this way.

He held her hands and whispered words of comfort. Of love. Of apology for being such a jerk. She smiled slightly.

She didn't know what to do about it. She had been hurt too many times now. I'll think about it she whispered back. She turned her back to him and slowly walked away, not knowing if she would be able to make such a decision in a short time.


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