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Is Life A Game?

Short story By: Tyrone Slade

Some have compared life to a game. Is it like a game?

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�I have heard people say that life is a game, to be played like a game. If this is so, what game or games is life like?Why does life seem like a game to some and not to others? Is it because we have a board, so to say, with rule, and people willing to play? Do we make games to prepare us on what kind of game we want to play in life?

�This idea of life being a game envoked my couriosity, so�I decided to compare board games to life or the way life is treated by some people. I first got a peice of paper and wrote down all the games i could think of. Games like monopoly, trouble, life and risk. Then I wrote down some of the differant jobs I could think of. Jobs like president,generals, C.E.O, management and so on. I then wrote down the rules to each game, as in how to play and win. I then wrote down the rules to the types of jobs i had written down and then tried to see if any of them matched up to either conferm or dismiss the idea that life is a or like a board game. This is what I found.

�I was able to match some games to jobs that people have. I matched the game�"world domination"�to the highest political offices in the governments in the world. Also the game�"warship" to Militery operations, "Monopalization" to Big Business, The Game of�"middle class�Life" to the middle class,�"sergeon" to the medical field. The funny thing is I found that to be able to play each game the players had to know what piece they were and or what color they were! So I decided to do a little test to see how people acted and reacted to playing the games by the rules and how they acted and reacted to the rules being violated.

�In the game monopolization, to cheat, on purpose or on accident, by moving someone else's piece, steal from the bank, and set the decks of yellow and orange cards resulted in a loss of money for the perpatrater. Also if someone playing landed on someone else's property and was not caught and was able to take a turn and land somewhere else, that person was allowed to not have to pay the money owed. I also found that very quickly two types of players emerge from the game, classes if you will, one type was the people who wanted to play a honest game, and the other type was people who did not mind the dishonesty and actually enjoyed the hustle in the game. The people who wanted honesty would only play with who they knew as honest. If one dishonest person was found in that game they were asked to quit, and if they did not, the honest people would quit the game and then start a new game with the honest people they knew. On the other hand, the dishonest�group would try to out hustle�each other in differant way, such as, people would work together to bring down the other players who were making the most money. They would also either hide rules unless is pertained to them, make up rules and sick to them until someone would show them the rules in the rule book. In most of the cases, a outside person would have to be brought in to enforce the written rules to keep order. The ones brought in to keep order, at some point would become corrupted, and a new person would have to be brought in to replace them. Most of the games that the dishonest group played ended with someone flipping the board, thus ending the game, while a small amount of the games would be played to the end.

�In the game of "world domination", I observed two patterns emerged. One was that many people played the game like politics, as in they would at some point would form "treaties" with other player and would either break them early in the game do to new treaties that were made with other players or because they thought that they were going to be betrayed, do to the size of the "partner's" army and or location. Most of the games I watched being played of "world domination, did not end with�the board being flipped, but ended because of greed for power and to be the winner. Some however did end because they "thought" that someone cheated, when in all actuality no one did! The only cheating that did occur was that someone would add tomany "armies" on their territories. In almost every game, the amount of betrayal was amazing.

�In the game of "middle class LIFE" the players would not cheat, and if someone did cheat, the ones who enjoyed the game would not play with the cheater at all. In a game were the goal is to get a job, raise a family,�get a car, and a house, there was not any room for cheating, and the cheaters were cast out at once.

�In the game "destroy your warship", there was almost always room for cheating. False information was the main tool for cheating. One would lie about if or if not a warship was hit by the enemy's artilary, but was not revealed until the game had ended. And it came to a piont that a outside observer had to be brought in to�report�the truth on who was actaully winning the battles.

�Then the last game was the game "sergeon" in which you try to be the best doctor by making the least amount of mistakes. There was no cheating in that game, it all came down to skill of a steady hand. Any mistake was duely noted.

�The thing that I first noticed was the amount of people who wanted to play each of the games. The game that had the most willing particapaters was the "monopilzation" game, then the "world domination game, then the "warship" game, and with the game of "middle class LIFE" Icould hardly find anybody who really wanted to play that game at all.

�Now I started to see something to what people meant by life is like or is a game, but for me I had�a few questions I need to find the answer to. One of the question was, "is a game art that is intimitating life?" Then the other question I asked my self was, "or is a game designed to prepare someone for something?" I then tried to find anything in each game that was simular to each other. I found that in some the platform was the same, while in others they were not. Some were played in the risk of dice, and others were not. Then it hit me, in each of the game you had piece that stood for you!!!� Then it really hit me, everyone who played these game had some sort of idenity. You could not play any of these game unless you knew what piece you were, and in some cases a color.

�I then got an idea, and went and ask my son, who is ten years old, if he could tell me who he was. he told me "I don't know, what do you mean dad?" I then asked him what he wanted to DO when he grew up, and he said he wanted to BE a soldiers, or a rapper. I then kissed him on the forehead and told him thank you. I said to my self, "my son can not tell me how he is as a person and he wants to be something that he is not yet, what does that mean?" I then decided to ask my son if we could play a video game together, his choice, and he put in a game called "DragonBall Z", and right away he pick his guy. Me on the other hand, did not know who was who and was trying to decide on who to pick. Then the funnies thing happened, my son said to me, "dad, we'll never get to play if you don't pick someone." I aked him why did you pick him?" and he said,"because he's the strongest." He said "I guess." I then asked him who i should be and he told me to pick "Vegeta" because he is the second best. As we played I noticed that my son was confident and relentless in his attacks. After we played a few matches I asked my son why he had said that he wanted to be a soldier and he told me he wanted to fight evil. I asked him why he wanted to be a rapper, and he said because he just likes music, I then�asked him why he liked music, and he told me it feels good. Then i asked him why he picked the guy he picked in the video game, and he said the same reason as before. I asked him if the guy was good or bad, and he told me he was a good guy who stood for justice and spent his life fighting evil.

�To end this story, this is what it all came down to. I still had one more question, and had made two decisions. The question was, are these game designed to instill identity, to mold leaders, warriors, doctor,�business men, the working class, and to weed out the losers? One of the decisions is that whether life is seen as a game or is a game, there is always one thing that is not added to these board games..... GOD. No matter how people veiw life, God left His rule book. Thank God for Jesus.

And the other thing I decided was..........I need to spend more time with my son!!


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