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Ashamed By A Lot

By: Zombie Temple

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She felt slightly ashamed of her recent actions. Sleeping with a 40 year old, then getting fingered by a 20 year old the night after. Was it slutty? or was it reasonable? She couldn’t tell anymore. Which ever it was she didn’t really care. It’s been on her mind, but so has many other things, so it’s just an add on. 

Tumors and sex is on Ann’s mind now. What a weird combination, she thought. But over all, everything she just could not bring herself to giving a fuck about any of it. Maybe it’s just a bad phase she was going through, but she needed to get out of it fast. This recklessness she knew in the back of her head was dangerous. 

Not only was she throwing herself around, but without protection too. She knew this was a bad thing, but again, not a fuck was given.

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