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Tortured About It All

By: Zombie Temple

Page 1, chapter 3


Still no word about a date for the MRI scan she was supposed to take sometime soon. Ann, like always, waited in the park before her job to start. Her mind was a little scattered, but all the gears were still ticking. She defiantly drifted off in thinking in the past, but the thoughts were always short lived. Music in one ear, she drank her hot chocolate and kind of enjoyed her early morning. If an option however, she would love to go back to sleep in her own bed. 

A nephew was staying the past few nights at Ann's home. Very much to a light weight in pot and such. It was cute, all talk no game. He seemed very feminint, bu that didn't bother her at all. He was a nice guy though, that much was known. They got along great for never really meeting before too.

The MRI was a different story. Blood work was being done first. They didn't take too many viles, but just enough for what they needed i suppose. The wait for that too happen in the waiting room was torture. But soon the MRI will happen, soon. 

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